Daughters, the Rhode Island-based outfit whose very recently released album, You Won't Get What You Want, has been widely praised with Rolling Stone saying of the 10-track release: "If heavy music is supposed to be scary, Daughters have elevated it to an invigorating new level," have partnered with fine artist Alexander Barton for a short film dubbed "Magic Relighting Candle."

"As a friend and collaborator of Daughters, I complimented six minutes of experimentation with a familiar household performance to their introductory track 'City Song,' explains Barton. "The flame teases the hopeful youth and rhythmically refuses his satisfaction. Flickering in and out of grain and noise, disappointment and smoke, 'Magic Relighting Candle' challenges the creative and superstitious."

"Alex has been an important friend and cohort for about 20 years now," adds guitar player Nick Sadler. "He is also one of my favorite creative thinks. We are always in good fortune when Alex has a project in mind for Daughters."


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