Sydney party starters Totally Unicorn have announced their new weekly web series Magical  Animals. Compilations of instagram stories, iPhone recordings and in-crowd footage of the band’s adventures at home and abroad from the first half of 2018. 

The following episodes document the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of the band's March 2018 tour of Japan. OK... It wasn’t that terrifying, but let’s face it, when beer is readily available at $1.50 AUD a pop, the results are worth a watch.

See Slatts Everyday from band King Parrot star in the greatest cooking show in reality television history in 'Knock Knock Foods There!". Watch Slatts as he skips straight to desert and cooks Totally Unicorn little something from the heart. Bon Appetit!

In Episode 7 of Magical Animals, a band meeting is held at Young Henrys brewery, Newtown. Fed up with his alcoholism and lackluster work ethic, band members Aaron and Lee confront vocalist Drew Gardner – his time as Totally Unicorn’s lead singer is over. Faced with dismissal and a far superior replacement, he challenges the newcomer with a series of contests in an attempt to retain the lead role. Let the montage begin.

Japan is but a distant memory. The band retire to a secret location to work on some new material. But it’s hard staying focused when there are so many distractions about...

Snippets from the final show of Totally Unicorn's Japan tour. Too many beers; never enough kanpais.

The band travels from Tokyo to Osaka. Morale is on the decline when halfway into the nine-hour trip it’s realised that roadside truck stops only serve non-alcoholic beer. The band reunites with old friends and local band Palm. The beer bloat and blow outs are already starting to show as Totally Unicorn's Japan crawls toward the finish line.

An opportunity not often afforded to overseas artists, the Sydney four-piece performs at the infamous What’s Up bar in Uguisudani. Tucked away beneath a Shinto shrine in the love hotel district, they bombard punters in a quaint, literally underground, punk venue. Down time in the van is eased by playing a crooked version of the Alphabet Game. Some band members struggle with the idea of Tokyo’s absence of bins, while for others squat toilets prove to be an unconquerable obstacle. Prepare for another three minutes of these bodacious beasts abroad.

Catch up with the boys on their first tour of Japan. Guided by their heroic and very patient tour manager, Hiro, they get accustomed to Tokyo life, taking advantage of easily accessible alcohol and smoking indoors. Far from the vox pop anarchy of the first, the second episode is a compilation of instagram stories, iPhone recordings and in-crowd footage of Totally Unicorn's inaugural show in the Land of the Rising Sun.

To kick things off, vocalist Drew Gardner takes viewers for a stroll around South West Sydney’s best-kept secret, Secret Garden Festival. Sporting tie-dye undies and not much else, Gardner talks tight with festival-goers on the pressing matters of the day.

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