Poison City is extremely excited to announce the forthcoming release of RESTORATIONS highly acclaimed debut Self-Titled album. While often described simply as music for "grown-up punks" the appeal of Philadelphia's RESTORATIONS is much broader, speaking loudly to fans of everything from shoegaze and indie-rock, folk/ punk and beard-core. Having already received glowing album reviews from the likes of Punknews, Verbicide and Rock Freaks, this week Alternative Press also named RESTORATIONS the 'Best Debut Band' for their performance at the recent FEST 10 in Gainesville, FL.

Previously released on LP only via Tiny Engines (distributed in Australia/ NZ via Poison City), this will be the first time the album has been available on CD. Pre-orders for a limited edition Digipack CD/ t-shirt pack will be available from November 14th. Stream the track 'Neighbourhood Song' now at


RESTORATIONS 'S/T' CD will be out December 5th via Poison City Records.

"...their formula, a rich sound built up on the basis of folk punk and beardcore, has solidified here, and they've released a truly fantastic record." -

"It’s a record of simplicity, and therein lies the beauty of it. By masterfully taking the clearly-defined punk format and seamlessly sewing spacious shoegaze into it, Restorations have not only crafted one of the top punk albums of 2011, but also a record that could, and should, extend beyond the hearts of genre aficionados." - Rock Freaks

"FEST 10 - BEST DEBUT: RESTORATIONS - Speaking of Loosey’s, it was at capacity Sunday night for Restorations’ set, and the Philadelphia band feeded off the energy of the crowd, delivering an immense set heavy on their excellent self-titled debut released earlier this year. Look for them in a larger venue at Fest 11, as the buzz is sure to only grow." - Alternative Press

"This, my fellow music fans, is the diamond in the rough for this years' top records. That record that you had no clue about, but when you hear it you're instantly hooked." -



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