Philadelphia, PA based REIGN SUPREME has signed with Mediaskare Records and will release their upcoming EP ‘Sky Burial‘ later this year through the label. “All the bands I know on Mediaskare love being on the label. That was pretty much enough for me,” commented vocalist Jay Pepito on why the band chose Mediaskare. Adding, “We just want to work with a label that will bend over backwards to help us achieve our goals as a band, we feel like Mediaskare is that label.

The band will soon enter the studio with their long-time producer Will Putney to begin recording their new 7-song EP ‘Sky Burial‘.

Sky Burial comes from the Tibetan tradition of bringing the dead to a mountain, or other place where vultures gather. The vultures and other animals consume the corpse, and hence, it becomes a vessel to feed and care for these creatures,” explained Pepito on the title for the EP “It’s a cool idea, wherein your empty shell of a person becomes of some utility to some other thing, and I just found the idea of that fascinating; it makes more sense to me than embalming the dead in an attempt to preserve some self-imposed idea of what they were like in life, and then tossing that homemade mannequin into a pine box, and letting it rot. It seems to me to be more pragmatic, to let yourself be the thing that sustains your ecosystem. It reminds us that we are just animals, that we are not special because of our smart cars and Facebook, and that we, in a sense, are simply carrion.”

Speaking to what they want their fans to get out of ‘Sky Burial‘, the band stated, “We just want them to enjoy it. We hope that it brings emotions out in them, and that our music becomes the soundtrack to some of the best years of their lives. There is no socio-political agenda with us, we are just angry, and want to rage.”

In a recent interview, frontman Jay Pepito revealed why the band decided to leave DEATHWISH for MEDIASKARE.

P - Now onto the money question.. We hear that RGNSUP is apparently leaving Deathwish Inc and hopping aboard the rising juggernaut, Mediaskare Records. Can you comment on this? We ask because it's not often you hear of a band LEAVING Deathwish, every band has somewhat of a fiendish yearning to be on the 'infamous' label.

J - Yeah, its not a very popular move, to leave deathwish. I think we just honestly felt like we werent going to be a band much longer if we didnt start trying some new shit out. That meant changing our approach to songwriting, surrounding ourselves with new and supportive people, and just being prepared to take a chance. Mediaskare is a label that a lot of bands we play with are on, and theyve always treated those bands very well. I guess we thought it was time to put out our music to a new audience, and try to step out of our comfort zone a little bit.

P - How to you think your fans are going to react to this surprising, almost unheard of jump and can you elaborate on any of the bands plans, does this mark a new era for RGNSUP and can we expect some moshtastic new jams from the band?

J - I think a lot of hardcore kids will talk shit, but lets be real here, weve never done well at united blood, we dont tour with the newest hype bands every year. Those kids dont like us anyway, FUCK EM. Kids who do like our band will be siked, and i think they will be glad to have some heavy new jams from us. The new stuff is a little different from our older stuff, but i think its way angrier, and more mature. Its just meaner.


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