If you know your skateboarding history then you will be well aware of Chuck Treece and his band McRad. Treece has previously featured on the cover of THRASHER and also in the classic Powell Peralta movie "Public Domain", along with his band McRad contributing to the soundtrack. Treece of course is also well known for going on to play with Underdog, Bad Brains and later Urge Overkill. Anyway if all of this is news to you, then you should do yourself a favour and check out the doco.

"After getting their start opening for Minor Threat, McRad rose to fame in the skateboard world after being featured in the 1988 movie "Public Domain". The leaser of McRad, Chick Treece along with Ray Barbee and CR Stecyk tell the story of the band and its place in skateboard history."


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