As you may be aware, Adelaide's most amazing STOLEN YOUTH are currently on tour around Europe for two months. Bassplayer Matt "Footy" Horvath has been regularly updating a journal of their adventures which makes for some really interesting readings.

Below is a snippet of what Footy has been updating:


"The first three shows we played (two in Slovenia, one in Croatia) were in squat venues. The way things are run in squats in Europe are really good. It seems like each squat we visit have something interesting going on in the form of venues for bands to play & sleep, art studios, galleries, libraries or a project of some sort in order to help the community. For our fourth show, in Osijek – Croatia, we played in an old underground bomb shelter in the middle of a park in the city centre, which was a great experience."


"We had our first show cancellation last night in Serbia. We were meant to be playing a venue in Novo Sad, however we ran into some problems and the show couldn’t go ahead. We also couldn’t stay at the venue anymore as originally planned, which lead us to stay in the recording studio. We found out today that at 3am in the morning, a group of Nazi skinheads firebombed the venue with Molotov cocktails as a protest to a gay/lesbian parade that was happening in the area soon. This may have been very problematic for us if we were to be sleeping in the venue, as originally planned, while this happened. Although we were a bit down about the show being cancelled, we were probably lucky to not have to deal with having bombs thrown through the window of a place we were staying at. Tomorrow we play an anti-fascist festival with some really great bands and we are hoping no trouble arises at this show. (http://ck13.org/en)"

You can keep up to date with the travels and stories of Stolen Youth across Europe on the link below:



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