It's pretty common knowledge that John Joseph has been running walking tours of New York's famous Lower East Side area for a while now. At first I kind of discredited the idea, then after talking to Brooke who went on one of JJ's tours and wrote about it in her latest issue of "We're Unstoppable" fanzine I looked into it a bit more. Brooke said the tour went for close to three hours as JJ described some of his life experiences growing up in the LES.


Here's what John Joseph himself has to say..

"Most people walking around on the Lower East Side today with its trendy boutiques and coffee shops have no idea of its history, the great music and violence that has always co-existed side by side down here. I’ll take you to the punk clubs, gang hangouts and drug spots where some of the craziest things went down."

And below is a bit of a sample of some of the highlights of the tour, although for the best sample of stories such as the Rastas VS The Punks at a Black Flag show hit this link. Pretty sold on this now, sign me up Johnny..


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