I had the pleasure of checking out the Sydney stop of the Frenzal Rhomb/ Teenage Bottlerocket tour last Friday night at the Metro in Sydney.

Being a huge TBR fan, I was pretty psyched to finally get to see them live. Hats off to Frenzal for wanting to get them out here too. If you've never heard Teenage Bottlerocket, get your hands on a copy of their latest album 'They Came From the Shadows" as a starting reference point. Think early Screeching Weasel mixed with the Ramones and you're probably on the right track.

Opening with "Skate Or Die" they blasted through a 20 song set in half an hour or so, complete with the Ramones count ins of 1,2,3,4 playing pretty much everything you were hoping to hear. Having former members of the Lillingtons in their lineup, was great to see them drop a cover of " I Saw the Apeman On The Moon" as well as their cover of Bad Religion's "Henchman" off the Mutiliate Me 7 inch, recently released on Fat Wreck. Not so great was watching singer/guitarist Kody Templeman block a can of beer hurtled towards his nose in between songs. The idiots are definitely taking over.

If you live in Melbourne make sure you go check out their solo show at the East Brunswick Club taking place this Sunday 11th September. Tickets are already on sale for $12 plus booking fee from the venue here. Super affordable, so get on it. Supports on the night will be the Backyard Surgeons and Charging North. Doors are at 7:30pm.



Naturally 9/10ths of the people in the room were there to see Frenzal Rhomb and given they've just dropped a brilliant new album, their ongoing popularity comes as no surprise really. Frenzal fans really are a special breed of human. It's amazing to watch in between song banter paying them out, go right over their heads. New song "Mummy Doesn't Know I'm a Nazi" is introduced with sarcastic redneck calls such as "fuck off, we're full" from guitarist Lindsay which are greeted by cheers from the crowd and you just can't help but wonder if the majority of the audience can even read a lyric sheet.

Live the band is flawless, ripping through a set of old favourites (slap bass has no place in this world though) mixed in with some of the highlights off the new album. The band entertain themselves at the end of songs by mistiming song finishes to throw each other off and the usual carry on and idiocy they are well known for. They still look like they are having a lot of fun on stage and enjoy what they are doing and the crowd feeds off the vibe. A quick two song encore winds things up as the masses shuffle out the door to the bar or home for some cones. Bags not chopping up hey..





Get along to one of the remaining shows listed below, you won't regret it..



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