For those who didn't know already, MINDSNARE have released a new preorder deck and new pressing of the Gasman 7" to mark the anniversary of their first Ringworm tour all those years ago. The pre-orders launched on the weekend, so you might still be able tog rab one if you haven't done so already. Check their facebook page to find out.

This what the band had to say about the repress:

"There's a second press of 100 x Gasman 7" in the wheel design? Yep...confirmed. Same as last time, they only come with a board. This press is exactly the same other than the fact they are printed on metallic paper, hard to see but you can tell when holding to the light."

As with most of MINDSNARE's releases, artwork was handled by their good friend Andy "Bloodstains" Murphy. Well Andy was kind enough to record a time lapse of how the artwork came together and put together this little edit of it all. Pretty interesting stuff.


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