SNAKEPIT interview with Joseph Hewitt.

In your own words how would you describe the sound of Snakepit?

Fast melodic hardcore.

How did the band come together and what prompted the formation?

We were all in heavy bands and wanted to do something fast and melodic. After about a year of talking about it, lineup changes and stuff, we started actually writing stuff about 18 months ago.

What sort of bands influenced the sound of Snakepit?

Wanting to play melodic stuff, immediate influences like Pro Team, Miles Away, Sinking Ships, Break Even and Comeback Kid make up a pretty big part of our sound. But we all listen to all sorts of shit, and we definitely pull ideas from places that sound nothing like we do.


Would readers recognize members from any other bands?

Ivan plays in Reigner and Yoko Oh No. Matt plays in Knives To The Throne. Charlie, Tails and I have all been in bands together before, but nothing that really did much.

You guys are all a bit split all over the place aren’t you? Some in Canberra, some in Goulburn, some in Sydney right? How hard does practicing and writing become?

It’s not really as bad as you’d think. We all see each other pretty regularly, and jam almost as often. It’s kind of good in a way, because when we do get to jam we try and get as much shit done as possible, with the Internet and shit we seem to find a way around it. That said, shit seems to take a lot longer than it should.

How many shows have you played to date, got a favourite?

I think we’ve played 9 or 10 shows now. They’ve all been heaps of fun. Last weekend we played a charity show in Goulburn. It was sick because all our mates’ bands we’re playing, and everyone was jumping on each other and having a sick time. Up the Rats.

Dream lineup of bands to play with? Past or present?

At The Gates.


Any other bands from the Canberra area people should know about?

Ivan is in a new band called Frail. Check them out, because they are seriously good. Also, Something Must Break have an EP coming out sometime and it rules. Suss out Machina Genova and Venom Eyes. Also check out Remnants and Office Jerk from Goulburn, Cold Youth and Directions from the South Coast as well as Perspectives, Clipped Wings, and Bridges from Sydney.

What’s coming up for Snakepit in the near future. Any plans for a first release?

We’re currently writing for an EP, and it seems to be taking forever. I’m hoping to definitely have it out by the end of the year, hopefully sooner, around August. For the moment we are going to play as many shows as possible, in as many places as possible.

We have a run of dates planned with our friends in Cold Youth, Perspectives and Clipped Wings.

Details for this can be found at http://www.facebook.com/events/329324040457432/

How can people find out more about Snakepit or get a hold of your demo?

To see spam about show’s we are playing/anything else suss Facebook, www.facebook.com/snakepithardcore

To download the demo for free visit www.snakepithardcore.bandcamp.com


If you want us to play somewhere email Joseph or Ivan.

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