TIME CRISIS interview with bassplayer Remy.

Power-riff Brisbane thrashers Time Crisis have been whipping up quite a storm in the hardcore community recently. Having only played two shows and with only a demo tape released (a demo that is on its second run and third variant about to ship out), its well known that these youngsters have something big coming up. The Death's Grip boys play a thrash hardcore crossover style similar to the likes of Power Trip, Iron Age, Slayer and a little closer to home; Civil War. The Time Crisis, headlining a show in your town soon (on only a demo....)

Interview by Jasper Caverly. Photos by Mitch Manz.

Who/what is the Time Crisis?
Time Crisis is Codie Grant on da mic, Reid Baker and Andrew Francis on the axe's, Samuel Proberts hitting things and myself playing the bass guitar.

What bands influenced the original sound Time Crisis and what do you see as the genre you 'fit' into?
We all have a varying taste so there is quite a few. Cro Mags, early Integrity, Nuclear Assault, Iron Age, Metallica and Leeway all are major influences one way or another. Defined by a genre I think we fit in as a metallic hardcore/crossover band but its all just hardcore really.


How did you meet and how did you come about forming the band?
I moved to Brisbane in January 2013 and knew Reid beforehand from his old band Sick People. I got introduced to Codie and Sam who were in Restrictions (R.I.P) sometime in the first few months of living here and I have no recollection of meeting Andy for the first time whatsoever ha-ha. Reid, Codie, Andy and myself started jamming a more No Warning influenced band around August last year with Reid drumming. After a few jams we decided to change the direction a little bit and Sam picked up the sticks and Reid started playing guitar which led to what the band is now.

What is it like to have such a positive reaction to the release of your demo and how did you come about getting the tapes distributed by Deaths Grip?
To be honest I think the reaction we got when we put the demo up was a little strange in a good way but completely humbling. Personally I had no idea people who weren't our close friends would be so down with it/we would sell out of our first run of tapes after our first show. Howsey is a mate of ours who has put out a lot of Australian bands in the past year or so and Codie just asked him via the internet if he would do it.


You (Remy) play bass in Low Season, do any of the other members play in separate bands? if so are they vastly different from Time Crisis?
3/5ths of Time Crisis are doing other bands and they are all very very different. I play bass in Time Crisis and Low Season as mentioned, as well as another hardcore band in Brisbane called Suspect. Reid is currently drumming for Foreign Policy and Andy plays guitar/sings in Stone Hearts, plays guitar in Suspect and is working on a project called Fresh Hell with members of Against and Skyway.

Are you writing new material currently? What's up for the future of the band?
We have started writing for a 7" that we hope to have out by the end of the year. Besides from that we are playing the AA Foundation show and Restrictions last show in May, a local show in June at Crowbar and have some exciting things lined up for July.

Any last words, catch phrases, farewells, self promos or how ever you wish to end this interview in such a way people will download your demo or suss the Time Crisis?
Australian hardcore doesn't need international touring bands to survive. Start a band, book a show and have some fun. If you like the aforementioned bands you might vibe The Time Crisis so check out the demo.

Listen to Born Free, Ill Natured, Lizard Wizard, The Cro Mags and support Death's Grip. Thank you to anyone who has listened to/downloaded the demo/bought a tape. The Time Crisis is here and it ain't going nowhere baby.




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