REINCARNATION Interview With Frontman Alex and Guitarist Nathan.

Interview by Simon Walker

For quite an active music scene, Melbourne's hardcore bands have been on the decline of late. Newcomers REINCARNATION, are hoping to inspire a few more bands to form. Read on as Alex and Nathan explain...

In your own words how would you describe the sound of Reincarnation?

N: Two and half words my friend. Alpha n' Omega. Ha-ha, you'd hear it, and then think of a poorly emulated version of the later Cro-Mags recordings.

How did the band come together and what prompted the formation?

N: Well, basically I wrote some songs for the band I sing/sang in, 'Ill Vision', but was not generating the response I was wanting from the band, so I stored them in the memory bank until I had a discussion with Alex not long after I had met him. He said he was keen on singing in a band, and influentially speaking we were on the same wavelength. However, due to Visa reasons between Australia and the U.K, Alex didn't know whether he'd be doing a 'Sayonara' after a year, so the band had a slow couple of months until his Visa was sorted, lucky for us he got another four years.

A: I met Nathan on a mountain in India. we'd both gone there to find ourselves and pray and all that jazz. He told me of the state of Melbourne hardcore, and so we made the journey back there to open minds and bring a spiritual vibe to the mosh....real chill mosh. 

What sort of bands influenced the sound of Reincarnation?

N: There's no denying that there is definitely a lot of Cro-Mags, True Blue and Leeway jocking going on. That aside, the later Euro bands jocking this sound has definitely had an impact on this band too. Bands like Icepick (Holland - Not the Jasta supergroup thing) and Rhythm to the Madness (Belgium) in particular.

Would readers recognize members from any other bands?

N: Well, Sam (Drums) and myself are in the soon to be deceased Ill Vision, Nico (Bass) played in a band from Holland called Herder, Mitch is in Bear Witness and Alex was in Deal With It from the U.K, which isn't a far cry from our sound really..


You guys seem to be on every show in melbourne these days, do you have plans to tour interstate?

N: Well, I can't think of a bad show we've played so far. Surprisingly, more and more people seem to get it, and I guess that leads to more shows. I think I've got a few things lined up after we record, definitely wanna take Pag elsewhere, its hilarious, you should see this guy swim. Well he swims better than Sam... For someone who showers all the time, he's a bit of a pansy when it comes to open water.

A:Its pretty good like, it depends on a few people being into it, and who those people are. Which is sorta odd to me. Its a really young crowd here who like some mind bendingly horrible bands and all, but I enjoy a lot of the shows I go too. Just wish there was more smiling.

Dream lineup of bands to play with? Past or present? 

N: Cro-Mags- Proper lineup with no stabbings 

       Bad Brains - A line up where HR actually sings the fast songs

       Sick Of It All - Playing nothin' but the hits


How do you think the hardcore scene in the Melbourne is going at present? It seems for a few years it was struggling to get a lot of people to all ages shows and a lack of venues were available. Now there is a solid core of kids who go out to every show and some dependent venues to play shows at?

N: Well, I've been putting on shows over the last two of the three years I've been here and seem to sorta get the same numbers at each show. My approach is fill a small room. If you can fill a small room, the energy is good. We're all lucky enough that we can put these smaller shows on at the Gasometer and other places in between when the bigger shows come to town. For the most part, I thinks it's doing very well at the moment, and all the people who keep coming out are the ones that make it happen. These people know who they are, and it amazes me to see how well its doing. There is a lack of bands though! People! Get Cracking!

How has the response to the band been so far? I know Alex is no stranger to controversy and speaking his mind while on stage?

N: Ha-ha, yeah... Its all tongue in cheek, I know its rubbed a few people the wrong way, but its chill, and all in good fun.

A: Cool, won some people over I think, I have no idea, we'll never be the buzz band and we're okay with that. There is zero controversy to our band, I just talk about movies I like instead of what brand of cap people should wear this week.


What are some of your favourite Australian bands at the moment?

N: I have a top 5 at the moment. Vigilante, Shackles, Blkout, Survival and Search & Destroy. 

Any plans for a debut release in the near future? More touring?

N: We're hopefully recording in December. We want to have at least done that before we go away. But touring is a must! I'm sick of not doing anything ha-ha. 

A: '5 Ivory Devils' will be out early ish next year, then whatever we pull together.

How can people find out more about Reincarnation or get a hold of your demo?

We have a tape available at shows, or you can download and buy the demo off our bandcamp page which is or at



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