Welcome to our annual end of year wrap up, as we celebrate and dissect 2023, the year that was in terms of music releases. This year there was no shortage of quality releases being pumped out to keep everyone entertained and the influx of touring bands returned to pre COVID levels and even felt at times, over the top. Australia had a plethora of quality EPs and demos released in 2023, with a shortage of full lengths, the opposite of last year and divergent to what was happening internationally.

Our vox pop interviews with a bunch of other people on what impressed them in 2023, unearthed some clear cut choices and a lot of similarities on what was everyone's fave releases. Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped organise.

Below is what a list of what impressed in 2023. You may or may not agree with the selections, but by all means do yourself a favour and click play on anything you've never heard before. Variety is the spice of life and you might just find your new favourite band while you're at it...

All photos are shot by the incredibly talented Nicole Goodwin. This year she shot 55 shows and 156 bands. That's more than one show a week. She doesn't get paid to do this, but she should. Follow her on instagram here and if you're in a band add her to your guest list, it's the least you can do.



Terminal Sleep released a killer second EP this year that you need to give a listen.


Top 15 Australian EPs

J.O.Y. - Fantasy (Last Ride Records / New Ethic)

BOUDICCA - Uncouth (Self Released)

DIVISION Fragments (Clarity Records)
This EP is not online, but if you own a copy then you know how good it is.

TERMINAL SLEEP Chapter 2: Elicit Fear (Self Released)

ENGAGE Eight Songs (Last Ride Records)

FRAME Social War (Self Released)

THATCHER'S SNATCH White Collar Man (Hardcore Victim)

CRAWLING Make Believe (New Ethic)

THREAT Bellringer (Set The Fire)

THE UGLIES Big City (UGL Media)

PERSECUTOR Babylon's Ashes (To Live A Lie)

HEAT - Two More When One Is Erased (Life Lair Regret)

DRUDGE Kids Of The Curb (Team Glasses)

RAT BAIT Come Get Some (Life Lair Regret)

IDLE THREAT Dead Weight (Team Glasses)


GELD dropped their third album "Currency / Castration" through Relapse Records this year. Their music is as chaotic as this photo.


Top 10 Australian LPs

FEVER SHACK Raw Doggin' Reality (Set The Fire)

CIVIC Taken By Force (Cooking Vinyl)

GELD Currency / Castration (Relapse)

DEAFCULT Future Of Illusion (Hobbledehoy)

BEERWOLF Common Grief (Resist Records)

DOWNSIDE Dark Patterns & Intrusive Thoughts (Last Ride Records)

AMENDS Our Place Amongst The Dirt (Resist Records)

ENZYME Golden Dystopian Age (Hardcore Victim)

NEW COKE No Law (UGL Media)

POST TRUTH Dark Circles (Self Released)


Instance released their second demo in 2023 and are on the rise.


Top 10 Australian Demos 2023

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE Demo 23 (Self Released)

SECRET WORLD - Demo 2023 (Last Ride Records)

COMPOUND Demo (Innercity Rising / ROTP)

FEEL THE PAIN (New Ethic Records)

CONCRETE BOMB (Self Released)

MINDRACE (Life Lair Regret)

ALF - The Demo (Self Released)

BULLY SQUAD - Demonstration of Style (New Ethic)

RULE ON YOU - Demo 23 (Life Lair Regret)

INSTANCE - Demo 2 (UGL Media)


Scowl released another banger of an EP this year and toured the country with Speed and Sunami.


Top 10 International EPs

SUNSTROKE / BENT BLUE - Split EP (War Records)

CALLING HOURS - Say Less (Revelation Records)

PAINT IT BLACK Famine (Revelation Records)

ONE STEP CLOSER Songs For The Willow (Run For Cover)

CHOICE TO MAKE - Nature of Mortality (Flatspot Records)

IRON CHIC - Ancient Pistol (Self Released)

SCOWL - Psychic Dance Routine (Flatspot)

OFF! - Fsld (Fat Possum)

ALIENATOR World Of Hate (Convulse)

HEAVEN'S GATE Selftitled (Beach Impediment)



Fiddlehead released their third album this year and launched it in Australia a week after release. Unheard of timing for a US band.


Top 15 International Albums

MILITARIE GUN Life Under The Gun (Loma Vista Recordings)

FIDDLEHEAD Death Is Nothing To Us (Run For Cover)

SENTINEL Age Of Decay (Convulse)

SAMIAM Stowaway (Pure Noise)

PLANET ON A CHAIN Boxed In (Revelation)

MIL-SPEC - Marathon (Lockin Out)

VANTAGE POINT Against Myself (Triple B)

PEST CONTROL - Don’t Test The Pest (Quality Control)

MAGNITUDE Of Days Renewed (Triple B)

ENVISION The Gods That Built Tomorrow (From Within)

TRUTH CULT Walk The Wheel (Pop Wig)

MEANTIME Living In The Meantime (Indecision Records)

LAST GASP Who Wants To Die Tonight (WAR Records)

PAIN OF TRUTH Not Through Blood (Daze / Last Ride Records)

CONSERVATIVE MILITARY IMAGE Casual Violence (Lionheart Records)



Mindsnare with Beltsy's son Leeroy as the Gasman at Singing Brid Studios in Melbourne



MINDSNARE 30th Anniversary Tour

Not many Australian hardcore bands make it past 5 years, let alone 10.  A band like Mindsnare has successfully made it to 30 years due to their vast intergenerational appeal. Their fanbase has grown with every release and diversified across metal and hardcore genres. The crowd at these shows was made up of young and old and inbetween. Every show on this tour was sold out, most days after tickets went on sale. Repeat shows in the same cities were added, then sold out. The band were shocked, they never do presales, their fanbase let them know they were more than interested. You know what you're gonna get at a Mindsnare show and you know not to take the opportunity for granted.This was the largest tour the band had every done on their own and the same reports emerged from every show. No one left disappointed. No head did not bang. Couple this with an incredile outpouring of fanbased love in a collection of over 40 artists in the one exhibition, "Total Overload" in Melbourne and you have the perfect tribute and celebration for the greatest band this country has ever produced.

DRUG CHURCH at Crowbar

Love nothing more than heading into a show with zero expectations and leaving totally blown away. Have loved all of their recorded output, had no idea how it would transfer to a live scenario. Very charamastic frontman, very energetic band. Was not let down.


This one had been a long time coming and was highly anticipated. For a while there it felt like a Fiddlehead tour would never happen and they'd break up before getting to Australia. Finally thanks to Tom at Last Ride, the dream became a reality. Was awesome to hear three album's worth of songs I'd been singing for years and one for weeks IRL or in real live too.

DESCENDENTS at the Metro

Four dudes in their 60s. Two have recently recovered from heart attacks. Theoretically they shouldn't be capable of punching out over 40 note perfect songs, non-stop in an hour and a half. Great to see them in much better suited, smaller rooms too.

TURNSTILE at the Enmore with SPEED

On the opposite side of the coin are Turnstile, moving up from Crowbar to the Enmore on the far reaching success of "Glow On". Crazy that a band can make that big a jump in venue size in successive tours playing to a quadruple sized crowd, but yet such was the genre bending success of their latest record. Had no trouble adapting to a bigger stage and "Glow On" sounds as amazing live as it does on record. Speed seemed just as perplexed to find themselves on such a big stage as well, but yet didn't look out of place either.




Thomas Sweetman (The Chain) blew everyone's minds with his submission of The Gas Man figurine for the Total Overload exhibition. The detail in this piece is absolutely astonishing. Just look at the hours of hardwork and dedication that has gone into hand drawing and designing just the packaging alone. Then take into consideration how the fuck do you produce a custom figurine that resembles the Gas Man. This is an absolute work of art that belongs in a museum for all to adore. Head over to Thomas' instagram here and scroll through the pics to see how his dream became not just a reality, but an incredible masterpiece. To quote Andy Murphy, the original illustrator behind the Gasman 7inch artwork, "this thing blew my mind. Bloody brilliant!!!". Us too Andy, us too...



SPEED tour documentaries

Great insights into life on the road with SPEED as they conquer the world. Plenty of live footage from shows of not just Speed, but the other bands they share a stage with, as well as interviews with other band members and scenesters. It's infectious viewing watching a band representing Australia with so much gratitude for the opportunites that have befallen them and wanting to expose the bands they encounter along the way. Below is an interesting look at the SE Asia scene. Other episodes to check out:  Europe  Nth AmericaUS Festivals


Unique approach to a documentary that covers all of the ups and downs of T.S.O.L and California's early punk rock scene. Jack Grisham is made for the limelight, delivering a retelling of the band's history in stand up format.

Watch in full at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/tsolignoreheroes or download the Tubi app and watch it there for free.


Moby explores the connection between veganism and punk rock.You can watch the whole thing for free below.




CIV- A Roadie's Tale (Unterwelt Books)
Relive the Youth Of Today Break Down The Walls tour of Summer 1987 through the eyes of their roadie Civ, who kept a comprehensive diary.

Radio Birdman- When The Birdmen Flew (High Voltage Publishing)
Incredible collection of photos, flyers, posters and anecdotes of iconic Sydney punk band Radio Birdman that stretches all the way back to 1977.

Glen E. Friedman- Just A Minor Threat (Akashic)
A collection of Glen Friedman's iconic photographs of Minor Threat including the shots that made Ian Mackaye's porch the world's most photographed.



Drug Church finally touring was no doubt a highlight of 2023 for many, introducing Australians to the phrase butts to nuts.



The incredible amount of new bands who released demos this year. We usually profile 3 or 5 depending on what comes out in the year, but this year it was 10 and could have easily have been 15. The quality of the demos is seriously next level, they sound like bands who are well into their discographies, not first releases.

The inspiring amount of females (& all gender queer / non males) who are absolutely crushing it in bands in Australia right now. You can't be what you can't see, and this number will only further increase in future generations as the young are exposed to the reality that they can do that too.

A slow but noticeable increase in All Ages shows this year. Why just today I watched a video posted by Dave from Stronger Than Hate of his teenage son doing his first stage dive at the Speed AA Xmas show. This is how a scene survives and grows. Sure AA shows can be more difficult to organise, but the short term pain is repaid tenfold in the long term gain.


Fever Shack supporting Singing Brid Studios, a relatively new AA venue in Frankston, Melbourne. Check out their new album if you haven't yet.



Believe me, the irony is not lost with this massive whinge following on from the top tours of 2023. Having booked and worked international tours in the past, I know first hand the huge amount of unappreciated effort, organisation and financial risk that goes into bringing a band out to Australia. In 2023 I finally got to see some of my favourite bands tour the country, some of which I never expected to witness on home shores and for that I am eternally grateful and thankful, however...

Some members of a band are replaceable should an accident, injury or family emergency arise when a tour is booked. Singers do not fall into this category. While you can mimic a guitar sound, you can't do the same for a voice. Couldn't help but feel let down watching an Aldi version of Ekulu without regular singer Chris on vocals. Felt the same way watching Quicksand perform their iconic 30th anniversary of "Slip", playing the album in full. Despite recording the album as a four peice with dual guitar parts, playing the US Slip shows with a second guitarist a week before heading to Australia, Quicksand dissappointly toured the country again as a three peice. When you've listened to an album religiously for 30 years, you come to know it inside out and you expect to hear it relatively the same when performed live. In full. Not in half.

How many former members does it take, to call it a reunion tour or even to carry on playing under the same band name. Is it really a Black Flag tour with just Greg Ginn playing guitar in a band of ring ins? Is it really the 20th anniversary tour of Ill Blood, if it's just the singer Ben Cook? Is this even an issue when you just wanna hear the hits? Are you not entertained?

How many tours does Australia need happening at the same time? For example on Sunday December 10th in Melbourne, Drain & Anxious were at the Prince Bandroom, Quicksand were playing at Stay Gold, while Black Flag were at the Corner Hotel. Yes, there will always be overlapping shows and tours, it is inevitable, but this is just straight overkill. Fans of all three bands would no doubt cross over, meaning a loss for not only the tour promoter, the bands, the venues but also for the fans. No one benefits. Surely better communication between all parties involved can try to avoid a scenario like this. 


Drain at the Prince Bandroom  


Bands that didn't release anything in 2023 will blow minds with full lengths in 2024. There will be even more impressive demos than in 2023.

Even more bands will tour in 2024, than in 2023, maybe just maybe, a promoter will take a chance on Militarie Gun or High Vis rather than another Pennywise or Strung Out tour.

The Wests Tigers will hand over the wooden spoon to the St George Illawarra Dragons as they return to their rightful position of 9th on the NRL ladder.


IMG 1418


Netflix true crime doco series "Last Stop Larrimah" focuses on the suspected murder and dissappearance of town local, Paddy. Larrimah has a population of ten people and is located in the Northern Territory, 430 kms from Darwin, 3710 kms from Perth and 2928 km from Brisbane. Why is this distance important you might ask? Well, in a scene from the doco focusing on Paddy's corner in the local pub, you may notice hanging up there is a Gorilla Biscuits t-shirt, as can be seen in the screenshot above. The t-shirt was sold on the first Gorilla Biscuits tour of Australia in 2008, a tour that included stops in Brisbane and Perth. So here is where the real mystery begins. How did a t-shirt from the 2008 tour end up in a town of ten people in the Northern Territory? Was Paddy a fan of the band and made the trek to the Brisbane show? Hmmm not likely, if you've watched the doco you probably wouldn't pick him for a GBs fan.

Having overthought this long and hard, here is my current theory and feel free to debunk this. One of Paddy's favourite often used jokes / insults is the classic "you're so ugly, they roll your face in dough to make gorilla biscuits". Someone in Larrimah has then gone onto eBay and purchased him this shirt thinking it is related to the joke and not realising it is a famous NYHC band. For the record, the band Gorilla Biscuits is named after the New York street slang for quaaludes, a type of sedative drug also known as a downer.




Enough of what we thought of 2023, here's what hyped up everyone else's year.


J.O.Y were on many people's lists bringing them joy with their debut 7 inch "Fantasy". 

Name: Andy
From: HEAT

In no particular order:

Top 5 LPs:
1. Never Ending Game - Outcry
2. Mil Spec - Marathon
3. Existence - Go To Heaven
4. Diztort - Vengeance Is Mine
5. Bleach - State Of Grace

Top 5 EP/7"s
1. Jokes On You - Fantasy
2. Field Of Flames - Suspend This Life...
3. Whispers/Gates Of Hopeless - A Split Document
4. Reflex - Regular Hardcore (promo tape)
5. One Step Closer - Songs For The Willow

Top 5 AU releases:
1. Instance - Demo 2
2. Half Man - Man Proposes, but God Disposes
3. RAT BAIT - Come Get Some
4. Forewarned - Melbourne Straight Edge
5. Persecutor - Babylon's Ashes

Honourable mentions to Winnerz Circle for their single NUTHIN' 2 LO$E and the video that went along with it, and Horsepower, who are this country's best and most interesting band, for their Change Of Heart promo tape. AWOL's single Who You Were was also very sick.

Top 3 demos:
1. Face Your Fears - Demo '23
2. Impunity - Demo
3. Bozo - Demonstration

Top 3 shows/tours:
1. Fever Shack LP launch @ The Bendigo Hotel on 25 March 2023
2. Horsepower tape launch @ Last Chance on 11 March 2023
3. Back On The Map

Honourable mention to the Drain set at the Comeback Kid and Drain tour @ The Colonial Hotel on 25 January 2023, which was the most skitz set I've ever seen (apart from Speed at Back On The Map).

Highlight of 2023:
1. Put out a 12" thanks to real deal friends
2. Discovered Shop Ramen in Preston
3. My wife became pregnant with our first kid - let's fucking go

Disappointment of 2023:
1. Farted on a work conference call and everyone heard
2. Spent too much money at Shop Ramen in Preston

Predictions for 2024:
1. Mindrace and Stressed become some of the country's best bands as soon as their demos drop (which is shortly before this interview was done)
2. Winnerz Circle announces a tour with Lil Uzi Vert; Boz gets arrested mid-set on stage for tax evasion on the last show of tour
3. Heat does its own line of homemade pasta sauce that puts Dolmio and Leggo's into liquidation
4. My wife has our first kid - let's fucking go


Name: Keldon Theodore
From: Burning Hammer Records, Half Man, Knuckledragger, Mud and Deathbed

Top 5 LPs:
Pain of Truth - Not Through Blood
Never Ending Game - Outcry
Human Garbage - S.N.G.A.F
Downside - Dark Patterns & Intrusive Thoughts
Fiddlehead - Death is Nothing to Us

Top 5 EP/7"s:
Knuckledragger - Different Breed...
Half Man - Man Proposes, but God Disposes
New World Man - The Beast is Back
Big Boy - Spring Promo 2023

Top 5 AU releases:
Downside - Dark Patterns & Intrusive Thoughts
Knuckledragger - Different Breed...
Half Man - Man Proposes, but God Disposes
AGLO - Build Fear
AWOL - Who You Were

Top 3 demos:
Near Death Experience
Secret World

Top 3 shows/tours:
Steel City Terror - Newcastle
Born Free 10 Year Anniversary Show - Melbourne
Back on the Map 2023

Highlight of 2023:
Back on the Map 2023

Disappointment of 2023:
None. HC is epic

Predictions for 2024:
Australian hardcore to keep taking over


Enzyme were a popular choice for Australian albums of the year

Name: Footy
From: The greatest city in the world, Adelaide

Top 5 LPs:
- Fucked Up "One Day"
- Slowdive "Everything Is Alive"
- Big Laugh "Consume Me"
- Enzyme "Golden Dystopian Age"
- Baroness "Stone"

Top 5 EP/7"s
- The Victims “Girls Don't Go For Punks”
- Fucked Up “Cops”
- Phantasm "Conflict Reality"
- Johnny Dole "Lucky Country" Reissue

Top 5 AU releases:
- Enzyme "Golden Dystopian Age"
- New Coke "No Law"
- Geld "Currency // Castration"
- The Victims “Girls Don't Go For Punks”
- TGRX "Turbo23"

Top 3 demos:
- New Coke "Blind Taste Test"
- Rat Bait "Come Get Some"
- Rule On You " Deemo '23"

Top 3 shows/tours:
- Turnstile @ The Forum
- Where's The Pope @ The Gov
- Colourblind @ Jive

Highlight of 2023:
- Record shopping in Japan
- Family trip to Bali
- Making it through to December 2023

Disappointment of 2023:
- My football team
- Cost of living

Predictions for 2024:
- It will start on January 1 and end on December 31.


Name: Nic

Top 5 LPs:
Buggin' - Concrete Cowboys
Zulu - A New Tomorrow
Dying Wish - Symptoms of Survival
GEL - Only Constant
Magnitude - Of Days Renewed...

Top 5 EP/7"s
XweaponX / World of Pleasure Split
Street Justice - No Kings/No Cages
Scowl - Psychic Dance Routine
One Step Closer - Songs for the Willow
Aphex Twin - Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 (Max's suggestion)

Top 5 AU releases:
Terminal Sleep - Chapter 2: Elicit Fear
Bloodmouth - Carnist Industrial Complex
HEAT - Two More When One Is Erased
HORSEPOWER - Change of Heart
Fever Shack - Raw Doggin' Reality

Top 3 demos:
Chrome Cage Demo
Threshold Demo 2023
Bolt Cutter Demo

Top 3 shows/tours:
No Peace SEA tour
Back On The Map Vol. 2
One Step Closer (in Tokyo @ Antiknock)

Highlight of 2023:
Playing the first show with Stressed has to be my highlight but tagging along on the No Peace South East Asia tour was insanely fun. Every show in Indonesia was crazy. The people in the scene there just love hardcore so much and are incredibly welcoming.

Disappointment of 2023:
My biggest disappointment is that No Right still haven't released their LP. I am patiently waiting.

Predictions for 2024:
No idea! Just keen to see more bands come to Australia and more music coming out of here. Max's prediction/wishful thinking is that Mindforce will make an appearance here.


Winnerz Circle no doubt grew their fanbase in 2023 with a support on an Amity Affliction tour.



Top 5 LPs:
Pain of Truth - Not Through Blood
Never Ending Game - Outcry
Heavenward - Pyrophonics
Bayway NJ - World of Bayway: Vol 2
Koyo - Would You Miss It?

Top 5 EP/7"s
D Bloc - D Bloc
Trauma Ray/Downward Split
Half Man - Man Proposes, but God Disposes
Bully Squad - Demonstration of Style
Knuckledragger - Different Breed…

Top 5 AU releases:
Chrome Cage - Demo
Bolt Cutter - Promo 23
Half Man - Man Proposes, but God Disposes
J.O.Y - Fantasy
Heat - Two More When One is Erased

Top 3 demos:
Chrome Cage 
Bolt Cutter 
Near Death Experience

Top 3 shows/tours:
Kruelty in Adelaide
Shinto Katana in Adelaide
Winnerz in Whyami

Highlight of 2023:
The new E Town song

Disappointment of 2023:
Tours still not coming to Adelaide

Predictions for 2024:
Bulldogs 2024 NRL premiers
Kennys on Hindley Street voted Australia’s best hot chips
Creed inspired HC


Name: World Of Joy (all members)

Top 5 LP:
Al - Judiciary - Flesh + Blood
Ax - Judiciary - Flesh + Blood
Pitt - Gel - Only Constant
Liam - I’ve only listened to Fred Again… , Big boy Skeppy & Harry Styles this year.
Mitch - Scalp - Black Tar

Top 5 EP/7’s:
Al - The Hope Conspiracy - Confusion/Chaos/Misery
Ax - Fugitive - Blast Furnace
Pitt - Succ - Better Fucking Things To Do
Liam - Succ - Better Fucking Things To Do
Mitch - Succ - Better Fucking Things To Do

Top 5 AU release:
Al - Downside - Dark Patterns & Intrusive Thoughts
Ax - Half Man - Man Proposes, But God Disposes
Pitt - Near Death Experience - NDE
Liam - Iron Mind - Assume Your Ultimate Form
Mitch - GELD - Currency // Castration

Top 3 Demos:
Al - Near Death Experience - NDE
Ax - Scarab - Demo
Pitt - Mauler - Promo
Liam - Feel The Pain - Demo
Mitch - Migraine - Smash Hits 23’

Top 3 show/tours:
Al - Back on the Map Vol. 2
Ax - BOTM V2
Pitt - BOTM V2
Mitch - BOTM V2

Highlight 2023:
Al - Burning Hammer Records/614
Ax - Vinnies Dive 5th Birthday/617
Pitt - Brisbane Hardcore
Liam - The 614
Mitch - the postcode 4000

Biggest disappointment 2023:
Al - New Harms Way 😴😴😴
Ax - Code Orange
Pitt - Man United
Liam - Collingwood winning the flag
Mitch - the Chicago bulls front office

2024 Prediction:
Al - World Domination starting in Brisbane, Australia
Ax - Vinnies Dive 6th birthday
Pitt - 🤫
Liam - The city of Brisbane, Qld, Australia being on top.
Mitch - Brisbane Hardcore Supremacy


Ratbait came to life and got some in 2023.


Name: Robert Fitzsimmons
From: life.lair.regret.records/RAT BAIT
As per every year, I’m not including any LLR releases, but I’m stoked on everything we got to put out and would implore you to listen to them all.

Top 5 LPs:
1. Mil Spec - Marathon
2. Magnitude – Of Days Renewed
3. World I Hate – Years Of Lead
4. Militarie Gun – Life Under The Gun
5. Big School – Don’t Cry, I’ll Be Right Back

Top 5 EP/7"s
1. Minor Threat – Out Of Step outtakes (this is the biggest old fuck answer but hearing new versions of songs you’ve heard once a month since you were 16 is wild)
2. The Hope Conspiracy – Confusion/Chaos/Misery
3. Wreckage – Our Time
4. E Town Concrete – Level Up
5. Mourning – Hive Of Resentment

Top 5 AU releases:
1. J.O.Y aka Jokes On You – Fantasy
2. Geld – Currency // Castration
3. Persecutor – Babylon’s Ashes
4. Phantasm – Conflict Reality
5. Horsepower – Change Of Heart

Top 3 demos:
Forewarned – Melbourne Straight Edge
Slant – Demo 2023
Post Heaven – Watch The Framework As It Falls

Top 3 shows/tours:
1. Gag @ Howler, I won’t pose, I don’t listen to this band at all but live it was insane. The energy was popping nonstop and I haven’t seen that many dives since the Foundation tour, shout out Blow Blood records for making it happen.
2. Cherish @ Relentless Fest, one of those real ‘holy shit’ moments where it just felt like the stars aligned and you knew you were really seeing ‘something’ happen.
3. J.O.Y @ Relentless Fest, all the players were just in sync and looked so comfortable with each other and the space. Absolute killer.

Highlight of 2023:
For the past decade it’s been pretty slim pickings in terms of young people getting into and engaging with hardcore, though this year we’ve seen more than ever before finding it so watching them navigate the space and rock the fuck out has been inspiring and just so cool. Also on the other end to see more older folk coming back but actually checking out what’s happening now and not just resting on stories of glory days is equally heartening.

Disappointment of 2023:
Maggot Stomp.

Predictions for 2024:
More unique sounds in hardcore as people take influence from outside the box bands, more scene cross pollination and the further political radicalization of us all due to seeing unspeakable horrors everyday on our devices.


Name: Luke Dolan
From: Latest God

Top 5 LPs:
Truth Cult “Walk The Wheel”
Zulu “A New Tomorrow”
Fiddlehead “Death Is Nothing To Us”
Calling Hours “Say Less”
Buggin’ “Concrete Cowboys”

Top 5 EP/7"s
Drink Deep S/T
Scowl “Psychic Dance Routine”
Paint It Black “Famine”
Sunstroke / Bent Blue split
Night Fever “Killing Floor”

Top 5 AU releases:
Kill Squad “First Blood” 12”
Melvic Centre S/T
Boudicca “Uncouth” EP
RAT BAIT “Come Get Some” EP
J.O.Y. “Fantasy” 7”

Top 3 demos:
Mariscal X
Rule On You

Top 3 shows/tours:
Fiddlehead @ Crowbar
Scowl @ Newie Hotel
The Damned @ The Metro

Highlight of 2023:
Final punk / hardcore show at The Cambridge Hotel with Outright, The Dead Walk!, Dropsaw, Every Word, Rage etc. was a bl’ast.

Disappointment of 2023:
I went to a show at The Hamo Station Hotel specifically to watch Jokes On You and I missed them like a magnificent dickhead.

Predictions for 2024:
Super psyched on the new Latest God 12” EP being released.


Persecutor released their debut 7" Babylon's Ashes in 2023.

Name: Mark Beavan
From: Rage / Dreamboat

Top 5 LPs:
Teenage Wrist - Still Love
Crime in Stereo - House & Trance
Julia Wolf - Good Thing We Stayed
White Reaper - Asking For A Ride
Conservative Military Image - Casual Violence

Top 5 EP/7"s
Slow Joy - Wildflower EP
Lurk - Natural Causes
The Hope Conspiracy - Confusion/Chaos/Misery
Out Of Love - Welcome To The Luv
Scowl - Psychic Dance Routine

Top 5 AU releases:
Post Heaven - Watch The Framework As It Falls
Dma’s - How Many Dreams?
Highland Light - Sleep In The Garden
Amends - Our Place Amongst The Dirt
Trophy Eyes - Suicide & Sunshine

Top 3 demos: To be honest I don’t think I listened to a demo this year.

Top 4 shows/tours:
Freddie Gibbs - Enmore Theatre
Wu-Tang & NAS - Qudos Arena
Nothing Nowhere - Metro Theatre
No Pressure - The Newy

Highlight of 2023:
Vietnam trip, seeing my daughter graduate year 6.

Disappointment of 2023: Having to say goodbye to my best mate Biggie. Only releasing 3 songs total between 2 bands.

Predictions for 2024: More Surfing and another Pennywise tour.




TOP 5 EP/7"S








Cherish released a new EP this year XOXO and were on the road often.


Name: Jack Wright

From: Cherish

Top 5 LPs:
Only Constant - Gel
Change the way you think about pain - Incendairy
Of day renewed - Magnitude
Satisfaction - SPY
Death is nothing - Fiddlehead

Top 5 EP/7"s
Natural causes - Lurk
Our time - Wreckage
The gods that built tommorow - Envision
With thorns of Glass - Balmore
fantasy - J.O.Y

Top 5 AU releases:
No Brainer - 3 track tape
Come get some - RATBAIT (kings)
Melbourne Straight Edge (Forewarned)
Two more when on is erased - Heat
Fantasy - JOY

Top 3 demos:
Demo 2 - Instance
mind race demo
smash hits (demo) - m igraine

Top 3 shows/tours:
Drain Tour
Fiddlehead Tour
No Pressure Tour

Highlight of 2023:
Melbourne Youth crew rise up
Canberra Youth crew moving up
More AA people at shows

Disappointment of 2023:
More repetitive bro bands (come on do something new)

Predictions for 2024:
More AA shows, more house shows, more stage dives and more spin kicks.


Name: Jay Preston
From: Backhand / Compound / Innercity Uprising.

Top 5 LPs:
The Flex : Chewing gum for the ears
Masochist : Bloom
Kreator : Pleasure to Kill remastered
Boudicca : Uncouth
TOE TO TOE : Consolidated reissue

Top 5 EP/7"s
Toe to Toe / The Blurters : split
Dogshot / Milat : split
Anything from Aggression Pact : (first time I’ve heard em)
Sleaford Mods : Live in Brisbane (lathe cut)

Top 5 AU releases:
Warpspasm : Discography
Masochist : Bloom
More than ever Zine
Empowered : compilation
Rupture : Gospel from the Gutter

Top 3 demos:
Informant : S/T
Compound : S/T
Backhand : Gentrification is Genocide

Top 3 shows/tours:
Masochist / Backhand : South Lismore Bowling Club
Masochist / Backhand : 4zzz Car Park
Informant / Robber : Sydney warehouse

Highlight of 2023:
Compound first show.
Negative prostate biopsy.
Playing hardcore in my 50s.
Officially claiming straight edge.

Disappointment of 2023:
The Albanese government.
Senseless war.

Predictions for 2024:
Speed to relocate to the USA. Compound to run the crown for Sydney hardcore!
Toe To Toe reunion!
Another member of the Hard Ons facing sexual assault allegations.


Kelso getting cyco with J.O.Y.

Name: Kelso
From: Sydney/Gadigal Land

Top 5 LPs:
Restraining Order - Locked In Time
Envision - The Gods That Built Tomorrow
Militarie Gun - Life Under The Gun
Zulu - A New Tomorrow
Gel - Only Constant

If I can do non-hardcore Dying Fetus - Make Them Beg For Death and take out any of these cause it’s legit my number 1 lol

Top 5 EP/7"s:
High Vis - Society Exists/StationHouse Demos
Slow Fire Pistol - Radiant
Sweat/Negative Blast - Split
Layback - Bitten By The Dog
Hope Conspiracy - Confusion/Chaos/Misery

Top 5 AU releases:
Near Death Experience - Demo ‘23
Outright - Bury Us
Horsepower - Change Of Heart
Engage - Eight Songs
Winnerz Circle - Da $ampla

Top 3 demos:
Rule On You
Secret World

Top 3 shows/tours:
Drain/Anxious @ Crowbar (I don’t even listen to Drain but their energy and crowd participation is second to none. Anxious I saw in 2019 and they went from like a 5/10 back then to a 10/10 to see now)
Gag/Sex Drive/Primitive Blast/JOY/Histamine @ Marrickville Bowlo (This whole tour (or at least the 2 Sydney shows I went to) was so fun and the line ups were dope)
Extortion & Ironhawk @ Altar (didn’t know what to expect seeing extortion in Tassie but was a sick vibe and Ironhawk were really fun too)

Highlight of 2023:
Releasing the JOY 7”, having every show be a huge surprise to me always sold out or crowd way more wild than I’d expect, my gf moving up from Tassie and us living together.

Disappointment of 2023:
Didn’t record demo for my other band (but it’s definitely getting done next year), still at the job/career I hate, didn’t stage dive once.

Predictions for 2024:
More AA shows in Sydney and younger bands popping up, Earth Crisis will call it quits again, Speed will headline Hordern or something that size.


Name: Joel Attenborough
From: PADRE and other bands from ages ago that people may or not remember/care about.

Top 5 LPs:
Paint it Black - Famine (I'm calling it an album… dont @ me)
Blink 182 - One More Time
Militarie Gun - Life under the Gun
Co-Defendants - This is a Crimewave
Rancid - Tomorrow Never Ends

With honorable mentions to:
Crossed Keys - Believes in You
Dave Haus - Drive it Like Its Stolen
As Friends Rust - Any Joy
Temple Of Angels - Endless Pursuit
Greyhound - Decline
MS Paint - Post American
Expect the Worst - World on Fire
Strange Magic - This is the Future they wanted
Home Front - Games of Power
Truth Cult - Walk the Wheel
Squint - Feel it all wash away
Spiritual cramp - ST
Hotline TNT - Cartwheel

Top EP/7"s
Hope Con - Confusion/Chaos/Misery
SunStroke - Frank EP
Sunstroke / Bent Blue Split

Top 5 AU releases:
Frenzal Rhomb - The Cup of Pestilence
Beerwolf - Common Grief
Divison - Fragments
Downside - Dark Patterns & Intrusive Thoughts
Sun Run - Beach EP

Top demos:
Secret World - 3 guitar bands - the way Jah intended bands to be. Hi Adrian!
No Brainer - 3 Track Tape

Top 5 shows/tours:
Drug Church @ Crowbar. I smiled ear to ear from start to finish.
Comeback Kid // Drain @ Crowbar.
The Bronx @ the Metro - Sunday night gigs are rough, but 20 years later - the Bronx still kill it.
The Ricky Taylor Memorial Show (No Apologies, Erosion, Secret World, Relentless, Mauler) @ Mary’s Underground.
28 Days/Irrelevant @ Crowbar (Rello’s havent played a show since the Resist Records 20 anniversary year show in 2018, so it was sick to get up and do it again)

Highlight of 2023:
Drug Church @ Crowbar.
The new blink album not sucking.
60 Songs that explain the 90’s podcast is/was/continues to be fucking incredible.
Getting a new band off the ground (Padre).
Footy & Division for being the punkest people in the country - releasing a ‘pay what you can afford’ LP - 2 times this year! And also doing cool things when it comes to playing shows and the way they operate the band.
New Hope Con music.
The Irrelevant show with 28 days was fun as fuck.
Lastly - Whilst I don't click with a lot of modern hardcore, it’s great to see that the people who are still active in it, are doing an incredible job at making it even more inclusive, and bigger than it's ever been.

Disappointment of 2023:
Fuck - where do you start?
All obvious political shit aside which i'm not smart enough to speak too much on, and who’d wanna hear it from me anyway… (wars/racism/lack of environmental concern/interest rate rises/the rise of blatant neo nazi bullshit) - Nofx calling it ‘quits’ in one way or another, really bummed me out.

Predictions for 2024
Adrian Kelly will somehow find time to start another band - and somehow still manage to play in 3 other active bands.


Outright released a 3 song EP "Bury Us" towards the end of another busy year for the band.

Name: Brett
From: Outright

Top 5 LPs:
Dead Pioneers: S/T
Paint It Black: Famine
Open City: Hands in the Honey Jar
Svalbard: The Weight of the Mask
Incendiary: Change the way you think about pain

Honorable mention to ‘Incoming Nightmare’ by Recendant Somnia (FRA) if you’re into D-Beat/Crust as I only just had someone put me onto it this week but it is absolutely scorching!

Top 5 EP/7"s
Cherish: XOXO
Entry: Exit Interview
Phantasm: Conflict Reality
Boudicca: Uncouth
R.U.B: One Out

Top 5 AU releases: (doin’ 6 because there is so much great AU music this year!)
Bloodmouth: Carnist Industrial Complex
Lo!: The Gleaners
ISUA: Abandon
J.O.Y: Fantasy
Persecutor: Babylon’s Ashes
Fever Shack: Raw Doggin’ Reality

Top 3 demos:
Wonderful World (GER)

Check out the 2023 - Releases We Rate playlist curated by Outright including songs from all of these great releases and a bunch of others we recommend checking out.

Top 3 shows/tours:
Mindsnare 30th anniversary shows and Exhibition. Legends and well deserving of all the fuss!
Bikini Kill at the Forum with Lauren Hamell from Fear Like Us/Tropical Fuck Storm filling in on drums at a few hours notice. Such a cool surprise, and so glad I finally got to see them
Turnstile @ the Forum. Phenomenal show

Bonus rounds:
Frame’s Pre-First show, show @ Wrangler: One band, pot luck vegan food, chill vibes, all mates supporting mates, done by 9pm and a doggo on stage. More shows should have all of this!
A Cold Day in BNE Festival was definitely up there too, 15 of Australia’s best hardcore punk and metal bands, an extremely well run fest and great vibes all day.

Highlight of 2023: The All Ages show Outright played at Fairfield Bowls Club with xCherishx, Horsepower and R.U.B. The energy and community of all of the bands, friends bringing little ones with big ear muffs to their first punk show, teens who haven’t yet started to ‘play it cool’ just letting loose however they feel in the pit, and Bowling Club members being not only supportive of vegan snacks / sausage sizzle and genderless bathroom labels, but embracing it and wanting to change bathroom labelling ongoing! Our hearts were very full leaving that show! ❤️

Disappointment of 2023: The lack of inaction as the world watches a genocide happening in real time in Gaza. For anyone who wanted this list to just ‘stick to the music’ you’re missing the point. Punk/hardcore is political, and fellow punks making people uncomfortable enough to acknowledge and take action is something I have been proud to see. Equally so, I’m disappointed in supposed punks and hardcore ‘kids’ who have stayed silent or taking the ‘both sides’ line when there is no justifiable position that supports the ongoing slaughter of civilians, journalists, medical personnel and aid workers.

Predictions for 2024: Lots more music coming out both here and overseas, but damn it better be political, insightful and it better be pissed off as this world is a mess and it seems to be diving deeper into madness. Netanyahu in The Hague (although I doubt it anytime soon!)


Name: Jesse Hurricane Conte
From: Adelaide, No Peace, Stressed

Top 5 LPs:
1. Don't Try - Shoe Knife
2. With Honour - Boundless
3. Berthold City - A Moment In Time
4. Burning Strong - Here Until The End
5. Magnitude - Of Days Renewed...

Top 5 EP/7"s
1. The Hope Conspiracy - Confusion/Chaos/Misery
2. No Turning Back - Conquer
3. No Peace/True Fight/Final Attack 3 way split
4. Street Justice - Straight Edge XXX 2023 & No Kings/No Cages
5. Threat - Bellringer

Top 5 AU releases:
1. Heat - Two More When One Is Erased
2. Fever Shack - Raw Doggin Reality
3. Eight Count - Revenge
4. Iron Mind - Assume Your Ultimate Form
5. Forwarned - Melbourne Straight Edge

Top 3 demos:
1. Stressed
2. Rend
3. Chrome Cage

Top 3 shows/tours:
1. No Peace SEA tour (that Bandung show, though!)
2. Comeback Kid & Drain Adelaide show
3. No Warning Adelaide show

Highlight of 2023:
Playing an insanely big show in Jakarta with Fiddlehead and meeting the two guys that are a huge part of why I'm into HC. Overall the entire No Peace tour throughout Malaysia and Indonesia was insanity. Love their scenes! Shoutout to STF Jakarta, Widi, Eddy and Kevin.
Seeing the legendary No Warning with Iron Mind at the Cranka. And of course Comeback Kid with Drain (then playing with Drain 8 or 9 months later).

Disappointment of 2023:
Magnitude not touring Australia. Adelaide missing out on some shows that we absolutely would have sold out.

Predictions for 2024:
Lots more international tours hitting our shores. New bands and fresh faces joining the Hardcore scene to carry the torch


2023 witnessed a sharp increase in cyber attacks, however none were attributed to Hacker 


Name: Moose
From: Hacker, Lothario, RAT BAIT, New Coke, Armour, The Uglies

Top 5 AU Albums:
Body Maintenance - Beside You (Unwound/Drunken Sailor)
Summer Flake - One Less Thing (Rice Is Nice)
Billiam - Corner Tactics (Under The Gun/Cowtool/Billiamwave)
Stepmother - Planet Brutalicon (Legless)
Alien Nose Job - The Derivative Sounds of... Or... A Dog Always Returns to its Vomit (Anti-Fade)

Top 5 AU Eps:
Division - Fragments 12"EP (Clarity)
Split System - S/T 7" (Legless)
JOY - Fantasy 7" (Last Ride/New Ethic)
Winnerz Circle - DA $AMPLA (Lair/New Ethic)
BRICK HEAD - Brick for Brains CS (Self-Released)

Top 5 Albums:
Electric Chair - Act Of Aggression (Iron Lung)
Snooper - Super Snooper (Third Man Records ew but thanks for the superb re-record of FITNESS Jack White - you dick)
Dignan Porch - Electric Threads (In here on the strength of the song Simulation One alone - Hidden Bay/Repeating Cloud)
Blank Banshee - 4D (Hologram Bay)
Illiterates - No Experts (Sorry State)

Top 5 EP/7"s
Electric Chair - The Beat Sessions CS (Shout Recordings)
Powerplant - Grass 7" (Static Shock)
Prison Affair - Versiones Talegueras (Under The Gun)
Sex Mex - We're a Happy Family 7" (Goodbye Boozy)
Ignorance - S/T (Iron Lung)

Top 3 demos:
Rule On You - Deemo '23 (Lair)
Instance - Demo2 (UGL)
TGRX - Turbo23 (High Mage)

Top shows/tours:
Seeing Electric Chair tear Australia a new arse four times but special mention to the Tote show with SJN, Geld, Swab, Serpette. (as an aside, SJN are without a doubt Australia's best ever hardcore band and it isn't close.)
Turnstile Forum/Laneway (turn the fucking mix up though jeez I couldn't hear shit)
Devo at the Palais, still rock hard as fuck
Seeing Powerplant and Prison Affair in the UK
Relentless Fest
Snooper at Last Chance & Nighthawks

Highlight of 2023:
North Melbourne making the AFLW grand final, and getting to go to it!

Disappointment of 2023:
Ben Cook touring Australia with a scab line-up and calling it NO WARNING, and paying $40 to see it.
The state of so-called "Australian Hardcore" lol

Predictions for 2024:
I'll keep thinking it's still 2023 until about June
The Neuros will put out the best album of the decade
Every mediocre Australian "hardcore" band from 2000-2015 will record or release another shit record


Name: Jarrod
From: Procession / Fuzion / Central Coast

Top 5 LPs
Bria - Cuntry Covers Vol 2
Rancid - Tomorrow Never Comes
Twitching Tongues Sleep Therapy Redux
Sextile- Push
Barbie movie soundtrack

Top 5 EPs
Confidence Man - Now You Do
Persecutor - Babylon’s Ashes
CC Disco - Chez Moi
Confidence Man - On & On (Again)
Poltergeist9000 - Piss Ants Will Be Crushed Under The Fists of God (REMIXED)

Top 5 AU releases
Confidence Man singles x 3
CC Disco - Chez Moi
Persecutor - Babylon’s Ashes

Top 3 demos
Rule on You
Dreamboat 2 track

Top 3 shows/tours
CCHC Halloween at ECP Studios
Persecutor and Sick People at Team Glasses 10
Paul McCartney- Got Back Tour in Newcastle

Highlight of 2023
Adopting our puppy, buying a house, doing bands again, playing shows with procession and fuzion, seeing a real life beatle, reading a bunch of books, the return of central coast hardcore…

Disappointment of 2023
Cold Cave tour postponement

Predictions for 2024
Central Coast music still under rated and over looked


Frame dropped their debut EP "Social War" in 2023 and it didn't disappoint.

Name: Madeleine Mitchell
From: Boudicca and PUSH BACK Podcast

Top 5 LPs:
Zulu: A New Tomorrow
GEL: Only Constant
Melvic Centre: Melvic Centre
Chappell Roan: The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess
Buggin: Concrete Cowboys

Top 5 EP/7"s
Scowl: Psychic Dance Routine
Persecutor: Babylon's Ashes
R.U.B: One Out
Post Heaven: Watch the Framework as it Falls
J.O.Y: Fantasy

Top 5 AU releases:
Chapter 2- Elicit Fear: Terminal Sleep
C.O.F.F.I.N: Australia Stops
Compendium by Volatile Ways
Private Wives: Bad Taste
(honourable mentions: Whoroboros: Consuming and Being Consumed, Tired Minds: The Body is a Burden, Social War by Frame, the Future Suck/Shove split, Frenzal Rhomb's Cup of Pestilence, that Private Function album with all of the insulting numbers. I know I've missed plenty!)

Top 3 demos:
Backhand: Gentrification is Genocide
Daisy Chain: Never Meant for Heaven
Stressed: S/T (I feel super sneaky on this one cause it was JUST released... but it's sick and talking to Nic about it on my podcast was great)
Top shows/tours:

I got to play so many good shows this year and we are so grateful for the support of all bands we've played with, and venue staff.
Terminal Sleep and Volatile Ways Thot Domination with Skorn and Boudicca at the Cambridge Hotel. Ripper of a show with some of the most amazing people in Australian music.
- Wreckless Enterprises takeover at Dicey Riley's in Wollongong. Ronny and Jen made sure that Wollongong remains our favourite place to play outside of Newcastle.
Opening up the new bandroom with Frenzal Rhomb and Where's Jimmy back in March at the Hamilton Station Hotel. Spencer and the team there have done such an incredible job.

As a show-enjoyer: Back on the Map 2, any time I got to see Neptune Power Federation, and DEVO at the ICC.

Highlight of 2023:
Releasing our (Boudicca's) new EP 'Uncouth' in November which was nerve-wracking as I'm feeling more vulnerable these days, and I put a hell lot of work into rebuilding and relearning how to use my voice between the release of our album and the EP, Biggest thanks to the incredible Joe Andersons (Succ/Ill Natured) at Woodriver Studios for helping to make it happen in the studio, and the beautiful Erin for being my emotional and vocal support mentor. I also began my radio show/podcast Push Back where I get to play and chat with some of my favourite female, non-binary and trans 'heavy' bands and artists from Australia.

Disappointment of 2023:
Ongoing genocide and the lack of people preaching the importance of community in hardcore and punk actually showing up in times of serious injustice and hardship that is impacting the very real communities we live in. We have a responsibility to actually follow through on what we carry on about to the best of our ability, make heaps of noise about what matters to us, and be meaningfully engaged with what is going on in our world.

Predictions for 2024:
Finally getting to see Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys live. I love that band so much.
More popular junk foods offering plant-based/vegan versions which is set to be very dangerous and very delicious.
An even more challenging yearly review.


Name: Adam McArthur in Meanjin (Brisbane, QLD)
From: Team Glasses Records & Vestiges

Top 5 LPs:
Domo Genesis ‘No Idols’
JPEG Mafia & Danny Brown ‘Scaring the Hoes’
Earl Sweatshirt ‘Voire Dire’
The World at a Glance ‘The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede’
World Peace ‘It Is Written’

Top 5 EP/7's
J.O.Y. ‘Fantasy’
Entrapment ‘The Grief Cycle’
Poltergeist 9000 ‘Piss Ants Will Be Crushed Under the Fists of God’
Mike, Wiki & The Alchemist ‘Faith is a Rock’
Idle Threat ‘Dead Weight’

Top 5 AU releases:
Sex Drive ‘Shopping Blitz’
Entrapment ‘The Grief Cycle’
Persecutor ‘Babylon’s Ashes’
Dream, Inertia ‘Ephemeral’
Slowcut ‘In Death is Relief’

Top 3 demos:
Rule On You

Top 3 shows/tours:
The TG10 Weekender was a mammoth event to organise and run but I really felt the love from the bands, helpers, venue staff and punters alike. Hundreds of people came together for 3 days of music from skramz to indie to hardcore punk and ambient noise over 34 sets. It was amazing to see my friends from all over Australia over the one weekend to celebrate ten years of the label.

Making my good friend Pip and I’s long term idea of a fest combining fans of hardcore punk and death metal a reality that exceeded our expectations with the very first Cold Day in BNE. We sold out our favourite venue in town with 15 of some of the best bands playing abrasive music in Australia in what will now be an annual event.

Bikini Kill playing an all ages hardcore show at the Sydney Opera House was a truly special experience, especially seeing the predominantly female audience scream along to every word.

Highlight of 2023:
The return of Sick People. New bands popping up all over the country. Once again working with a bunch of my best friends and favourite artists on tours and releases.

Disappointment of 2023:
Lack of small venues in Brisbane with even more closing their doors recently.

Predictions for 2024:
All ages DIY in Brisbane is experiencing a resurgence especially with new young promotors popping up and having a crack. Music is for everyone, so it’s nice to see things heading in a positive direction.



This shot of SPEED is Nicole Goodwin's fave pic she shot in 2023 

Name: Brooke Morley from Eora (Sydney, NSW)
From: Jokes on You (J.O.Y) & Future Waves Zine

Top 5 LPs:
Gel – Only Constant
Buggin – Concrete Cowboys
Geld – Currency // Castration
Angel Du$t - Brand New Soul
Big Laugh - Consume me

Honourable mention to Fiddlehead - Death is Nothing to us

Top 5 EP/7”s:
Jokes on You – Fantasy
The Hope Conspiracy - Confusion/Chaos/Misery
Scowl - Psychic Dance Routine

These 2 are singles but I’m counting them anyway..

Killing Frost
Fugitive - Blast Furnace / Standoff

Top 5 Aus releases:
Secret World - Demo
Geld – Currency // Castration
Downside – Dark Patterns & Intrusive Thoughts
Rat Bait – Come Get Some
Iron Mind - Assume Your Ultimate Form

Top 3 demos:
Secret World
Rule on You
Bonus 4th - Rend

Top 3 shows/tours:

Angel Du$t @ The Chippo
No Warning @ Crowbar
Fiddlehead @ Crowbar
I hate that I have listed all Internationals. I love our local scene so much, but I am listing these as entire shows because the line-ups were solid, start to end.

Bonus 4th - Miles Away @ Crowbar for nostalgia, and for cementing my urge to sing in a band again.

Highlight of 2023:
Relentless Fest – Christina and Nellie are elite when it comes to showcasing incredible music. Relentless Fest had so many sick bands, at sick venues and it was accessible and inclusive without even trying. Evidence of what the scene can look and sound like when everyone is given access to equal opportunity. Hopefully a few people took note and take such considerations in their stride when organising.

Oh and putting out a 7” – that shit was literally a dream come true for me. I had wanted to do a band for so many years, but it turns out that when someone says from their mic on stage “start a band etc” that it doesn’t just magically happen, you need people who are actually willing to give new people an opportunity to join in, or offer to skill share and help to make it a reality.

Disappointment of 2023:
I’m gonna keep it one hund and not put anything in here

Predictions for 2024:
Speed will conquer the remainder of the world.

Secret World will release album of the year with a bonus hidden Ryan Pond audio comedy set pulled purely from shit he says on stage.

New J.O.Y music. Will we become a beatdown band? Stay tuned to find out.

Pia will retain their title as GOAT mosher.

More young people, more diversity, more unique sounds and more fun!

Thanks for having me.


Name: Mark Boulton from Ocean Shores, NSW
From: Shackles & Contaminated

Sunami ‘Self-Titled’
Cannibal Corpse ‘Chaos Horrific’
Gravesend ‘Gowanus Death Stomp’
Worm / Dream Unending –‘Starpath’
Sanguisugabogg ‘Homicidal Ecstacy’

Half Man, World of Joy, Knuckledragger, Endless Loss (last year) and the Azshara demo for making me remember what I loved about metal and hardcore in my teens and for making metalcore sound dangerous again.

Aus Releases:
Most of this list is Australian but I’ll throw in Near Death Experience cause that demo was sick.

Threshold, Chrome Cage, Exhumed Korpse

Top shows:
I didn’t make it to enough but a massive hc line up in Brisbane headlined by Primitive Blast was mad; Dead Congregation in Bris; a show Contaminated did with Kilat at the Gasometer - was cool to play the Gaso again.

Year Highlight:
Doing art projects for bands has been my “musicalish” highlight… most of the bands that have reformed have made me pretty stoked…seeing hardcore thrive post covid has also been fantastic but it’s also been a bit weird seeing people who I thought had abandoned it acting like they never left (see disappointments below)… in saying that though, I’m pretty washed up. I’m also liking that shows seem to be the sort of sub cultural estuary’s again with all sorts of different people who like all sorts of different genres coming together watching all sorts of bands. I also like some of the embracing of some of the goofier sub genres that were derided through the mid-2010s. In saying that though I’m less than impressed with the now fully booming resurgence of nu metal. This also comes with the side note that I do hope new people from broader of musical tastes do at least a touch of a history lesson in hc/ metal whatever to learn a little of the lineage of what they’re listening to currently: God, I’ve become a crank. Oh I also like the way some bands have been discussing God in less boring, more nuanced ways.

Disappointment of 2023:
Not making it to enough shows… I’m also a bit perturbed (as stated above) by the resurgence of heavy hardcore bringing out all these so called old heads who I never to very rarely saw at shows for the 10 years I toiled away touring with Shackles.. we weren’t everyone’s thing and that’s fine, but these people were invisible on many fronts haha.. then again, I’m also a little more absent than I’d like to be at the moment.

Predictions: umm I can see things continuing to grow and grow but then getting a bit saturated post the booms of bands like Speed (I love what Speed are doing though) and Turnstile (literally took me 5 minutes to recall Turnstile's names), then I see the scene shattering and sub dividing with a return to super divisive, ugly, aggressive bands again to weed out the fakes and hardcore becoming something that’s mostly for losers and lifers again.



Blind Girls had a big year in 2023 touring the USA of the back of their "The Weight Of Everything" LP.

Name: Mark from Gold Coast, QLD
From: Blind Girls

Top 5 LPs:
1. Jerome’s Dream - The Grey in Between
2. Lagrimas/Habak Split
3. Loma Prieta - Last
4. Herlovebeheadsdasies - Carving Initials
5. Noverte - Con Uni Sguardo Solo

Top 5 EP/7”s
1. Ghost Spirit - Kill the Strife
2. Portrayal of Guilt - Devil Music
3. .Gif From God - Digital Red
4. Carrion Spring - How it falls away petal by petal
5. Dream Inertia - Ephemeral

Top 3 demos
1. Drive your plow over the bones of the dead
2. Onewaymirror - but once the snow hits the ground, it
hushes as still as my heart
3. Juice 1056

Top 5 AU releases
1. GEE TEE - Goodnight Neanderthal (Album)
2. The Church - The hypnogogue (Album)
3. Sex Drive - Shopping Blitz (Album)
4. The World at a Glance - The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede (Album)
5. Voiid - Free Kitten (single)

Top 3 shows/tours
1. Blind Girls USA TOUR
2. La Dispute/Blind Girls/ Wifecult at The Forum, Melbourne
3. Interpol at the Riverstage, Brisbane

Highlight of 2023 -
Paramore at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Hayley’s vocals blew my mind…

Disappointment of 2023 -
Everything was kinda cool…
Cold Cave AUS tour had to be postponed

Predictions for 2024:
Heavenly Blue, Frail Body and Basque will all drop great records.


Name: André from Meanjin (Brisbane, QLD)
From: The Meat

Top 5 LPs:
My Tadpole Legion by Squid Pisser
This Is Why by Paramore
The Enduring Spirit by Tomb Mould
Reborn Superstar! by HANABIE.
We're Still Here by The Hirs Collective

Top 5 EP/7"s
Luminescent Bridge by Blood Incantation
Babylon's Ashes by Persecutor
Uncouth by Boudicca
Consuming and Being Consumed by Whoroboros
Fantasy by J.O.Y.

Top 5 AU releases:
Reign of the Antichrist by Pizza Death
Babylon's Ashes by Persecutor
Beliefs of Dead Stargazers and Soothsayers by Pustilence
Fantasy by J.O.Y.
Uncouth by Boudicca

Top 3 demos:
DEMO by Compound
Gentrification is Genocide by Backhand
Consuming and Being Consumed by Whoroboros

Top 3 shows/tours:
Electric Chair

Highlight of 2023:
Being asked to play drums for a million bands

Disappointment of 2023:
Being asked to play drums for a million bands

Predictions for 2024:
Being asked to play drums for a million bands


Nerve Damage hit the road in 2023 playing in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Name: Ben Smith from Gold Coast, QLD
From: Blind Girls, Nerve Damage, Grout, 95 reunion, Strange Motel & Shackles

Top 5 LPs:
Low - things we lost in the fire (not 2023)
Jerome’s Dream - the Gray in between
Fleshwater - we’re not here to be loved (end of 2022, but who cares)
Babydrill - Madman
Duster - Moods, Modes

Top 5 EP/7"s:
Bodybox - Through the Bongfire Ep
Lagrimas / Habak Split
Catalyst… / Dim split
Momma / Narrow Head Split
Beach House - Become Ep

Top 5 AU releases:
The World at a Glance - the longest shadow can only recede
Sex Drive - Shopping Blitz
Garage Sale - Blank Again
Super Death - White Lady Getaway
Strange Motel - the caterpillar

Top 3 demos:
Migraine - Smash Hits ‘23 Demo
Volcano - Fool 2 tha Game (don’t think it’s a demo but ah well)
Wetwork - Ep (also not a Demo but what ev)

Top 3 shows/tours:
La Dispute / Blind Girls Tour
Bg’s US tour
Bg / Voiid tour

Shows: (too many to only name three)
Jerome’s Dream in Chicago
Super death supporting Zheani
Sunk Loto at the Tivoli
Interpol w/ Bloc Party at The Riverstage

Highlight of 2023: touring in the States with Blind Girls, getting to play music with mates all over Aus through out the year.
Disappointment of 2023: I try not to dwell on that.
Predictions for 2024: the world melting


Name: Ben Gibson from Meanjin (Brisbane, QLD)

Top 5 LPs:
Skrillex - A Quest For Fire
Slow Pulp - Yard
Predatory Void - Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being
James Blake - Playing Robots Into Heaven
Ken Mode - VOID

Top 5 EP/7s:
Portrayal of Guild - Devil Music
Crave Death - Die Slow
Burial Pit - Varment (Just one track, but I’m so keen for more)
Resin Tomb - Dysphoria (See above explanation)
Verity Whisper / Guppy Split EP

Top 5 AU Releases
Isua - Lifes Worth
Sunny Flynn Hugo - Moth Rock
Ghost Mutt - Perro Fantasma
Lo! - The Gleaners
Class Traitor - Broken Energy Highways

Top 3 Demos
Didn’t listen to any demos but got to see/mix some shows with newer bands with unreleased music including: Plainer, EGF, Quarrels, Skin, Prize Pony, Blue Diner.

Top 3 Shows/Tours:
Golden Plains (Highlights: Earthless and Four Tet)
José Gonzales - Veneer 20th Anniversary at Sydney Opera House
A Cold Day in BNE

Highlight of 2023:
This was the year my band SLOWCUT really kicked into gear. We played so many sick shows with incredible bands (A Cold Day in BNE was a wild time) and released our debut album on vinyl. That’s a bucket list achievement for me and even better, I got to record and mix the whole thing. It’s been a wild year.

Disappointment of 2023:
The new END album, come on Will you can do better.

Predictions for 2024:
SLOWCUT work out how to write a song that is under 5 minutes and take over the world.


GAG made the journey to Australia and impressed those in attendance

Name: Dan Valetic
From: R.I.P. Peace, Exit-Ploom

TOP 5 LPs 2023:
* FLOWER - ‘Hardly A Dream’ on Profane Existence
* DESTRUCT - ‘Cries The Mocking Mother Nature’ on Grave Mistake Records
* SPIRITO DI LUPO - ‘Vedo La Tua Faccia Nei Giorni Di Pioggia’ on La Vida Es Un Mus // Iron Lung Records
* ENZYME - ‘Golden Dystopian Age’ on Hardcore Victim // La Vida Es Un Mus
* PHYSIQUE - ‘Again’ on Iron Lung Records

TOP 5 EPs 2023:
* TOTAL NADA - ‘II’ EP on Discos Enfermos // 11PM Records
* PUFFER - S/T EP on Roachleg Records
* REGIMEN DE TERROR - S/T EP on Roachleg Records // La Vida Es Un Mus
* THE MASSACRED - ‘Post-Mortem’ EP on Active-8 Records

TOP 3 DEMOs 2023:
* GLOBAL THERMONUCLEAR WAR - ‘Seeking Mastery’ Demo CS on Dogs Of Altamont
* BLOODY FLAG - Demo CS on Bunker Tapes
* PSYCH-WAR - Demo CS on Sore Mind

* PHANTASM - ‘Conflict Reality’ EP on Hardcore Victim
* ROMANSY - S/T EP on Wintergarden Records
* ENZYME - ‘Golden Dystopian Age’ LP on Hardcore Victim // La Vida Es Un Mus
* VAMPIRE - ‘What Seems Forever Can Be Broken’ LP on Televised Suicide
* PUNTER - S/T LP on Drunken Sailor Records and Active Dero

* RAT CAGE // PUNTER Tour [Nambour Show]
* ELECTRIC CHAIR Tour [Brisbane // Meanjin Show]
* Deafening Raw Assault 2 in Melbourne // Naarm

I’d say overall this year the biggest highlight is seeing some life being breathed back into the DIY community back up here in Meanjin. We’ve had top shelf international hardcore punk acts here in RAT CAGE w/ PUNTER, ELECTRIC CHAIR and GAG thanks to the efforts of Blake, Nathan and Christina which I think has been a massive boost for excitement and enthusiasm. The idea of having something to ‘look forward to’ doesn’t go astray. ENZYME is less than a couple weeks away so here’s hoping that’ll be a nice way to cap the year off with the EXIT-PLOOM demo launch too. Let’s see what 2024 brings. It’s only up from here.

To be honest, as a whole I think this year there’s been a lot of filler and not a lot of killer. Not just within Australia but across the globe minus releases on a label like ROACHLEG or UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY for instance. They can’t really do no wrong it seems? There’s been a bunch of crazy demos so that’s a bright spot and hopefully 2024 brings some realised visions when it comes to those projects but 2023 has been a bit lacklustre for a range of factors. Too many to delve into before I start waffling on. Maybe some delays at pressing plants are too blame. Who knows… Haha

That’s a good question! Off the top of my head I feel as if split label releases and splits between bands will become more common perhaps globally based on the extortionate increase on price regarding having vinyl pressed as well as shipping. Like one label will put out a particular release in Europe but another label do a run in the US, UK and here perhaps. Maybe a solution to tackling rising costs. Time will tell. I’d say with the success of some of the international tours this year there’ll be some more bands coming out next year. Hardcore Victim Fest looks like it’s shaping up to be a pretty wild weekend.


Name: Sean from Meanjin (Brisbane, QLD)
From: Entrapment

Top 5 LPs:
1. Graveyard - 6
2. Baroness - Stone
3. Mutoid Man - Mutants
4. Kali Uchis - Red Moon In Venus
5. Boris/Uniform - Bright New Disease

Top 5 EP/7":
1. Asidhara - Echoes of the Ancients
2. Turnstile/BBNG - New Heart Designs
3. Cold Blood - Primal EP
4. Blindside - Arraignment
5. Final Form/Bloodfury - Split

Top 5 AU releases:
1. King Gizzard & The Lizzard WIzard - PetroDragonic Apocalypse
2. SLOWCUT - In Death Is Relief
4. C.O.F.F.I.N - Australia Stops
5. The Southern River Band - Stan Qualen

Top 3 Demos:
1. Spat Out - Held Under (EP!)
2. Hell On Earth - 2023 (Single?)
3. Bolt Cutter

Top 3 shows/tours:
2. Matebreed/Crimescene

Highlight of 2023:
Seeing young bands like Thantu Thikha (Canberra) keeping heavy music alive and well in Australia was super inspiring. More bands, go to Canberra!

Disappointment of 2023:
Not Southport

Predictions for 2024:


Positive predictions so far, no one saying the FUTURE SUCK

From: Hacker / Frame

5: LP’s of the year:
World I Hate - Years of Lead
Human Garbage - Straight not Giving a Fuck
Gravesend - Gowanus Death Stomp
Initiate - Cerebal Circus
Hanabie - Raise Wa Ijin!

5 EP/ 7”S:
- Haru Nemuri - Insaint
- Persecutor - Babylon’s Ashes.
- New World Man - The Beast is Back
- Dead Heat - Endless Torment
- Barricade - Apocalypse Joyride

5 AU Releases
- Persecutor - Babylon’s Ashes.
- J.O.Y - Fantasy
- GELD - Currency // Castration
- Punter - S/T
- Enzyme - Golden Dystopian Age

Top 3 Demos:
- Forwarned - Melbourne Straight Edge
- Near Death Experience - Demo
- Chrome Cage - Demo

Top 3 Shows:

1. All of Relentless Fest. Those three days truly felt special and couldn’t be anymore privileged for both Hacker and Frame to be a part of it. Hacker’s set felt one of the best I’ve played

2. Frame’s Adelaide set with All in, Stabbitha and The Knifey Wifeys, Bolt Cutter and Stressed. At the Cranchor. That was a fun time

3. Me and my wife Saw Hanabie at Stay Gold just last week and couldn’t get over how good they were!! Aboulute unreal band. Metalcore + Jpop is an underrated mix IMO.

Highlight of 2023
- Probably me and my Wife’s anniversary holiday to Hong Kong. And also all of Relentless Fest. I couldn’t be any prouder of myself here.

Disappointment of 2023
- honestly, probably this stupid ass cough I’ve been putting yo with for over the past month. Hayfever blows fucking ass. I wouldn’t rate it.

Predictions for 2024:

- Hacker: Psy-Wi-Fi 2024 Ep
- Bright Sun Demo 2024 (You’ll find out soon enough ;))
- New Frame release.

Also, 2 things I want:
- More mixed bills, I wanna see the punx, the moshers, the garage rock dogs, weeb core nerds, the techno gurus etc…all in the one spot. The more the merrier.

- also, can people just stop booking like 3-4 shows in the one night? Hahah I can’t fucken keep up. Have a fucken meeting and place where y’all have shows. I wanna go to so many shows but then I get overwhelmed and at that point I’d rather stay home and Play Final Fantasy XVI.

Respect eachother, love eachother, and as a vegan leave your beef back in the year before where it belongs hehe.


Name: Lucas Stevens from Meanjin (Brisbane, QLD)
From: Wetwork / Shitgrinder / Hurricane Death

Top 5 LP’s
Jesus Piece- … So Unknown
Dying Fetus- Make Them Beg For Death
Pain Of Truth- Not Through Blood
Lathe Of Heaven- Bound By Naked Skies
Incendiary- Change The Way You Feel About Pain

Top 5 EP’s
Iron Mind- Assume Your Ultimate Form
Twitching Tongues- Twitchfits Vol. 1
World of Pleasure / XweaponX split - Weapon Of Pleasure
Secret World- Secret World
Terminal Sleep- Chapter 2: Elicit Fear

Top 5 AU
Iron Mind- Assume Your Ultimate Form
Half Man- Man Proposes but God Disposes
That Kid Kearve- Independent
World Of Joy- The Feeling Of Freedom
Judged by Twelve - Weak Links / Dead World

Top 3 demos
Near death experience- demo 23
Threshold- Demo 23
Hate Still Burns- Demo

Top 3 shows / tours
Faceless Burial, Shitgrinder, Vile Apparition, Sin Tax at the John Curtin Hotel
Knuckle Dragger record release show
A Cold Day in BNE

Highlight 2023
Converge playing The Saddest Day at Outbreak Fest

Tbh the new Bogg record

2024 prediction
Shitgrinder and Wetwork world domination
Struck Down being the #1 Brisbane band


Electric Chair toured Australia for the first time in 2023 with some highly charged shows

Name: Al
From: Geld

Sonic Poison - Eruption
Danny Brown/JPEGMAFIA - Scaring the hoes
Destruct - Cries the mocking Mother Nature
Ulthar - Anthronomicon/Helionomicon
Natural Information Society - Since Time Is Gravity

Romancy - Green Killer
Lunar Chamber - Shambhallic Vibrations
Fugitive - Blast Furnace/Standoff
Demolition - The Chair
Golpe - Assuefazione Quotidiana

Near death experience - Demo
Accusation - Demo
Herrgottsblick - Xii - XXi

Romansy - Green Killer
Persecutor - Babylon’s Ashes
Phantasm - Conflict Reality
Exek - The Map and the Territory
Demolition - The Chair

Sow Discord - Melbourne Town Hall
Shove - Elm St Church
Extortion - Revolver upstairs

Seeing Terrance Crawford turn in one of the most dominant sporting performances in the last twenty years stopping Errol Spence Jr in round 9

North Melbourne’s interchange steward forgetting how to count, leading to one of the more confusing and embarrassing losses in a long line of confusing, embarrassing losses.

The world will continue to fall into a bizarre buffet of inhumanity and we will turn to our loved ones for solace and strength.


Name: Jack Naughton from Naarm (Melbourne, VIC)
From: The World at a Glance

Top 5 LPs:
Desire, I Want to Turn Into You by Caroline polachek
ÁTTA by Sigur Rós
Black Classical Music by Yussef Dayes
Dogsbody by Model/Actriz
The Above by Code Orange

Top 5 AU Releases:
Reflections and refractions by Silurian
Broken Energy Highway by Class Traitor
My God by Twine

Top 3 Demos: N/A

Top 3 Shows/Tours:
Björk at Perth Stadium 6/3
La dispute at the forum 27/08
Twine at bergy bandroom 1/12

Highlight of 2023:
Launching “The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede” at the Catfish with Gush, Tumour, Keratin and Propaine

Disappointment of 2023:
World’s richest idiot takes over twitter and renames it X

Predictions for 2024:
Paul McCartney dead in horrific gooning incident


Sadly FORGIVE called it a day in 2023 


This is Why- Paramore
Cerebral Circus- Initiate
Only Constant- GEL
A New Tomorrow- ZULU
Gag Order- Kesha

Weapon of Pleasure- XweaponX/World of Pleasure
Psychic Dance Routine- Scowl
The Fear of Fear- Spiritbox
Suraksha- Pinkshift
Uncouth- Boudicca

Babylon’s Ashes- Persecutor
Project XOXO- Cherish
Our Place Amongst the Dirt- Amends
Gentrification is Genocide- Backhand

Demo 2023- Threshold
Consuming and Being Consumed- Whoroboros

Angel Du$t
Dark Mofo

Adopting another rescue greyhound
Music related- playing a weekender of shows with Backhand, feeling safe and welcome and included at these shows.

SO MANY HARDCORE SHOWS (and often some whole tours) WITH NO WOMEN ON LINE UPS AT ALL (or there will be one amongst 20+ band members). DO BETTER, IT’S SO EASY TO BOOK A GENDER DIVERSE LINE UP THAT MAKES US FEEL SAFE AND WELCOME!!! Your actions are letting us know what you think of us/where you think we belong.


Name: Louis Cottier from Meanjin (Brisbane, QLD)
From: Cerebral Erosion, Unbound & Hurricane Death

Top 5 LP’s
Jesus Piece- So Unknown
Danny Brown & JPEG Mafia- Scaring the Hoes
Zulu- A New Tomorrow
Sulfuric Cautery- Suffering Feats of Dehumanization
Oneohtrix Point Never- Again

Top 5 EP’s
Blood Incantation- Luminescent Bridge
Persecutor- Babylon’s Ashes
Haggus- What’s Your Excuse?
Twitching Tongues- Sleep Therapy Redux
Gaoled/Demolition- Hardcore’s Hardest Hogs

Top 5 AU Releases
Black Deity- Black Deity
Genesis Owusu- Struggler
Fistula/Religious Observance/Gainslayer- Religious Observance
Gudgeon- Gudgeon
Drowning Horse- Meghalayan

Top 3 Demos
Serial Pest- EP Teaser 3 times

Top 3 Shows/Tours
Cold Day in BNE
Unbound, Maggot Cave, Darkhorse and O Sluggard @Link and Pin Woy Woy
Saturday of the Team Glasses 10 Year Anniversary

Highlight of 2023:
E Town Concrete dropping a new track

Disappointment of 2023:
A big resurgence of hardcore and death metal but a serious lack of good riffs.

Predictions for 2024:
Speed Mars tour sponsored by Space X


Iron Mind made a return in 2023 releasing two new songs 

Name: Dylan Cooper from Adelaide, SA
From: Raccoon City / Keeskea

Top 5 LP:s
Jeromes Dream - The Gray In Between
Fromjoy - fromjoy.
Cry Club - Spite Will Save Me
Pupil Slicer - Blossom
Kelela - Raven

Top 5 Eps:
Tired Minds - The Body is a Burden
Sleep Talk - Have You Ever Seen a God
Oscar The Wild - She’ll Be Right
Coldwave - Same Window Different House

Top 5 AUS:
Teenage Joans - The Rot That Grows Inside My Chest
Cry Club - Spite Will Save Me
Tired Minds - The Body is a Burden
Sleep Talk - Have you Ever Seen a God
Twine - everything they’ve ever done is amazing and I am gagging for a full length

Top 3 Demos:
No one has heard any of this lol
The entire Keeskea album
The secret Rac City album
Everything Oliver Miller ever sends me

Top 5 Singles:
I’m picking singles that aren’t out on an album yet.
Job for a cowboy - the Agony Seeping Storm
Job for a cowboy - The Forever Rot
Colourblind - Torched
Father2006 - black box
Eaglemont - You Don’t Live Here

Highlight of 2023:
Liturgy in Melbourne. There were probably other things I’d consider highlights but this was fresh in my mind as it was in Nov.

Disappointment of 2023:
Every metal core band just kind of being boring. And also not being able to play the big Team Glasses emo festival.

Predictions for 2024:
Raccoon City releases an album to mixed reviews, some people like the new direction and others find it sounds like hot garbage. Also the Keeskea album gets released and blows everyone away.


Name: Nug
From: Rage / Dreamboat

Top 5 LPs:
One more time - Blink 182
Life Under The Gun - Militarie Gun
The Love Still Held Me Near - City & Colour
No Joy - Spanish Love Songs
Still Love - Teenage Wrist

Top 5 EP/ 7inches:
Somewhere With You - Greenwood
In Bones - Hugs
Songs For The Willow - One Step Closer
Psychic Dance Routine - Scowl
Too Quick To Forgive - Balance and Composure

Top 5 AU Releases:
The World Don’t Owe You Anything - Luca Brasi
Sleep In The Garden - Highland Light
Our Place Amongst The Dirt - Amends
The Rock Band - jacob
Homelands Unplugged - Chasing Ghosts

Top 3 Demos:
Midday movies - Procession
Together Alone - Padre

Top 3 Shows:
Drug Church - Crowbar
No Pressure - The Newy
Spanish Love Songs - The Hamo

Highlight of 2023:
Writing music and playing gigs with my friends

Disappointment of 2023:
The referendum result

Predictions for 2024:
Title Fight reunion


The kings celebrated 30 years in 2023 

Name: Geoff ‘FlagBurner’ Davey
From: Persecutor/FlgBrnr Tattoo

Top 5 LPs:
JpegMafia/Danny Brown - “Scaring The Hoes”
Pain of Truth - “Not Through Blood”
Buggin - “Concrete Cowboys”
Grove Street - “Path Of Righteousness”
Zulu - “A New Tomorrow”

Top 5 EP/7"s
Hold My Own - “In My Way”
Krypt - “Krypt”
Doomsday - “Doomsday”
Crawling - “Make Believe”
Visions Of Morality - “Path To Divinity”

Top 5 AU releases:
Fever Shack - “Raw Doggin Reality”
Frame - “Social War”
Terminal Sleep - “Chapter 2: Elicit Fear”
Crave Death - “Die Slow”
Hacker - “Pick A Path”

Top 3 demos:
Into Nothing - “Into Nothing”
Cross Check - “Demo 2023”
Rule On You - “Deemo 2023”

Top 3 shows/tours:
Stomping On The State - Persecutor & Instance
Jesus Piece at Maxx Watts

I played them all, what are you gonna do? sue me for having heaps of fun with my friends?

Highlight of 2023:
Touring Brisbane with Instance was an absolute blast, blew my expectations out of the water! Brisbane has been real good to us and we can’t wait to come back and tear shit up!

Disappointment of 2023:
Shit c*nts, d-bags and tough guys still in the scene!
Y’all know what I’m talking about!

Predictions for 2024:
Some big releases and huge shows probably! Probs some tattoos I dunno I ain’t a fortune teller!


Name: Toby Young from Naarm (Melbourne, VIC)
From: Jazz Tiger

Top 5 LPs:
Boy Genius “The Record”
Duster “Remote Echoes”
Caroline Polachek “Desire, I Want To Turn Into You”
Horse Jumper of Love “Horse Jumper of Love”
The American Analog Set “For Forever”
Wild Nothing “Hold”

Top 5 EP/7”s:
Propaine “Salt”
Sun Run “Beach”
Boy Genius “The Rest”
Patter “Patter Theme 2”
Doris “Birthday Cards”

Top 5 AU Releases:
Deafcult “Future of Illusion”
The World at a Glance “The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede”
Propaine “Salt”
Snowy “Lip Reader”
Seagull “What Went Wrong”

Top 3 Demos:
Didn’t listen to any this year :(

Top 3 Show/Tours:
June of 44 with World Sick
Echo Bravo Festival (lol)
Propane, with Twine, Doris and Keratin

Highlight of 2023:
Andre 3000 releasing a flute album

Disappointment of 2023:
Missing out on Alex G tickets :(

Predictions for 2024:
Armlock, Twine and Plainer to release bangers


Phantasm released their "Conflict Reality" 7 inch this year.

Name: Darcy from Naarm (Melbourne, VIC)
From: Gil Cerrone & Super Hi-Tech

Top 5 LPs:
Liturgy - 93696
Laurel Halo - Atlas
Jeromes Dream - The Grey In Between
Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You
Lee Gamble - Models

Top 5 EP/7”s:
Verity Whisper/Guppy - Split EP
Trhä - av ◊ ë lajnt ◊ ë £ hinnem nihre
Jazz Tiger - No Future, No Prospects
Portrayal Of Guilt - Devil Music
Dream, Inertia - Ephemeral

Top 5 AU Releases:
Bract & Bayang Tha Bushranger - REDBRICKGOTHIK
Jazz Tiger - No Future, No Prospects
The World At A Glance - The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede
Jonnine Standish - Maritz
Teether & Kuya Neil - Stressor

Top 3 Shows/Tours:
Blind Girls at the Forum
Liturgy at Stay Gold
Soichi Terada and/or Four Tet at Golden Plains
bonus: Yamantaka Eye at Max Watts

Highlight of 2023:
Being allowed to record with the gods Simon Maisch and Chris Brownbill AGAIN, another year blessed with Bruno the dog

Disappointment of 2023:
Not enough dancing

Predictions for 2024:
HC style pits to recede, skramz style chest-tap and small claps to make a comeback


Name: Cale
From: Persecutor, Crawling, Shiny Coin

Top 5 LPs:
Narrowhead - Moments of Clarity
Gravesend - Gowanus Death Stomp
Fiddlehead - Death is Nothing to Us
Sanguisugabogg - Homicidal Ecstasy
Deliquesce - Cursed with Malevolence

Top 5 EPs:
Ingrown - Cold Steel
Militarie Gun - Very High/Never Fucked Up Once
Post Heaven - Watch the Framework as it Falls
High Vis - Forgot to Grow
Frame - Social War

Top 5 Aus Releases:
Threshold - Your Name/Smash Your Enemies
Judged By Twelve - Dead World/Weak Links
Algor Mortis - Welcome to Hell
The World at a Glance - The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede
Silurian - Reflections and Refractions

Top 3 demos:
Threshold demo
Near Death Experience demo
Forewarned demo

Top 3 shows/tours:
Lil Ugly Mane @ Max Watts
Fiddlehead @ Howler
Kruelty @ The Tote/Worker's Club

Highlight of 2023:
Anything Slim Guerilla did this year
Persecutor making punks feel uncomfortable
Algor Mortis Halloween show
Eating food
Lifting weights
Cuddling cats

Disappointment of 2023:
Not seeing Dying Wish
Sound people at shows being wankers
More Neo-Nazis feeling like they matter
Labor/Liberal (Always)

Predictions for 2024:
Real Dark Hardcore fest is gonna rule
A new Crawling record
A new Persecutor record

Name: Scott Mclatchie
From: The World At A Glance/VVARP/Alloxylon

Top 5 LPs:
1 Khanate - to be cruel
2 Bell Witch - Clandestine gate part 1
3 Baroness - STONE
4 Agriculture - Agriculture
5 Wayfarer - American Gothic

Top 5 EP/7"s
1 Trhä - §ºanΩë aglivajsamë cá nëlh¶iha i eddana pi¶e (Shuandlhë aglivajsamë cá nëlhqhiha i eddana piqhe)
2 Propaine - Salt
3 crawling - S/t
4.Jazz Tiger - No Future/No Prospects
5 Caustic Grip - Beneath The skin

Top 5 AU releases:
1.Too birds - Soul Of Too birds
2.Bract and Bayang Tha Bushranger - REDBRICKGOTHIK
3.Slow cut - in death is relief
4.Freezer - I do my part by not killing spiders
5.Class Traitor - Broken Energy Highway

Top 3 demos:
Didn’t really listen to a lot of demos. When I did they were black metal demos I completely have forgotten about now.

Top 3 shows/tours:
La Dispute/Blind Girls

Highlight of 2023:
Seeing my friends support huge bands and The World At A Glance finally releasing our album

Disappointment of 2023:
No Pg99 tour

Predictions for 2024:
Pg99, Jerome’s dream or an orchid tour. I swear to fucking god if it doesn’t happen I swear to fucking god.


Feels like a lifetime ago now, but One Step Closer also toured back in Feb of 2023. 

Name: AJ
From: Histamine

Speed Plans - “Statues of God”
Geld - “Currency // Castration”
Militarie Gun - “Life under the gun”
Spine - “Raíces
Quarantine - “Exile”

Crawl Space - Bullshit Unity
Alienator - World of Hate
Delco MF’s - March of the MF’s
K.O.S. - The True Disaster
Bloody Flag - EP

Enzyme - Golden Dystopian Age
Succ - Better Fucking Things To Do
Chrome Cell Torture - Laugh Then Lie
Compound - Demo





- NO


Name: Jordan Daniels
From: Gil Cerrone

Top 5 LPs:
Blut Aus Nord 'Disharmonium - Nahab'
Liturgy '93696'
Sanguisugabogg 'Homicidal Ecstasy'
New Forms 'As Dust Settles'
Geese '3D Country'

Top 5 EP/7"s
Trhä 'Av◊ëlajnt◊ë£ hinnem nihre'
Jazz Tiger 'No Future, No Prospects'
Trhä 'Rhejde qhaominvac tla aglhaonamëc'
Dream Inertia 'Ephemeral'
Portrayal of Guilt 'Devil Music'

Top 5 AU releases:
Blue Eyes White Dragon 'See You in Alaska 24-07-27'
Class Traitor 'Broken Energy Highway'
Isua 'Abandon'
The World at a Glance 'The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede'
Keratin 'Lack'

Top 3 demos:

Top 3 shows/tours:
Blind girls at the Forum
Mdou Moctar at Golden Plains
My friends' festival at a lake in the hills

Highlight of 2023:
Writing a stack of songs and recording two new releases.

Disappointment of 2023:
Another season of despair as a North Melbourne supporter.

Predictions for 2024:
International skramz resurgence. Blind Girls' new album hits No. 1 on the Billboard charts.


Thatcher's Snatch released a new EP "Whie Collar Man" with the title track drawing on some No Tag vibes. 

Name: Andy Kelly from Perth, WA
From: Loudmouth Records & Crosscheck

Top 5 LPs;
Fiddlehead - Death Is Nothing To Us
Never Ending Game - Outcry
Restraining Order - Locked In Time
MS Paint - Post-American
Buggin’ - Concrete Cowboys

Top 5 EP/7”;
Cold Steel - Deeper Into Greater Pain
Princess - Self Titled
Choice To Make - Nature Of Morality
Big Boy - Spring Promo 2023
High Vis - Society Exists/Stationhouse Demos

Top 5 AU Releases;
All Loudmouth Records releases +
Nervous - Ruined
J.O.Y - Fantasy
Frame - Social War
Heat - Two More When One Is Erased
Crave Death - Die Slow
+ more

Top 3 Demos;
Near Death Experience
+ more

Top 3 shows/tours;
Drain/Anxious @ Amps, Perth
Fiddlehead @ The Zoo, Brisbane
Entrapment/Crosscheck @ Vinnies, Southport + the rest of the Crosscheck tour

Highlight of 2023;
The amount of young people starting to consistently come to shows - this shit belongs to them. Also the girls on stage and in the pit are owning the dudes, prove me wrong, you can’t.

Disappointment of 2023;
The cost of living and corporate suits fucking over everyone and the effect it’s having on our community. And wars…fuck war, don’t support genocide.

Predictions for 2024;
The world implodes or Jesus “returns”.
As for the punk & hardcore world…more DIY, more youth, more fem, an endless supply of tours and local shows & someone invests a million bucks in Loudmouth please & thankyou.


Name: Bailey
From: Skirmisher

Top 5 LPs:
Profane Order- One Nightmare Unto Another
Marnie Stern- Comeback kid
Gudgeon- Gudgeon
Cory Hanson- Western Cum
Takeshi Kokubo- Music For a Cosmic Garden

Top 5 EP/7"s
World Peace- It Is Written
Satanic Togas- Digital World
DJ Lostboi- Music For Landings
Rabbit- Bardo
Smiling Broadly- Smiling Broadly

Top 5 AU releases:
Persecutor- Babylon's Ashes
Isua- Abandon
Bloodmouth- Carnist Industrial Complex
Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys- Possible Worlds
Choof- Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation

Top 3 demos:
Bogside Sniper Squadron
Vicious Instinct

Top 3 shows/tours:
Napalm Death

Highlight of 2023
Playing with Despise You at King Lears

Disappointment of 2023:
The new Street Soldier EP was kinda lame, too much nu metal and not enough beatdown, the last track Nonce Killaz (ULTIMATE ANNIHILATION) kicks ass though.

Predictions for 2024:
New album from Nails will absolutely tear up, super keen for that.


Name: Andy from Meanjin (Brisbane, QLD)
From: The Meat

Top 5 LPs:
Home Front - Games of Power
Belgrado - Intra Apogeum
Geld - Currency // Castration*
Illiterates - No Experts
Enzyme - Golden Dystopian Age*

Top 5 EP/7"s
Béton Armé - Second Souffle
J.O.Y - Fantasy*
Persecutor - Babylon’s Ashes*
Sick Thoughts - Born to Blitzkrieg
Phantasm - Conflict Reality*

Top 5 AU releases:
See above marked with *

Top 3 demos:
Backhand - Gentrification is Genocide

Top [5] shows/tours:
Rat Cage at Nambour Skate Park, 10/04/23
Sick People & Persecutor at King Lears Throne, 24/06/23
A Cold Day in BNE, 15/07/23
Electric Chair at Vinnie’s, 15/11/23
Masochist & Backhand at 4ZZZ Car Park, 03/11/23

Highlight of 2023:
Touring bands doing multiple shows in QLD.

Disappointment of 2023:
Constant threat to the survival of live venues.

Predictions for 2024:
Street punk resurgence.


Anxious made the journey over from the USA for the first time with Drain 

Name: Lance Sinclair from Meanjin (Brisbane, QLD)
From: Grieg

Top 5 lp’s
Spirit Possession “Of The Sign” (Profound Lore Records)
Lana Del Rey “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard” (Interscope
Gravesend “Gowanus Death Stomp” (20 Buck Spin)
Hijokaidan “Zōroku no Kibyō” reissue (Urashima)
Tetragrammacide “Typho-Tantric Aphorisms From The Arachneophidian Qur'an” (Iron
Bonehead Productions)

Top 5 ep’s
Qrixkuor “Zoetrope” (Invictus Productions)
Omegavortx/Pious Levus “From the Void Comes Paranormal Death” (Invictus Productions)
Vatican Shadow “Destroy chemical Weapons” (Hospital Productions)
Profane Order “One Nightmare Unto Another” (Nuclear War Now!)
Carcinoid “Encomium to Extinction” (Headsplit Records)

Top 5 Aus releases
Future Suck/Shove split (Wintergarden)
Oratory “Dark Void Ray” (Bad Habit Records)
Rawhead “Ever Deepening Wounds” (Suburban Slaughterhouse)
Schkeuditzer Kreuz “No Life Left (Bad Habit Records)
Longing Maw “Hope” (Gutter Prince Cabal)

Top 3 Demos
Allegory of Death “Demo” (Bandcamp)
Kuolevan Rukous “Demo 2023” (Bandcamp)
We Have Always Lived in the Castle “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” (Bandcamp)
Top 3 shows/tours
Idle Ruin lp launch

Highlight of 2023
“Infinity Pool” directed by Brandon Cronenberg

Disappointment of 2023
Fuck disappointments, let’s keep carving out the world we want.

Prediction for 2024
More of the same, amplified weaponized and enhanced.


Name: Josh S
From: Gil Cerrone/Keratin/Jazz Tiger

Top 5 LP’s:
Oneohtrix Point Never - Again
Portrayal Of Guilt - Devil Music
Agriculture - Agriculture
Ostraca - Disaster
Slowdive - Everything Is Alive
Billy Woods - Maps

Top 5 AU releases:
EXEX - The Map and the Territory
RMFC - Club Hits
Propaine - Salt
Jonnine Standish - Maritz
The World At A Glance - The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede

Top 5 EP’s/7”s
R.A.P. Ferreira - Asiatique Black Wizard Lily Funk
Bedlocked/Teethe - split 7”
Chat Pile / Nerver - Split EP
Freezer - I do my part by not killing spiders
Sun Run - Beach

Top 5 Shows:
June of 44 @ the Evelyn
Deafheaven @ Max Watts
Kraftwerk @ Margaret Court Arena
Modest Mouse @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl
Blind Girls @ the Forum

Highlight of 2023:
Brisbane Lions making the granny

Disappointment of 2023:
Brisbane Lions losing the granny to fkn Collingwood by 4 points.

Predictions for 2024
Brisbane Lions winning da Granny.
The Cure finally putting out “Songs of a Lost World” that Robert Smith been talking up for years, it gonna be stupidly fkn good!


R.U.B releaased their debut EP this year too

Name: John Mercer
From: Grieg

Top 5 lps:
1 - Choof - ‘Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation’
2 - Deafcult- ‘Future Of Illusion’
3 - Hebephrenique - ‘Non Compos Mentis’
4 - Seja - ‘Here is one I know you know’
5 - Cannibal Corpse - ‘Chaos Horrific’

Top 5 Ep/7’s:
1 - Resin Tomb - ‘Unconsecrated/Ascendancy’
2 - Biolysis - ‘Ctrl Cult Delete’
3 - Cavalera - ‘Bestial Devestation’ re-recorded ep
4 - Oratory - ‘Inner Pyer’ this was favourite demo last year, now released this year on a 7’
5 - Full of Hell & Primitive Man - ‘Suffocating Hallucination’

Top 5 Au releases:
A lot of the top 5’s have been mentioned above but some other notable Oz releases this year are;
1 - Hot Magnets - ‘Outake Intake’
2 - The Meat/Skirmisher - ‘Split’
3 - Post Truth - ‘Dark Circles’
4 - Nam Shub of Enki - ‘Dunning Kruger’
5 - Lurid Orb - ‘Folded Visions’

Top 3 Demos
Not sure how many demos I got this year. But some bands I saw for the first time this year that I was stoked on are;
1 - Old Home
2 - Deceased Estates
3 - Whoroborus

Top 3 shows/Tours
1 - Wormrot
2 - Mayhem
3 - Turnpike at TG10

Highlight of 2023
Finally seeing Wormrot live

Disappointment of 2023
Post Truth breaking up

Predictions for 2024
Hopefully an album from either the Vestiges or Lumens (both would be amazing)


Name: Tom McEwen
From: Idle Threat

Top 5 LPs:
- Taylor Swift – Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) & 1989 (Taylor’s Version)
- Samiam – Stowaway
- Drain – Living Proof
- Frozen Soul – Glacial Domination
- Planet On A Chain – Boxed In

Top 5 EP/7”s:
- Entrapment – Tempers Flare
- Fugitive – Blast Furnace
- Sun Run – Beach
- J.O.Y. - Fantasy
- Dead Heat – Endless Torment

Top 5 AU releases:
- Hard Ons – Ripper
- COFFIN – Australia Stops
- Civic – Taken By Force
- Deafcult – Future of Illusion
- Private Function - 370HSSV 0773H

Top 3 demos:
- Compound

Top 3 shows/tours:
- Weyes Blood @ Sydney Opera House
- Mindsnare @ Crowbar
- A Wilhelm Scream @ La La Las

Highlight of 2023:
So many! Time spent with the family, watching my kid grow and getting away for a few trips. Time with friends and getting to play some amazing shows. Anytime we walked into Vinnies. Starting a new job

Disappointment of 2023:
Cost of living, lack of time during the day and dealing with idiots. This year was pretty positive though.

Predictions for 2024:
Hardcore will continue to grow. My knees will get worse. More and more great records will come out. As with every year, stage dives will continue to be the best fun.






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