Welcome to our annual end of year wrap up, as we celebrate 2016, the year that was. Hard to believe another year has slipped by so fast. 2016 was a busy year in the realms of local and international punk/hardcore. A lot of new bands turned some heads by putting out some awesome debuts and demo releases.

Below is what we thought we're the most impressive releases of 2016. You may or may not agree with our selections and comparisons or those of the other people featured, but by all means do yourself a favour and click play on anything you've never heard before, as variety is the spice of life. You might just find your new favourite band while you're at it...

***We also use the categories Hardcore and Punk pretty loosely. Maybe read or interpret them as maybe Heavy and Not So Heavy.

Without any further ado...






WORLD VIEW - Waking Up (Last Ride Records)
Debut 5 song 7inch from this melodic hardcore band from Adelaide who mix the sound of the old, aka Turning Point with the new, aka Title Fight. Kind of like blending together youth crew with shoe gaze, with hardcore being the more dominant ingredient. This release is instantly likeable and a slow grower at the same time, with enough variety to entice the shortest of attention spans.


CURSED EARTH - Enslaved By The Insignificant (Holy Roar Records)
Planet Perth has been churning out some really evil metal core bands of late,that are all about the riffs over the breakdowns and Cursed Earth are easily the leaders of the game. Rumours abound their next release will be on perhaps the biggest metal label in the world. Think Entombed meets Mindsnare.


REBIRTH - Crucible (Life Lair Regret)
After a few 7" releases the long awaited debut full length from this socially aware Melbourne band dropped. Rebirth lean towards the late 90s hardcore sound of bands like early Morning Again and Trial, and are not afraid to mix metal sounds with hardcore ethics.


CRISIS ALERT - Internal Conflict (Resist Records)
Just like the first Crisis Alert 7 inch, this one is over before it began, as it blasts through 10 new tracks of traditional flat out DC hardcore aka Minor Threat, SOA and Void. This band can do no wrong and are really unparalleled in this country.



SNAKEPIT - Losing Grip (Self Released)
Five years ago Canberra’s Snakepit released one hell of a demo. Now they finally return with a new frontman and deliver 5 tracks of fast melodic hardcore like early Miles Away. Hopefully they become a lot more productive again, because this is great.


DRIVEN FEAR - Freethinker (Pee Records)
Five years on since they released ‘Contender”, Brisbane’s Driven Fear return with 12 new tracks of Comeback Kid / Good Riddance inspired melodic hardcore, that is both catchy and thoughtful at the same time.


PERPETRATOR - Cursed (Self Released)
Debut EP from this new Brisbane band. Four hard, heavy, fast and really polished tracks on offer in the vein of Trapped Under Ice, Harm’s Way or Hitlist. Great first effort and huge potential for future releases ahead.


MOOD SWING / THE OTHERS - Split 7” (Last Ride Records / Shaman Records)
East meets West on this split label release. Perth band The Others open things up with their fast paced melodic take on hardcore, while Sydney’s Mood Swing counterpunch with their brand of heavier and harder NYHC influenced hardcore.


HOSTILE OBJECTS - Negative Space (Arrest Records)
After a string of 7 inch releases Hostile Objects deliver their debut full length of raging hardcore punk that sits somewhere between Poison Idea and the Accused in sound. Abrasive, angry and powerfully raw, yet spiced with plenty of variety in songwriting structure.


LEVEL - Ignorance Is This (Resist Records)
Adelaide’s Level bolster’s two former Day Of Contempt members, two Reactions members and Pete from No Apologies on vocals. Five short and sharp, groove laden, heavy hardcore tracks on offer here.






FEAR LIKE US - Succour (Poison City Records)
Long, long wait between releases that felt like a decade but was only a mere 9 years. This second LP showcases a collection of folk punk anthems paired with the unmistakable sound of Jamie Hay's soothing vocal. Worth the wait.


VIOLENT SOHO - Waco (Oh You Records)
Following up the brilliance of "Hungry Ghost" was never going to be easy. This new album takes a bit more digesting with a few less hooks on offer, but is still a great listen and a definite grower.



FLOUR - There She Goes (Poison City Records)
They may have lost Paul from Batpiss as a frontman, but this hasn't slowed Flour's progress any. "There She Goes" is a modern day classic punk rock anthem.


CERES - Drag it Down On You (Cooking Vinyl)
Second 14 song full length from this Melbourne quartet shows a further maturation of songwriting as they solidify their own emo rock sound as they balance both happiness and sad face at the same time.


LUCA BRASI - If This Is All We’re Going To Be (Poison City Records)

Tasmania's finest musical export continues to grow in leaps and bounds and it's no wonder with a record like this either. Great to see radio stations finally figuring it out too.


TROPHY EYES - Chemical Miracle (Hopeless Records)

The second full length from this Newcastle pop punk ensemble easily lives up to the high standard set by previous album, “Mend, Move On”.


BARRIERS - S/T (Self Released)
Debut EP from new Sydney band made up of members of Vigilante, Boneless and Last Nerve that is totally not hardcore at all and more of a classic Eno vibe all Sunny Day Real Estate.


CAMP COPE - S/T (Poison City Records)

Debut full length from this Melbourne three piece that are filling the void left by the departure of Like Alaska with their socially conscious brand of indie rock.


PITT THE ELDER - Radio Silence (Arrest Records)

Fourteen new melodic pop punk numbers, make up the second full length from this Melbourne band who really remind me of Tilt.


THE NATION BLUE - Black / Blue (Poison City Records)

Their first material in seven years is not one, but two new albums. Black is what you’ve come to expect from the Nation Blue, angry, raw and unpredictable. Blue is perhaps a bit mellower and more rhythmic. Both are a reminder of how great this band is. 






FEARLESS - Demo (Seventh Day Records)
So great to hear melodic youth crew coming out of Australia again. Think The First Step, Count Me Out or Gorilla Biscuits.


CRUSH THE DEMONIAC - Demonstration Tape (Life Lair Regret)
As if the title and artwork wasn't enough of a hint, then this reincarnated Melbourne band obviously worships the Cro Mags.


SHIV - Demo (Fartpiss Records)
Raw Melbourne hardcore punk band playing a stripped back style. Think Oily Boys or Gutter Gods.


LIFE DEBT - Demo 2016 (Second Guess)
Melbourne band that is heavily influenced by NYHC by members of Sick Machine. Think Straight Ahead and Warzone.


RAGE - Vol 1 The Sex Tape (Second Guess)
New Newcastle/Central Coast band featuring members of Choke and Hurt Unit playing a play UK inspired hardcore style. Think Violent Reaction and The Flex.




HARLEY FLANAGAN - Hard Core : Life Of My Own (Feral House)
As if a book by one of the most controversial figures in the history wasn't going to be a good read? Drumming for The Stimulators at CBGBS at the age of 11, playing bass for the CRO MAGS, living on the streets of the LES. Plenty of dirt is dished and no it isn't all written in caps lock.


KEITH MORRIS - My Damage: The Story Of A Punk Rock Survivor (Da Capo Press)
LA punk icon Keith Morris has pretty much scene it all. From his homeless couch surfing days, scrounging for change to get loaded to his painful journey to sobriety. As if a book about the guy fronting BLACK FLAG, CIRCLE JERKS, OFF! won't be an intriguing and entertaining read.


NOFX - The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories (Da Capo Press)
Very confronting, honest and yet entertaining read from NOFX. Regardless of your opinion of the band, after reading this it will have drastically changed and probably not for the better. Some cool old 80s LA punk stories mixed in with some fucked up tales of drug addiction and plain stupidity along with a rough history of NOFX.  




A FAT WRECK: The Punkumentary
To coincide with the 25th anniversary of Fat Wreck Chords, this documentary looks at the label’s history mainly focusing on the first wave of bands that established the label, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Strung Out and of course NOFX. Some great insights and stories into the label’s success and daily operation by Fat Mike and former wife Erin.


GIMME DANGER: The Story of The Stooges
Iggy Pop recounts the history of the iconic Stooges and the impact the band had on the state of music at the time. Coupled with some archival footage, Iggy explains how the band came to be and their influences. Somehow Iggy is the only member of the Stooges still alive when he clearly should have been the first to pass.


EIGHT DAYS A WEEK: The Touring Years of The Beatles
Could the Beatles have been the first punk band ever? Did you know they turned their back on playing live after touring the world nonstop for the first four years of their existence? That’s pretty punk. This documentary is amazing for a real taste of what “Beatlemania” really was and the four kids who turned the world of music upside down. The photos and footage will simply blow you away, even includes footage of their Australian visit in 1964.




WARZONE - Don’t Forget The Struggle, Don’t Forget The Streets (Revelation Records)
This NYHC classic is given the deluxe gatefold treatment with a ton of never seen before photos and liner notes from Luke Abbey.


RAZAR - Stamp Out Disco / Taskforce (LCMR)
Classic reissue of the debut 7 inch from this iconic Brisbane punk band that is rarer than hen’s teeth to find. Even the stapled covers aesthetic is maintained. Also comes with a poster and photo of the band.


VICIOUS CIRCLE - Price Of Progress / Reflections (Power It Up)
The Australian Hardcore History reissues by German grind label Power It Up are primo top shelf efforts. The first cab off the rank is the first two Vicious Circle Reactor Records releases complete with expanded liner notes and artwork.






PRAISE - Leave It All Behind (React)
Praise improve out of sight with every release and they may just have reached perfection with this EP of melodic anthems. Like the perfect DC revolution summer mix of Embrace, Ignition and Dag Nasty.

Harley is back, he's still bitter and this makes for one really great, and really pissed off record. Easily the best thing any Cro Mag has done since the Age Of Quarrel.

RED HARE - Lexicon Devil (Dischord)
If you haven't checked out Red Hare yet this is a great intro. Basically the lineup of Swiz deliver two new songs and a Lungfish cover. Could easily be a new Swiz record. That good.

MIZERY - Absolute Light (Flatspot Records)
Mizery follow up their awesome 7 inch with a full length effort that is somewhat of a cross between Crown Of Thornz, (ATL era) Anthrax and the Cro Mags. Groovy!

IGNITE - A War Against You (Century Media)
Once you get passed how ridiculously over produced this record is, you find a collection of some brilliantly written and orchestrated tracks topped off by Zoli's unique Bruce Dickinson like vocal range.

NAILS - You Will Never Be One Of Us (Nuclear Blast)
New collection of bottled up rage that was looking like their final recording at one point. This is exactly the kind of soundtrack that will encourage you to stab that annoying coworker in the eye with the closest pen.

FURYParamount - (Triple B)
Fury deliver one hell of a debut full length that sounds like Orange County Hardcore, where they hail from meets New York Hardcore, where they obviously worship. Think Youth Of Today meets Insted with a fraction of the positivity.

TURNSTILE - Move Thru Me (Pop Wig)
New four track EP from Turnstile that heads even further down the melodic path than their LP. Includes a GIVE cover to hopefully help the kids wise up to what's good.

G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day Of Revenge (Total Negativity / Nervous Nelly)
Sadly what is now the final release from this furious five that reminds me somewhat of early American Nightmare mixed with Minor Threat. The sort of band that makes you so jealous, you write something stupid on Twitter and get booted from your record label in a whirr.

ANGEL DUST - Rock The Fuck On Forever (Pop Wig)
Second full length of melodic power from this band made up of Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice members that melds together the sound of Bad Brains, early Suicidal and H2O somehow.






DESCENDENTS - Hypercaffum Spazzinate (Epitaph)
21 new tracks from the kings of pop punk that picks up where "Cool To Be You" left off. Milo's delivery still sounds amazing and easily the best voice in punk rock. The bonus EP tracks are some of their finest on this outing.

MANIC SHEEP - Brooklyn (Self Released)
Taiwanese female fronted shoe gaze has never sounded this good. Give this a chance, you'll be pleasantly surprised. I discovered this by accident and couldn't be happier about doing so.

BOB MOULD - Patch The Sky (Merge Records)
The voice behind the iconic Husker DU and Sugar returns with a new solo record that is nothing short of brilliant, maybe even better than the past two. Bob can write a song. All hail Bob.

FACE TO FACE - Protection (Fat Wreck Chords)
Let's not beat around the bush here, the last Face to Face record "Three Chords and a Half Truth" was a pile of shit. This record sounds more like what you wanted to hear. A return to the classic self titled or "Big Choice" sound.

NOTHING - Tired of Tomorrow (Relapse)
Moody, atmospheric second album from Nothing fuses together their blend of shoe gaze metal, that gels surpassingly well given the descriptive genres just used. Touring Australia soon too. I wonder if they'll stare at their shoes live?

JOYCE MANOR - Cody (Epitaph)
The fourth album from Joyce Manor sees a continuation of their happy go lucky poppy punky tunes, ala the likes of what one might expect from Jawbreaker. Is it just me or have they started to mellow out a touch? Could be the polished production perhaps?

BASEMENT - Promise Everything (Run For Cover)
Comeback album serves as their third full length after the band's brief hiatus. Not much has changed in terms of sound and style, but a more mature songwriting approach has definitely developed.

JOHN K SAMSON -Winter Wheat (Anti)
Former member of Propagandhi and the Weakerthans delivers a really cool, catchy and mellow record. John still sounds quirky and awkward, but his is a voice so unique, it's reassuringly soothing.

DAG NASTY - Cold Heart (Dischord)
The original Dag Nasty lineup, back together again with Shawn Brown of Swiz fame on vocals. Two new tracks that aren't exactly reminiscent of "Can I Say" but are still great.

PEARS - Green Star (Fat Wreck Chords)
PEARS are not what you’d call your average Fat band. While PEARS do have catchy melodic punk moments they also mix it up with some raw hardcore and even the odd bit of blast beat drumming. Something for everyone on offer.



So enough of what we thought were the highlights of 2016, below is a collection of what a bunch of people from around the country, from all walks of life made of 2016...
Thanks again to everyone who participated.



Top 10 Releases of 2016?

Top 10 Albums:

Fury – Paramount
Creative Adult – Fear Of Life
Basement – Promise Everything
Praise – Leave It All Behind
Culture Abuse – Peach
Criminal Instinct – Zone 6 Music
Angel Du$t – Rock The Fuck On Forever
Omegas – Power To Exist
Mizery – Absolute Light
Newmoon - Space

Top 10 7"s/EP’s:

World View – Waking Up
Glory – The 12”
Endless Heights – Pray I Fade
Lock – The Cycle
Self Defense Family – Superior
Red Death – Deterrence
Turnover – Humblest Pleasures b/w Change Irreversible
Soft Grip – Devil Plays Nowhere
Stand Off – Behind The Wire
Free At Last – Embrace You

Top 10 Demos/Tapes:

Countdown – Demo
Facile – Demo 2016
True Vision – Against The Grain Promo
Primitive Blast – Two Song Promo
Krimewatch – Demo 2016
Culture Shock – The Bends Demo
Warfare – Demo 2016
Crush The Demoniac – Demonstration Tape 2016
Abuse Of Power – Demo 2016
Unified Right – LP Promo Tape

Favourite reissue?

Breakdown "87 Demo" LP on Painkiller/540 looks cool as hell. Also although I haven’t picked it up yet, the Warzone – "Don’t Forget The Struggle, Don’t Forget The Streets" LP on Revelation as well. Happy that I will be able to get a copy of that record now at an affordable price.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?

Now, Now – “Threads" LP. I’ve had this record sitting in my iTunes now for a while, but for some reason didn’t get around to listening to it until this year. After the first play I listened to it a few times in a row, and then consistently since then. It’s exactly what I wanted out of a record of that style.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Basement/Turnover/Break Even – The Factory Theatre, Sydney
The Others/Mood Swing/Unravel/Bikini Cops/Facile – Amplifier, Perth
Life.Love.Regret/Horror Business/Ill Natured/Rage – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Biggest Disappointment?

The Knights only winning one game and coming dead last. The lack of new bands being started in Newcastle, hopefully a few more will pop up in 2017 and make things a bit more interesting. Drone shutting down and leaving Newcastle without an all ages venue again. The Hazards LP still not being released.

New Year's Resolution?

I don’t think I’ve ever really made a New Year’s Resolution, but I’m gonna go with playing guitar more. Hopefully do that and write a few records and see what I can do with those.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?

Ill Natured releasing our LP and world domination once that’s out. Releasing the Primitive Blast 7" through Last Ride. Finally getting this new band I’ve been working on up and running.

Prediction for 2017?

Things will start to pick up again with Cursed Earth, Ill Natured, Legions, Reactions, Endless Heights, Burning Season (and others I’m probably forgetting all releasing LP’s) which in turn will hopefully start to generate interest again and will bring everything up.



James Nester - UNRAVEL, DENIAL                                                                     PHOTO BY NICOLE GOODWIN


Top 10 Releases of 2016?

Devotion – Headspace Astronaut

Homewrecker – Extinction By Design

Oathbreaker – Rheia

Renounced – Theories Of Despair

Rebirth – Cruicible

Hierophant – Mass Grave

Venom Prison – Animus

Skepta – Konnichiwa

Full Of Hell – Amber Mote In The Black Vault

Cursed Earth – Enslaved By The Insignificant

Favourite reissue?

The Cannibal Corpse reissues that Metal Blade did. (Eaten Back To Life, Butchered At Birth, Tomb Of The Mutilated, The Bleeding and Vile)

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?

Timebomb – The Full Wrath Of The Slave

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?


Weedeater and Conan

Foundation tour

Biggest Disappointment?

New Gatecreeper. Should have been faster.

New Year's Resolution?

Riff harder and faster.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?

Planet Perth fest and more new bands in Perth.

Prediction for 2017?

Code Orange - Forever will be cool,  Higher Power LP is going to be wild, windmills will be done and heads will bang. Unravel will be getting busy/busier



Luke Dolan - LIFE LOVE REGRET, WHITE MALE DUMBINANCE                    Photo by Shane Quill

Top 10 Releases of 2016?

Camp Cope S/T LP - goosebumps, every time.
Dag Nasty 7" "Cold Heart / Wanting Nothing" 7"- the triumphant return of DC's finest.
Descendents "Hypercaffium Spazzinate" LP - the triumphant return of melodic punk's GOAT.
A.B Original "Reclaim Australia" LP - 100% backed.
Red Hare "Lexicon Mist" 7"- more Shawn Brown goodness.
Done Dying "We Dream Or We Die" LP - No frills angry dad hardcore. Dan O Mahoney fanboy right here.
Ringworm "Snake Church" LP - Clevo brutality. If it ain't broke...
Big Eyes "Stake My Claim" LP - I like this band, quite a lot. Punkish power pop with dope female vocals.
A Tribe Called Quest "We Got It From Here.. Thank You 4 Your Service" LP- "We The People" is the best hip hop song in a minute.
World Be Free "The Anti-Circle" LP - Imagine if Civ or Pat Dubar sang on this!?.. at least Vogel steps outside his box and gives it a crack.

Favourite reissue?
Beyond "Dew It! / Live Crucial Chaos WNYU" LP on Revelation
The Faction 12"s on Beer City

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Gold Class “Ït's You" LP- Missed this last year. Moody post punk ala Joy Division from Melbourne that completely blows my skirt up.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Morrissey @ The Civic Theatre, Newcastle
Life.Love.Regret / Horror Business / Ill Natured / Rage @ The Cambridge
Stones Throw 20th Anniversary Jam @ The Manning Bar w/ Egyptian Lover, Peanut Butter Wolf, etc.

Biggest Disappointment?
The new Burn 7" was pretty awful and the new De La Soul album was a total fizzer.

New Year's Resolution?
To avoid hitting triple fucking figures on the scales!

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
Descendents @ The Enmore in February.

Prediction for 2017?
I will get whipped in the eye at least once by a WGWD (white guy with dreadlocks) at said Descendents show.

Jesse Bunce

Jesse Bunce - WORLD VIEW                                                                                Photo by Nicole Goodwin

Top 10 Releases of 2016?

It's impossible to do a top ten for everything, so I'll put my top ten hardcore releases of the year. In no order:

Profile - Watch You Disappear
Glory - The 12"
Take Control - Self Titled
Corrective Measure - Self Titled
Higher Power - LP Promos
Response - Stand Strong
The Others/Mood Swing - Split
Stand Off - Behind The Wire
Soft Grip - Devil Plays Nowhere
Lost Souls - Get Lost

Favourite reissue?
Couldn't name one.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Paincave Sessions by Protester.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
I had a lot of fun playing with Turnstile and Expire.

Biggest Disappointment?
Adelaide's hardcore scene.

New Year's Resolution?
To play more than two shows.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
The Chiefs winning the Superbowl

Prediction for 2017?
The Chiefs won't win the Superbowl.


Top 10 Releases of 2016? (in no particular order)

Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost
Violent Soho - Waco
NYC Head Hunters - The Rage Of The City 7”
Fury - Paramount
True Love - Heaven’s Too Good For Us
Hoodlum Shouts - Heat Island LP
Sect - Self Titled
Every Time I Die - Low Teens
Nails - You Will Never Be One Of Us
Joyce Manor - Cody

Favourite reissue?
So many great reissues this year. Hard to decide between Warzone “Don’t Forget The Struggle..”, Beyond “No Longer At Ease” and Beastie Boys “Licensed To Ill"

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Julien Baker “Sprained Ankle"

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Cursed Earth at Hardcore 2016
Julien Baker at Newtown Social Club
Parkway Drive at Brixton Academy

Biggest Disappointment?
Souths 9 game losing streak.

New Year's Resolution?
To be more active in all aspects of life.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
Working on so many new releases from bands releasing their debut album as well as established bands releasing new music. And for the NRL season to start.

Prediction for 2017?
Souths to return to the NRL finals. Music related - ARIA to scrap the Heavy Metal / Hard Rock category due to disgruntled bands not winning.



Top 10 Releases of 2016?


Rebirth – Crucible

Fury – Paramount

Renounced – Theories of Despair

Praise – Leave It All Behind

Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues


Unravel – Final Dawn

Manhunt – Permanent Pain

Heavy Breather – Revenger 

The Others/Mood Swing - Split

xRepentancex - Cleansing 

Masochist - Malevolent


Crush the Demoniac - Demonstration Tape

Fearless – Demo 2016 

Life Debt – Demo 2016 

Culture Shock – The Bends Demo 

Ringer – Demo 2016 

Firm Standing Law - Demo

Honorable mentions: The Starvation final 7”, Crisis Alert – Internal Conflict, World View – Waking Up, Abuse of Power – S/T

Favourite reissue?

Break Down – The 87 Demo

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?

I didn’t “discover” anything this year worth mentioning but I “revisited” Best Wishes and The Age of Quarrel because I read the Harley Flanagan book and that was sick.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Foundation @ Bluestone Church in Melbourne w/ 50 Lions, Rebirth, Frozen Over, xLairx, Blinded

The legal capacity for the venue is 100people but we got 200+ people through the door so it was massive, every single band had people dancing and having fun. It was the best show of the Foundation Australian tour and possibly the best show of the year. 

Tirade/Mt Zero @ Essendon Squat 

This was one of the craziest shows I’ve ever been to. If you never went to Esso (rip) the band room was on the second story of the squat and during Tirade you could feel the floor bouncing beneath you, the room was packed so full that people were lining the hall way trying to get in and everyone was falling on top of each other. 

Lairapalooza 2016 @ 303 & Phoenix YC

Considering everything that could possible go wrong, went wrong; including bands pulling out last minute, a bomb threat in the city which had all trains on lock down aka people who were catching public transport couldn’t get to the venues, one band member having a stroke a few days before the show, the bad weather and more things I can’t remember now haha – it was one of the funniest weekends of the year. 16 bands over 3 days, heaps of people and good food. 

Biggest Disappointment?

Entitled people in hardcore demanding door spots, sneaking into shows and thinking everyone owes them the world. 

New Year's Resolution?

Stop supporting bands that don’t deserve it.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?

New releases from Unravel and Rebirth.

Prediction for 2017?

Perth Hardcore will continue to dominate the rest of the country, some labels will call it quits due to lack of bands to release and all age shows will become few and far between.


Jerrod Watzinger - SNAKEPIT                                                                              Photo by Wasted Years

Top 10 Releases of 2016?
(In no order)
Cursed Earth - Enslaved by the Insignificant
Expire - With Regret
Knocked Loose - Laugh Track
Nails - You Will Never Be One Of Us
Xile - Grafton EP
Too Late - Too Late
Heaven Shall Burn - Wanderer
Exhibitors - Forever Loved, Forever Forgotten
Raised Fist - From The North
Trophy Eyes - Chemical Miracle.

Favourite reissue?
Didn't have one.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Knocked Loose - Pop culture EP.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Graves, Monster tour with supports.
(Solid support line up).
Raised Fist, From the North tour.
(Such a good band live to watch. *jump kicks*)
(Good new band from Singapore.)

Biggest Disappointment?
NOFX - First Ditch Effort.

New Year's Resolution?
Go to more shows.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?

Prediction for 2017?
Original MISFITS line up Australian tour.


Brett Eitzen - OUTRIGHT

Top 10 Releases of 2016?

Mortality Rate - Sleep Deprivation
Gouge Away - , Dies
Magrudergrind - II
Angel Du$t - Rock the Fuck On Forever
Oathbreaker - Rheia
A.B. Original - Reclaim Australia
Juliette Seizure and the Tremor Dolls - Chewing Out Your Rhythm On My Bubble Gum
Extinct Exist - Cursed Earth
Rebirth - Crucible
Camp Cope - Camp Cope

Other rippers (that I tried to squeeze in)!
Russian Circles - Guidance
Fear Like Us - Succour
Ringworm - Snake Church

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Hiatus Kaiyote: Tawk Tomahawk & Choose Your Weapon

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Mindsnare: Dec 2016 @ Bendigo Hotel
Erica Freas / Camp Cope: March 2016 @ Dane's Magic Shop
Magrudergrind/Shackles/Sick Machine: August 2016 @ Phoenix (and Hot Shots)

Biggest Disappointment?
Having men in hardcore/punk still say things like "I'm just not into 'girl' bands/chick's vocals" as if genitalia or gender identity has anything to do with creating shredding music. It's unfortunate when we can't see the ingrained sexism in the comments we make, and the impact it can have on women who may be wanting to start a band.

New Year's Resolution?
Working for inclusivity, safety and representation in every way I can. I grew up feeling like the hardcore punk scene was a place that was accepting of everyone, but I realized only afterwards that people who are not cis-male, straight or white, have often had very different experiences to me, and have not always felt as welcome in the scene, and we need to be better at supporting, encouraging and celebrating each other's differences, and challenging attitudes that threaten this.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
Playing live again....it's been way too long. Going to Hawaii to hang with awesome mates, watch some get married and scuba dive.
Oh, and the Removalist LP. It's soooo fucking good!

Prediction for 2017?
The Removalist LP will be in my top 10 for 2017.



Top 10 Releases
In no order

Face To Face- Protection
G.L.O.S.S- Trans Day Of Revenge
Tegan & Sara- Love You To Death
Culture Abuse- Peach
Rebirth- Crucible
Praise- Leave It All Behind
Unravel- Final Dawn
Santigold- 99 Cents
Pears- Green Star
Fury- Paramount

Favourite reissue?
Shelter-Mantra & face to face re-issues

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Adhesive- From Left To Right (Listened to this album more in 2016 than in the 90's. Underrated 90's Punk Rock Band from Sweden)

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Strung Out @ The Corner playing Twisted By Design in full
Tegan & Sara @ 170 Russell St
Rebirth record release @ The Reverence

Biggest Disappointment?
Bouncing Souls-Simplicity

New Year's Resolution?
Have a Holiday and buy more records

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
My son turning 2 and getting to more shows than I did in 2016

Prediction for 2017?
One Life Crew release a 7" titled "Make America Great Again"



Matt “Footy” Horvath - CRISIS ALERT, CLARITY RECORDS                             Photo by Nicole Goodwin

Top 10 Releases of 2016?
This year (in my mind) was not the best year for releases for what I like.
The best LP of 2016:
1. Diiv "Is The Is Are"
other 9 LPs I enjoyed in no particular order:
Bon Iver "22, A Million"
Nails "You Will Never Be One Of Us"
King Gizzard "Nonagon Infinity" (best metal album of 2016)
Explosions In the Sky "The Wilderness"
Angel Du$t "Rock the Fuck on Forever"
American Football "American Football II"
No Tolerance "You Walk Alone"
Badbadnotgood "IV"
Descendents "Hypercaffium Spazzinate" (reluctantly)

The best 7" for 2016:
West Thebarton Brothel Party "Red Or White / Dolewave" 7"

Favourite reissue?
PIL "Metal Box"

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "I Learned The Hard Way" (2010). I have always liked Sharon Jones but when this came out I didn't listen to it much. I put it on after she died and I am hooked.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Unravel @ Lairapaloza
Frenzal Rhomb @ The Gov
West Thebarton Brothel Party 7" launch @ Jive

Biggest Disappointment?
The Adelaide Crows finish to season 2016
The new Nick Cave album

New Year's Resolution?
Buy up big records wise when I am in Japan in June
Play my best season of footy, not get injured

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
Watching my little girl grow and spending more time with her.
The records that I don't yet own, that i will own in 2017

Prediction for 2017?
I will be left disappointed and heartbroken again at the end of the footy season


Joel Attenborough - TAKING SIDES, STONE AGE

Top 10 Releases of 2016?
In No Order

Blink 182 - California
Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate
NOFX - Firth Ditch Effort
Barriers - Barriers
Face to Face - Protection
Dangers - The Break and the Bend
We Set Sail - Feel Nothing
Crisis Alert - Internal Conflict
G.L.O.S.S - Trans Day of Revenge
The Kyle Gass Band - Thundering Heard

Favourite reissue?
Face to Face : Dont Turn Away//Big Choice//Face to Face

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
The All Brights - ... Are Wild for the night
Released last year, fronted by Dave Hause (the loved ones/paint it black), with Sean Sellers from Good Riddance on Drums.
When a 'Joke band' release actually gets it right.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Transplants/Snoop Dog - Mus-Ink, The OC Fair Grounds
Tim Barry - The Echoplex
Henry Rollins - Slide Show - The Opera House

Biggest Disappointment?
I decided to leave any political stuff out of this question, because someone will express it, with way more passion and articulate it better than I ever could.
G.L.O.S.S breaking up
Last Nerve still not getting back together.

New Year's Resolution?
To stick with the podcasts I'm starting (www.myagepodcast.com)
To start the podcast with Simon Walker, about our love of 90's epi/fat punk rock

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
The above to mentioned podcasts
Taking Sides show at the Red Rattler
Stone Age doing things, at a turtles pace

Prediction for 2017?
New young bands will come along and get people stoked on Australian hardcore bands. Just like in 2016, just like in 2006, just like in 1996.


James X Hutchins - REBIRTH, BROKEN, BLINDED                                        Photo by Nicole Goodwin

Top 10 Releases of 2016?
(In no order)

Angel Du$t - Rock The Fuck On Forever
Architects - All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
Deftones - Gore
God's Hate - Mass Murder
King Nine - The Art of War 7"
Mizery - Absolute Light
Renounced - Theories Of Despair
Touche Amore - Stage Four
Unravel - Final Dawn 7"
World View - Waking Up 7"

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Axis - Show Your Greed. Never got around to listening to it last year but i started the year off listening to it non stop, it's psycho.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
3 Best tours:
Turnstile Tour
Foundation Tour
Angel Du$t Tour

5 Best shows (Can't chose just 3):
Foundation Melbourne 18+ Show
Foundation Melbourne AA Show
Turnstile Melbourne 18+ Show
Rebirth Perth 18+ Show
Rort Melbourne last Show

Biggest Disappointment?:
More reunions and more movie reboots.

New Year's Resolution?:
Play and release more music.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?:
New AFI, more hardcore shows, more touring.


Pete Abordi - LEVEL                                                                                              Photo by Nicole Goodwin

Top 10 Releases of 2016?

Broken - Worldwide
Rebirth - Crucible
Cursed Earth - Enslaved By The Insignificant
World View - Waking Up
Locked - Demo
Culture Shock - Demo
The Others/ Mood Swing Split
Close The Gap Compilation
Nails - You Will Never Be One Of Us
Piece By Piece - Go Die
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree
DMA’s “Hill’s End”
(I can't count)

Favourite reissue?
Never buy them. But I heard that Crown Of Thornz "Mentally Vexed" got a good going over

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Vego chocolate bars

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Locked Phoenix Youth Centre 1/10/16
Here and Now Festival 2/10/16
Morrissey Thebarton Theatre 26/10/16
Mindsnare Bendigo Hotel 2/12/16
(My math hasn't improved)

Biggest Disappointment?
That bands that have broken up continue to get back together.

New Year's Resolution?
Eat healthy, train everyday, surf as much as possible. I give myself a week ha-ha

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
Australian Hardcore

Prediction for 2017?
Numbers at local shows (in each city) will slowly pick up following the death of the big festivals and hopefully less overseas bands will be touring here every second week


Leigh Valler - MELB

Top 10 Releases of 2016?
Fury – Paramount
Rebirth – Crucible
Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues
Ecostrike - Demo
Praise – Leave It All Behind
Blinded/Denial – Split 7”
Angel Du$t – Rock The Fuck On Forever
Malice At The Palace – Self Titled
Mindset – Nothing Less
Queensway - Demo

Favourite reissue?
Beyond - No Longer At Ease. Grey vinyl will look smooth with that original cover art.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
The Replacements back catalogue.
Ive known of them for a long time and heard A few songs here and there. But just started delving into their music and I’m enjoying it.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Foundation, The Blue stone church in Footscray. Best All ages show I’ve been to in the past decade.
Mindsnare, The Bendigo hotel Collingwood. Always A great night out, people dialling out to Australia’s best.
Turnstile, Northcote social club. Very chill mosh, heaps of energy. Really good show.

Biggest Disappointment?
The only Jimmy Eat World show in Melbourne next year is at the Australian open tennis tournament. That obviously hasn’t happened yet, I’m just predicting the disappointment. And also the announcement that The Regular Show is getting cancelled. Animated bummer. 

New Year's Resolution?
A little less reliance on social media and more fish and chips.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
The moment when I’m front row for Green Day at Rod Laver area next May and Billy Joe Armstrong beckons me to jump up on stage. He then proceeds to tell the crowd how much I’ve changed HIS life. Then I will allow him to sing with me when they cover Knowledge by Operation Ivy.

Prediction for 2017?
Western Bulldogs to go back to back in the AFL. There will be A resurgence of kids doing bands that sound like Found My Direction, Floorpunch and The First Step (I’m allowed to dream) and last but not least Off The Pier fish and chips in Williamstown will continue to serve amazing quality fish and chips at low competitive prices.



Jarrod Birch - CHOKE, RAGE                                                                           Photo by Jacob Richardson

Top 10 Releases of 2016?

Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us LP
Death Bells – S/T 12”
Basement – Promise Everything LP
Columbus – Spring Forever LP
Camp Cope – S/T LP
DMA’s – Hills End LP
Paper Thin - S/T Demo/EP
Manhunt - Permanent Pain 7"
NOFX - First Ditch Effort LP

Favourite reissue?
Like I said above I haven’t really kept up with new records/re-issues this year so I’m cheating and counting all the records that were uploaded and re-released through the Resist bandcamp earlier this year.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Cold Cave – Love Comes Close

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Life.Love.Regret reunion show at the Cambridge Hotel. The emotion, the crowd participation and the months of secret keeping made this show
really something special.

Central Coast Hardcore Halloween Show w/ Choke, Stone Age, Rage, Burdened and Shut Out. Until you’ve experienced the pure wildness of a packed out, BYO Central Coast hardcore show you can’t understand. Dress ups, Woodstock long necks, Covers, Joelcore free style rapping through

Blink-182 covers and and a lot of next day hangovers.
Ceremony tour.

Other hardcore tours from this year worth mentioning include the Mood Swing/Others tour, Rebirth/Unravel weekender, Born Free/Expire tour, Angel Du$t tour, Lubricant tour and the Foundation tour.

Biggest Disappointment?

The LP that Drake released this year.

Getting to play with Ceremony and having my guitar head blow up moments before sound check.

New Year's Resolution?
Write more, read more and learn more.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
Choke and Rage 7”s
Finishing the third year of my degree
The upcoming Shackles record

Prediction for 2017?
Life.Love.Regret playing a handful more shows resulting in more broken up Australian bands jumping back together to jam with the new wave of Australian hardcore.



Ben Leece - LIFE LOVE REGRET, THE DELTA LIONS                                            Photo by Shane Quill

Top 10 Releases:

A Giant Dog – Pile
Beach Slang – A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings
Dinosaur Jr – Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not
Teenage Fanclub – Here
AB Original - Reclaim Australia
Red Hare – Lexicon Mist
Power Trip/Integrity - Split
Descendents – Hypercaffium Spazzinate
Cursed Earth – Enslaved By the Insignificant
Bob Mould – Patch The Sky
Culture Abuse - Peach

Favourite reissue?
The Replacements - The Sire Years Box Set (Rhino)
Egyptian Lover – 1983 >1988 (Stones Throw)

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Fastbacks – Answer The Phone Dummy

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Egyptian Lover + Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw Anniversary Tour) – Manning Bar
Large Professor + Lord Finesse – Factory Theatre
Life.Love.Regret + Horror Business + Ill Natured + Rage – Cambridge Hotel

Biggest Disappointment?
No new Superchunk record

New Year's Resolution?
Surf more

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
Teenage Fanclub @ Taronga Zoo and fingers crossed a new Superchunk record

Prediction for 2017?
Sydney Roosters Premiership and Mitchell Pearce to win the Dally M


Top 10 Releases of 2016?
Simplicity - The Bouncing Souls
Holy Ghost - Modern Baseball
Waco - Violent Soho
Succour - Fear Like Us
Hypercaffium Spazzinate - Descendents
If This is All We’re Going to Be - Luca Brasi
Time Is Golden - Big Smoke
Cody - Joyce Manor
Stage Four - Touche Amore
Joy - Peep Tempel

Favourite reissue?
Nobody Likes a Thinker - Massappeal

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2016?
Time Wounds All Heels - Powder Monkeys
Wait Long By The River... - The Drones
Harvest - Neil Young
All phenomenal.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Clowns at the Evelyn Hotel (shameless plug - I filmed it)
The Drones at Melbourne Town Hall
The Bronx on the Violent Soho tour. I have watched that band play so many times and it just doesn’t matter. Could watch them a million times more.

Biggest Disappointment?
Next question.

New Year's Resolution?
Get out and do something about the reasons why I didn’t want to answer the previous question.

What you're most looking forward to in 2017?
Making another film! And there is some seriously good shows/tours booked already.

Prediction for 2017?
I’ll continue to find positivity, joy, compassion, justice, guidance and love in the punk and hardcore scene that more and more fails to exist anywhere else. Keep writing and playing people...









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