RPW_9983Mindsnare delivered again in 2011 as they do every year.

So as the year 2011, winds down to a close, we take a look back on some of our favourite releases and moments that shaped the past 12 months. Kicking things off, below are my most played hardcore releases for 2011.


1. Remission – Winds Of Promise (React)

Can’t say I own many South American hardcore records, but now I do and Remission are one of my greatest finds of the year 2011. Listening to Remission one would immediately peg it as a mid 90s European hardcore band emulating the sound of Verbal Assault perhaps, but this truly has its own unique sound and my description is probably way off from how it really sounds. Title track Winds Of Promise had me hooked from the get go, as did last track Isolation. Awesome melodic intros and outros to songs and such catchy vocals, really musically, just the complete package. I have since worked my way through the whole Remission catalog (Demo, Police & Theives split 7” and Accept Lp) every release is amazing. I now love this band, thank you Aram for bringing them to my attention.

2. Defeater – Empty Days, Sleepless Nights (Bridge 9)

I love a band who trigger and inspire thought and Defeater are really a breath of fresh air in a scene of stale monotony. Concept records are always such a hit or miss exercise and yet Defeater seem to have perfected the formula too. This tale of family hardship and struggle post WWII, is truly incredible and it’s so rare nowadays that find I want to sit down with a lyric sheet and read along to a record. Somehow musically Defeater are able to reflect what is going on lyrically and portray musically the full emotional extent of the dark tale unravelling before your ears. The number of new bands popping influenced by Defeater is no surprise really. How do you top a release like this? Stoked to finally get to see this band live too, thanks Graham.

3. Beware – Demo

Another band I was so stoked to stumble across. I’m a huge Chain Of Strength fan as obviously are the guys in this band and its been so long since a band has emerged, emulating the trademark Chain sound. Even vocally this sounds spot on like Curt. Can’t wait for more material from this band.

4. Agnostic Front - My Life, My Way (Nuclear Blast)

Now AF shouldn’t still be putting out great records that put newer bands to shame, but that’s exactly what has happened. This record sounds like it could have easily come out after One Voice and I kind of wish it did as I was never a fan of the whole AF street punk era. Roger’s vocals are perfect on this record, a mix of all the styles he has done in the past, now perfected into the one package. Great anthemic song writing too, hard to not like this record really.

5. Stick Together – No More Games (Back To Back)

Finally a modern day hardcore band that lives up to their hype. This is a great release, as it kind of borrows from a lot of bygone eras of hardcore packaged with classic core lyrics. Lyrically reminiscent of SSD and musically maybe Ten Yard Fight or Floorpunch. Super catchy songs all around the two-minute mark. Great record. Totally sold.

6. Civil War – Demo

Formed out of the ashes of Sydney band, Persist this is by far the best new Australian hardcore band to emerge this year. Musically this sounds like a thrashier version of No Warning and they pull it off perfectly live too. This demo could easily be a release, such a good bottom end sound to it. Australia, you really need to check this band out if you haven’t done so already.

7. S.O.S. – I Owe You Nothing (Reaper)

Now this is a real supergroup to hype up. Scott Vogel and Nick Jett from Terror, Matt Henderson from Madball, Chris Beattie from Hatebreed and Sam Trapkin from Trapped Under Ice. Throw it in a pot and it sounds like a Madball version of Terror, pretty fucking hard in other words.

8. Capital – Givers, Takers (Underground Communique)

If you know me well enough, then at some point I will have raved about Capital to you, no doubt. This is an older person’s take on the hardcore scene and society that I find myself identifying with 100%. A definite thinking man’s band, I have loved everything they have done. While this album didn’t match the magic of predecessor “Homefront”, this was still way better than a lot of new releases this year. Lyrically, Capital is always untouchable.

9. Night Birds – The Other Side Of Darkness (Grave Mistake)

Another new find for me this year thanks to Pat Cahill. Replicating that early LA surf punk sound, Night Birds sound like a midway point between the Angry Samoans and the Adolescents. Obsessed with horror movies and goofy lyrics, this band are just real fun and a refreshing blast from the past.

10. Take Offense – Tables Will Turn (Reaper)

Another new band to my ears who blew me away. Imagine a cross between Terror and classic era Suicidal Tendencies, that’s what you get with Take Offense. The Venice Beach sound is alive and well with these guys and there ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of ST worship.

Honorable mentions:

Fucked Up – David Comes To Life (Matador)

I Exist – The Broken Passage (Resist)

Mindsnare / Ringworm – Split (Resist)

H2O – Don’t Forget Your Roots (Bridge 9)

Trapped Under Ice – Big Kiss Goodnight (Dogfight)


1. Atlas Losing Grip – State Of Unrest (Black Star Foundation)

This is easily my punk find of the year. Featuring former Satanic Surfers singer Rodrigo in the role of a frontman, this picks up where Satanic Surfers left off, but is modernised with more of a Rise Against twist to it. Catchy, melodic, intelligent and cannot be over listened too, as I have found. Strongly recommended wether you were a Satanic Surfers fan or not. I can’t believe one of the bigger punk labels haven’t picked this up, but then again they aren’t from the USA so it figures really.

2. Stolen Youth – Dark Century (Clarity Records)

Its funny when you latch on to a band in its infancy and get to watch them grow and mature. I have been a fan of this band since their first EP and have followed their progression very closely with each release, always making the effort to see them when they come to town.  I always knew they were capable of this album and its really gonna take some topping to better it, but I have faith it can be done. Mad props for pulling it off note for note live too. Very under rated Australian band, I really wish they got more credit than they do.

3. The Bomb – The Challenger (No Idea)

I first stumbled across this band in 2010 and instantly became a huge fan. Featuring ex Naked Raygun singer Jeff Pezzati, this is how you wished Raygun always sounded. I didn’t even know this release was out, but Mel K brought me back a copy of their 11” from the Fest and I have played it constantly over the last month. Easily the most under rated band on No Idea records. If you’ve ever loved Chicago punk like Pegboy, give this a run. Thanks Mel.

4. Luca Brasi – Extended Family (Broken Bones)

I seriously flogged the absolute shit out of this CD, it was in my car for weeks on end, so thanks for sending it to me Ryan. Amazing album, but alas I killed it and now I can’t listen to it anymore. I shall revisit it the week before they play Sydney for a refreshment course. Great debut album, hit the nail on the head perfectly in so many ways. Gets my vote for best new Australian punk band.

5. Frenzal Rhomb – Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (Shock)

Back in the early 90s I was a huge fan of Frenzal, in fact I saw their second or third show at the old Lansdowne. Then I grew to hate slap bass, as most people do, and turned my back on them. I always admired their humour, especially with the Russell Crowe’s band song and Johnny Ramone merch designs, but really didn’t investigate further for probably a good decade. I gave last album “Forever Malcom Young” a few listens and was pleasantly surprised at the maturity they had developed in their song writing. Lyrically it was much the same, but that has always been the social commentary appeal of Frenzal. This renewed interest prompted me to revisit the band when word of a new release surfaced. When I heard lead track, “Bird Attack” it had me instantly hooked and the rest of the album lived up to the promise. I can’t help but think the midas touch of Bill Stevenson had something to do with this.

6. Homeward Bound – Chorus Of Castouts (Poison City)

From the first time I saw this band I knew this release would be good. By the time this album dropped, I had seen them so much, I already knew all the choruses and song structures. Good sign of a musically well-written and thought out band right there. Can’t wait for the next release. I really feel like people outside of Sydney have missed the boat on this band though.

7. Samiam – Trips (Poison City)

I’m gonna call this a comeback album as “Whatever’s Got You Down” was a real let down for me. This album is maybe even better than their last releases on Burning Heart. Classic, catchy Samiam as you probably best remember them to be.

8. Face To Face – Laugh Now, Laugh Later (Antagonsit Records)

Another comeback album that was always gonna be good. I have a slight Trevor Keith man crush, but hey what can I say, the guy is a real talent. Catchy from the first listen, another album I over played.

9. Your Favourite Trainwreck - The Brilliance (Coffee and Heartache Records)

Popeye from Farside in a band with Jeff from Gameface. How could this not be good? Well, too short maybe?

10. Fires Of Waco – Old Ghosts Never Sleep (Poison City)

I think Allan’s vocals sound a lot more natural and comfortable on this album and fit in much better with the music. Waco always write really interesting songs, as there is so much going on within the layers. I’m going to revisit this more thoroughly in the New Year, as I have neglected it a touch I feel.

11. Polar Bear Club – Clash Battle Guilt Pride (Bridge 9)

I probably didn’t listen to this as much as I should, but like most releases from Polar Bear Club this one was a real grower. It did hook me in after a few listens, it just came out in a flurry of new releases and probably didn’t get the attention it properly deserves.

12. Titlefight – Shed (Side One Dummy)

You gotta love a Lifetime / early Get Up Kids rip off band, in this day and age. Especially one made up of hardcore kids from some of the bands in the above list even. Kids are going stupid over this band, like its something so new and amazing. Kids aren’t very well researched these days though.



Seeing Keith Morris in the flesh was a definite highlight for many as OFF! toured for the first time in 2011.

1. Mindsnare / Ringworm

I have slowly warmed to the fact Mindsnare only come to town once a year. It’s an annual event that delivers more than any birthday or Christmas ever has. Still the best live band in Australia and the greatest thing you’ll see all year. Having Ringworm on the bill was just further icing on the cake.

2. OFF!

So much history on one stage was always going to be amazing to bear witness. Hardcore performance ethics are rare these days, and I was only all too happy to have OFF repeat songs in their set. Keith Morris in front of my own eyes. Shit the bed. Enough said.

3. Defeater / Miles Away / Fires Of Waco

So many of my favourite people/bands in the one room. Defeater live was everything I hoped it would be. I love bands that can pull off their records live.

4. Propaghandi / Stolen Youth

I could watch Chris from Propaghandi play guitar for hours on end. I really miss the days when bands spoke about political, social and environmental issues going on around us. These two factors always make Propaghandi live an awesome experience. Stolen Youth were the perfect support for this tour too.

5. Persist Last Show at Blackwire

I love floor shows and am always amazed at how awesome the sound is at Blackwire for a record store. Stoked Persist decided to do a final show long after breaking up, they were a great band and they went out with a bang.



Callum Preston's poster art for the final Mindsnare show at the Arthouse.

1. The Arthouse Hotel Closing

Was a real tragedy to lose this Melbourne hardcore/punk institution. The history that has occurred within these walls, the bands that have graced the stage and the community spirit it has fostered are worthy of heritage listing. Apparently a new hotel has been recently acquired by the operators of the Arthouse, so hopefully the spirit will live on.

2. The Death Of Missing Link Record Store

Missing Link closing its doors was a real bummer to hear. Host to numerous instore appearances for interstate and local bands, a record label that released local bands and a store that stocked hardcore and punk music is now gone forever. Support your local record store, stop giving your money to chain stores that don’t give a shit about supporting and putting back in to the local scene!

3. Anthrax - Worship Music

Musically Anthrax’s “Worship Music” was the biggest let down for me. Joey Belladonna was back on vocals and the lead in song “Fight Em Til You Can’t” sucked me in big time, everything about it hinted a return to the classic ‘Among The Living’ sound, but instead just delivered a massive pile of shit. Still coming to terms with it.



Stolen Youth's "Dark Century" was a fave record for many this year and rightfully so.

1. Andrew Hayden from Poison City Records/ A Death In The Family

** Tried hard not to include too much label bias - but what can I say, I genuinely love our bands!

  1. Restorations- Selftitled
  2. The Smith Street Band- No One Gets Lost Anymore
  3. Royal Headache- Selftitled
  4. Samiam- Trips
  5. The Horrible Crowes - Elsie
  6. Luca Brasi -Extended Family
  7. Bridge & Tunnel- Rebuilding Year
  8. Hawks & Doves - Year One
  9. Deep Heat 'EP'
  10. Shores - To Volstead

Fave Shows of 2011
** In no particular order....

  • Luca Brasi - Melbourne house show
  • OFF! - Fitzroy Bowls Club
  • The Weekender - Sunday Tote Show
  • Lucero - The Forum
  • Fucked Up @ East Brunswick Club
  • Bridge & Tunnel @ Gasometer
  • Tim Barry @ The Arthouse

Biggest Dissapointment of 2011

  • Closure of The Arthouse

2. Carl Whitbread from LO!

**in no particular order.

  • Trash Talk - EP
  • Mogwai - Hardcore will Never Die, but You Will
  • Mastodon - The Hunter
  • Bjork - Biophilia
  • Deerhoof - Deerhoof vs Evil
  • Trap Them - Darker Handcraft
  • Opeth - Heritage
  • Safe Hands - Oh Humanity
  • Homeward Bound - Chorus of Castouts
  • Russian Circles - Empros

Fave Shows of 2011

  • Portishead at Harvest Festival
  • Mogwai at Harvest Festival
  • Mindsnare at the Annandale Hotel
  • Doomriders at the Annandale Hotel
  • Russian Circles at Hermanns Bar
  • Melvins at Soundwave Festival

3. Dani Chalmers from Resist Records

**Not in any order what so ever, I can't remember what came out this year.

  • La Dispute - Wildlife
  • Bright Eyes - The People's Key
  • Young Widows - in and out of youth lightness
  • Small Brown Bike - Fell and Found
  • Ceremony - Covers EP
  • Balance and Composure - Separation
  • Nick 13 - Self Titled
  • Bon Iver - Bon Iver
  • Mariachi El Bronx - II
  • PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

Fave shows of 2011

  • Grinderman @ The Enmore
  • La Dispute @ The Annandale
  • Doomriders @ The Annandale

Biggest disappointment of 2011

  • Rise bakery shutting in Newtown without any warning and Bob Dylan's incoherent mumbling set at the Entertainment Centre.

4. Stu Harvey from Shock Records / Triple J's Short Fast Loud

  1. Defeater - Empty Days And Sleepless Nights   
  2. La Dispute - Wildlife   
  3. The Smith Street Band - No One Gets Lost Anymore   
  4. Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me   
  5. Trash Talk  - Awake   
  6. Balance And Composure- Separation   
  7. Frenzal Rhomb- Smoko At The Pet Food Factory   
  8. RVIVR - RVIVR   
  9. Transit -Listen & Forgive   
  10. Aficionado -Aficionado

Fave show

  • OFF!

Biggest Disappointment

  • Hawthorne missing the Grand Final by a goal.

5. Joel Attenborough from Old Music For Old People

  1. Frenzal Rhomb - Smoko at the Pet Food Factory

**The rest in no particular order:

  • OFF - Compared To What/Rotten Apple 7"
  • Face to Face - Laugh Now, Laugh Later
  • Stolen Youth - Dark Century
  • Mariachi El Bronx - Mariachi El Bronx II
  • The Swellers - Good for Me
  • Fucked Up - David Comes to Life
  • Blink 182 - Neighborhoods
  • Rival Schools - Pedals
  • The Smith St Band - No One Gets Lost Anymore
  • Homeward Bound - Chorus of Castouts

Honorable mention

  • Make do and Mend - Part And Parcel EP (re-recorded songs on acoustic... LOVE this band, but this is all they released this year - its got nothing on their full length album 'End Measure Mile', but they didn’t release any other music this year, so this will have to do)

Fave Shows of 2011

  • OFF! @ the Annandale
  • Foo Fighters/Tenacious D/Fucked Up @ Gold Coast Football Stadium

Biggest disappointment of 2011

  • That 'techno-influenced breakdowns and keyboard solos' somehow still gets associated with hardcore and is still a thing.
  • Also still no sign of a Last Nerve Reunion tour.

6. Luke Dolan from HAZARDS

** My favourite new band of 2011 is GIVE from DC. All their records are sick (4 EP's and one LP). They sound like 2 parts Swiz, 1 part 'Revolution Summer' (mid 80's DC hardcore).

  1. Royal Headache - Selftitled
  2. Def Wish Cast - Done Proppa
  3. The Bomb -The Challenger
  4. Night Birds -The Other Side Of Darkness
  5. Ringworm / Mindsnare - Split 7"
  6. Off! - Compared To What / Rotten Apple 7"
  7. No For An Answer - It Makes Me Sick 7"
  8. Fucked Up - David Comes To Life
  9. Hollie Cook - Selftitled
  10. Void - Sessions 81-83

Fave show

  • would have to be OFF! and the Hard Ons at the Annandale, seeing Keith Morris in action was a great box to tick!

Biggest disappointment

  • would be the DYS reunion and their "digital singles series". I'm a Smalley fanboy but come on, WTF!

7. Allan Reid from Fires Of Waco/ What Remains Records

  1. Something Inside - Heart and Soul
  2. Pressure - Your Rage EP
  3. Risk It - Leave a Mark 7"
  4. Police and Thieves - Amor Y Guerra
  5. Bridge and Tunnel - Rebuilding Year
  6. Critical Point - Trial and Error EP
  7. Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride
  8. Out of Vogue - self titled 7"
  9. Defeater - Empty days and sleepless nights
  10. Suffer Survive/Mark My Words - split 7"

Favourite tour

  • would have to be the Miles Away, Defeater and Fires of Waco tour. It was awesome hanging out with the guys from Miles Away again and Defeater were a great bunch of guys with awesome attitudes. It was also the first longer trip for Fires of Waco and we had a ball. This particular tour was the first chance in a long time to catch up with friends in other cities and spend a bit of time having real life conversations with people I hadn't seen in years.

8. Paul Voge From Kill The Music

  1. Moving Mountains - Waves
  2. Balance & Composure - Separation
  3. Touche Amore - Parting The Sea, Between Brightness & Me
  4. Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here
  5. Small Brown Bike- Fell & Found
  6. Defeater - Empty Days & Sleepless Nights
  7. The Republic Of Wolves - In The House Of Dust CD/DVD
  8. Thrice - Major/Minor
  9. This Will Destroy You - Tunnel Blanket
  10. Wugazi- 13 Chambers

Fave Show

  • Defeater/Fires OF Waco at "The Alley" in Brisbane.

Biggest Disappointment

  • Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math

9. Alex Young from I Exist

  1. Hoodlum Shouts - Young Man, Old Man
  2. Ringworm - Scars
  3. Hydromedusa EP (I'm pretty sure it came out this year?)
  4. The Tearaways - Tones of Dirt and Bone
  5. Red Fang - Murder The Mountains
  6. Life And Limb - Close Talkers 10"
  7. Graveyard - Hisingen Blues
  8. Stolen Youth - Dark Century 
  9. Propagandhi - That video of that new song on youtube, I must've watched it fifty times!
  10. Yoko Oh No - New album (pretty sure it won't be out this year but its good!)

Biggest disappointment

  • would be only getting to go to 2 of the 4 Propagandhi shows I bought tickets for

Fave tour

  • would've had too have been touring with Doomriders! It was a blast and getting to watch those guys every night was heaps cool!

10. Nick Horsnell from Miles Away

  1. Title Fight – Shed
  2. Atlas Losing Grip - State Of Unrest
  3. Zola Jesus - Conatus
  4. Trapped Under Ice - Big Kiss Goodnight
  5. Rotting Out - Street Prowl
  6. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
  7. Dead End Path - Blind Faith
  8. Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
  9. Cold World/Sean Price - How The Gods Chill
  10. Refrain - Selftitled

Fave show of the year

  • Bane at Gilman Street

Biggest disappointment of the year

  • The Coldplay artwork and the Freo Dockers trying to change their club song.

11. Mel Kraljevic from Resist Records / Blue Murder Touring

  1. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
  2. Samiam – Trips
  3. Small Brown Bike - Fell & Found
  4. Rival Schools - Pedals
  5. Luca Brasi - Extended Family
  6. Title Fight - Shed
  7. Balance & Composure - Separation
  8. Restorations - Restorations
  9. M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
  10. Frenzal Rhomb - Smoko At The Pet Food Factory

Honorable mentions

  • Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
  • Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
  • Fucked Up - David Comes To Life
  • Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Top 5 7 inches of 2011

  1. Chris Wollard & Addison Burns - Lil Bitta
  2. Against Me! - Russian Spies / Occult Enemies
  3. Seaweed - Service Deck / The Weight
  4. Hot Water Music - The Fire, The Steel, The Tread / Up To Nothing
  5. Armalite - Humungous

Biggest Disappointment

  • Hmmm maybe the Nazi skinheads trying to disrupt the Propagandhi tour.

Fave Tour

  • It would have to be a toss up between Against Me! / Off With Their Heads or Tim Barry / Chris Wollard & Addison Burns, both were great tours I just can't choose between them.

12. Dave Immerz from Vigilante

  1. GIVE - Flower Head / Kiss The Flame 7”
  2. Night Birds - The Other Side Of Darkness
  3. GIVE - I Am Love
  4. Take Offense - Tables Will Turn
  5. Joshua's Song - Deeper Under
  6. Krakdown - Selftitled
  7. Mindsnare/Ringworm – Split 7”
  8. Easy Company – Perspectives 7”
  9. Inherit - Selftitled
  10. Homeward Bound - Chorus Of Cast Outs

Fave Show

  • Mindsnare/Ringworm in Sydney

13. Matt “Footy” Horvath from Stolen Youth / Clarity Records

  1. Atlas Losing Grip – State Of Unrest
  2. Former Cell Mates – Presented As A Work Of Fiction
  3. Black Keys – El Camino
  4. Death Cab For Cutie – Codes And Keys
  5. Ringworm – Scars
  6. Frenzal Rhomb – Smoko At The Pet Food Factory
  7. Night Hag – Gilded Age
  8. Fucked Up – David Comes To Life
  9. Royal Headache –Selftitled
  10. Mogwai –Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

** For a more thorough explanation visit:


Best tour 

  • Propagandhi’s 2011 tour

Band / release to look out for in 2012

  • Weightless (from Adelaide – for fans of American Football, Mineral)

14. Shaun Warren from Homeward Bound

  1. Small Brown Bike - Fell & Found
  2. Atlas Losing Grip – State Of Unrest
  3. Capital – Givers, Takers
  4. Defeater – Empty Days, Sleepless Nights
  5. Stolen Youth – Dark Century
  6. Luca Brasi – Extended Family
  7. Bridge and Tunnel - Rebuilding Year
  8. Samiam - Trips
  9. La Dispute - Wildlife
  10. Daybreak - Selftitled

Fave shows

  • Propagandhi at the Metro and Defeater at the Bald Face Stag

Biggest dissapointment

  • Soundwave Counter Revolution not allowing side shows for Make Do and Mend & Face to Face.

15. Andy Norton from Praise

  1. Title Fight – Shed
  2. Coliseum - Parasites
  3. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
  4. Samiam – Trips
  5. Rearranged – S/T
  6. Skin Like Iron – Arrival
  7. Zola Jesus - Conatus
  8. Basement - I wish I could stay here
  9. Rival Schools – Pedals
  10. Wye Oak- Civilian

Fave Shows

  • Token Entry at This is Hardcore
  • Title Fight at Charm City Art Space

16. Graham Nixon from Resist Records

  1. Adele - 21
  2. La Dispute - Wildlife
  3. Hey Rosetta - Seeds
  4. I Exist -II: The Broken Passage
  5. All Pigs Must Die - God Is War
  6. Rival School - Pedals
  7. City And Colour - Little Hell
  8. Ringworm - Scars
  9. Fucked Up - David Comes To Life
  10. Balance And Composure - Separation

Favourite show

  • Modern Family. Oh I guess you mean a gig?
  • Doomriders at the Annandale
  • Hey Rosetta at the Enmore Theatre
  • Ringworm / Mindsnare at the Annandale.

Biggest Disappointment 

  • South Sydney not making the Top 8.

17. Leigh Valler From Melbourne

  1. Foundation - When The Smoke Clears
  2. Iron Mind - Hell Split Wide Open
  3. Samiam - Trips
  4. Rotting Out - Street Prowl
  5. Survival - Demo
  6. Fires Of Waco - Old Ghosts Never Sleep
  7. Backtrack - Darker Half
  8. Ill Vision - Demo
  9. Ringworm - Scars
  10. Civil War - Demo

Favorite show

  • Mindsnare last appearance at The Arthouse in April. The memory of everybody screaming the intro to ‘Flood’ gives me goosebumps. Amazing show that will not be forgotten.

18. Matt Sourdin from Easy Company

**Been an interesting year for music I reckon. I think we are in a weird place at the moment, musically and new and exciting albums are few and far between. However, I think these releases have really summed up my year, and they continue to push forward, denying the trends that consume the scene as a whole.

  1. Lo! – Look and Behold
  2. Homeward Bound - Chorus of Castouts
  3. Mindsnare / Ringworm - Split 7"
  4. Mogwai - Hardcore will never die, but you will
  5. This is a Standoff - Be Delighted
  6. Bjork - Biophilia
  7. Trap Them - Darker Handcraft
  8. Roots Manuva - Duppy Writer
  9. Charging North – Common Ground
  10. Propaghandi / Sacrifice – Split 7”

Fave Show

  • was definitely Mindsnare / Ringworm tour. What a fucking mind blower! Mindsnare are truly the kings of Aussie Hardcore. Their relentlessness in releasing face shredding, ear popping thrash infested brutality puts them in a league so far out of reach of any band that attempts to do anything of the style. Untold.


19. Simon Walker from Looking In

  1. Stolen Youth- Dark Century
  2. The Swellers- Good for me
  3. Frenzal Rhomb- Smoko at the pet food factory
  4. Foo Fighters- Wasting Light
  5. Adele- 21
  6. Scapegoat- LP
  7. All Pigs Must Die- Self Titled
  8. Blink 182- Neighborhoods
  9. Face To Face- Laugh Now, Laugh Later
  10. Social Distortion- Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes

Fave Show

  • Hot Water Music/Bouncing Souls at the Corner Hotel

Biggest Dissapointment

  • The closing the of Arthouse Hotel

20. Adrian Kelly from Phantoms / I Exist

  1. Fireworks – Gospel
  2. Heroes For Hire – Take One For The Team
  3. Transit – Listen And Forgive
  4. Title Fight – Shed
  5. Trash Talk – Awake
  6. Frenzal Rhomb - Smoko at the pet food factory
  7. Fires Of Waco – The Journey Slow
  8. Trapped Under Ice – Big Kiss Goodnight
  9. Balance And Composure – Separation
  10. Stolen Youth – Dark Century

Fave show

  • Title Fight / Touche Amore / Break Even / Endless Heights at the Metro in Sydney. “Basement” “hype” punk bands in a 1000 capacity venue on a $50 ticket, should really not have worked but holy fuck it did. Fantastic. That, or Foo Fighters at the Sydney Football Stadium. On ya Dave!

Biggest disappointment

  • Can’t think of one. So much awesome music came out this year, ignore the shit and keep moving.  

21. Jelena Goluza from Outright

  1. Rotting Out - Street Prowl
  2. Ringworm - Scars
  3. Trap Them - Darker Handcraft
  4. Pulling Teeth - Funerary
  5. Mindsnare/Ringworm - Split 7"
  6. Night Hag - Gilded Age
  7. Punch - Nothing Lasts
  8. I Exist - II: The Broken Passage
  9. Fires of Waco - Old Ghosts Never Sleep
  10. Stolen Youth – Dark Century

Honorable mentions

  • Civil War - Demo
  • Ill Vision – Demo
  • Shackles - Preliminary Harm Demo

Fave Show:

  • Having made the trip to Philadelphia for ‘This Is Hardcore’ fest this year, there is no possible way that the fun, friendships, record sales, vegan food and amazing line up at this fest could be beaten throughout the surrounding months (or lifetime, for that matter). My top picks over the weekend were: 
  • Youth Of Today, Morning Again, Nails, Strife, Coke Bust, Bane, Rival Mob, Bitter End, Underdog, Foundation, Mindset, Reign Supreme, H2O, Token Entry, Mouthpiece, Ringworm, Terror , Pulling Teeth, Betrayed, Stick Together, From Ashes Rise, Victims, Killing Time, Praise, Wrong Answer.

Now, no end of year wrap up would be complete without a video like this to compliment:


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