Welcome to our annual end of year wrap up, as we celebrate 2015, the year that was. Hard to believe another year has slipped by so fast. 2015 was a busy year in the realms of local and international punk/hardcore. A lot of established bands put out new releases, while a lot of new bands turned some heads by putting out some awesome debuts and demo releases.

Below is what we thought we're the most impressive releases of 2015. This year we have included some comparisons in sound to help you get a rough idea of the band's sound (FFO = For Fans Of). You may or may not agree with our selections and comparisons or those of the other people featured, but by all means do yourself a favour and click play on anything you've never heard before, as variety is the spice of life. You might just find your new favourite band while you're at it...

***We also use the categories Hardcore and Punk pretty loosely. Maybe read or interpret them as maybe Heavy and Not So Heavy.

Without any further ado...



1. MILES AWAY - Tide (Resist Records)

Five years in the making, that was well worth the wait, for easily their best album to date. Packaged to perfection, this album incorporates everything there is to love about Miles Away. The catchy riffs, the heartfelt lyrics and perfected song writing all rise to the fore.
FFO: Gorilla Biscuits, Bane, Champion, Sinking Ships


2. REBIRTH - Instincts Of Suffering (Life Lair Regret Records)

There is something really exciting and refreshing about Rebirth. It's like a return of the mid 90s metal core sound and ethics, when the core still had more influence over the metal. Lyrically intelligent and confronting, passionately delivered. And their flexi bolsters an even more promising song writing progression.
FFO: Trial, Indecision, Morning Again, Culture


3. CURSED EARTH - Burning Season split 7" (Life Lair Regret Records)

Perth's once best kept secret are constantly blowing minds with each release and live appearance around the country. Teetering perfectly on the fine line of metal and hardcore, brutal and heavy are manifested together just perfectly on this latest offering.
FFO: All Pigs Must Die, Black Breath, Mindsnare, Nails


4. BORN FREE - Sorrow (Resist Records)

One of the few bands in the country, who really pull off the tough guy style of heavy hardcore convincingly well. The ability to mix up heavy riffs with melodic leads really keeps things interesting and varied in the song writing department. Great debut LP.
FFO: Iron Mind, No Warning, Hatebreed, Bitter End


5. MANHUNT - Selftitled LP (Lethal Dose Records)

This debut LP of flat out power violence hardcore from Manhunt certainly didn't disappoint the fans they have gained from their prolific output of splits and EPs. Hopefully band members now living in different states doesn't mean they'll slow down any.
FFO: Extortion, Infest, Shackles, Weekend Nachos


6. RELENTLESS - Price Of Pain (Resist Records)

This could easily have been released as a new Terror album and no one would have blinked twice. Constantly solidifying their sound with every release, Relentless have really stepped things up and this release is damn impressive.

FFO: Terror, Take Offense, Strife, Rotting Out


7. GANBARU - Declaration (Self Released)

Formerly known as Declaration, Ganbaru have been flying under the radar for a while now. This album is a testament to their fluid and multi layered song writing that requires concentrated listening  and perhaps to best gain a better appreciation for what's happening musically on these songs, it's strongly recommended you go check them out live.

FFO: Raised Fist, Comeback Kid, Ignite, Shutdown


8. RUST PROOF - Civil Treason (1054 Records)

Melbourne's RUST PROOF follow up their debut 7" with a crushing hard, fast and heavy 8 track full length. There is some awesome shredding and riffage going on here personified by some top notch production. Another release that probably didn't get the attention it fully deserved.

FFO: Madball, Hatebreed, Integrity, Merauder


9. REACTIONS - Soul Witness (Dog Fight Records)

Adelaide's REACTIONS really surprised everyone who heard their latest album "Soul Witness". Huge improvement in song writing and vocal delivery from their previous 7 inch release. Another huge sounding record, really helped with some top notch production.

FFO: Terror, Cruel Hand, Back Track, Down To Nothing

10. ILL NATURED - Depths Of Despair (Death's Grip)

Newcastle's ILL NATURED one up'd their very promising demo with a hard as nails debut 6- track 7inch. Excellent slowed-down heavy, darker style of double kick hardcore.

FFO: 100 Demons, Ringworm, Harm's Way




TIME CRISIS - Afraid Of Death (Death's Grip)


CROWNED KINGS - Forked Road (1054)


CONTROLLED / PRIMITIVE BLAST - Split 7" (Death's Grip)


LO! - The Tongueless (Pelagic Records)


BOUNTY HUNTER - Bones To Dust (Death's Grip)



1. FLOUR - Morbid Thoughts (Poison City)

This debut 11 track LP from Melbourne's FLOUR suprisingly really flew under the radar for a lot of people. While their 7 inch turned a lot of heads, I feel like this album didn't quite receive the attention it deserved. Like a trip back in time to the gritty pub scene of early 1990s Melbourne, FLOUR pull together a punky grungey guitar rocking sound, much like those who came before them in that of Hoss, Bored and God. 

 FFO: Violent Soho, Mudhoney


2. BEAVER - Gravity (Arrest Records)

Debut full length from Adelaide melodic punk rockers who have changed from a three peice to a five piece. Harnessing the glory days sound of the mid 90s Epitaph / Fat Wreck labels, this is super duper fun, catchy and contagiously impressive.

FFO: Down By Law, Strike Anywhere


3. VIOLENT SOHO - Spaynard split 7" (Side One Dummy)

Brisbane's VIOLENT SOHO are fast becoming a global phenomenon joining the Side One Dummy roster. While this split with Spaynard only showcases two new tracks, these combined with new digital single "Like Soda" showcase one very talented band. Listen here.

FFO: Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins


4. RULE OF THIRDS - Selftitled (No Patience)

Adelaide's RULE OF THIRDS dropped their debut LP this year that garnered them a lot of attention from all around the globe.  Nine tracks of gloomy goth punk complete with female vocals and keyboards. The track "Fingerprints" may just be my favourite song of 2015.

FFO: The Cure, Joy Division


5. DEAF CULT - Selftitled (Self Released)

The shoegaze revival is strong in Brisbane with DEAF CULT blasting on to the scene this year with this killer 7 track debut EP. Featuring dual male/female vocals and even a Gifthorse member, Blackwire Records were so impressed they pressed this EP onto vinyl in LP format.

FFO: Whirr, Nothing


6. ROYAL HEADACHE - High (Distant and Vague Recordings)

Second LP from Royal Headache that is easily just as good as the first. Three years in the making offering up their dirty garagey influenced brand of rock n roll.

FFO: The Replacements, Husker Du


7. PITT THE ELDER - At The End Of The Day (Arrest Records)

Female fronted melodic punk rock from Melbourne that is super catchy in both song structure and vocal delivery on this, their debut LP. 

FFO: Tilt, Hightime


8. FLOWERMOUTH - Urethane (Shaman Records)

Perth's FLOWERMOUTH return with a rocking new 4 track EP of catchy melodic punk rock. Easily their best effort to date as the band settles into their own sound.

FFO: Bodyjar, Postblue


9. ADAM LOWE - A New Place (Self Released)

Boneless guitarist shows off his softer side with an awesome three song acoustic EP release that includes a cover of Carpathian's "Insomnia".

FFO: Jose Gonzalez, Elliot Smith


10. GREYFACE - "Grey Hairs" (Self Released)

A newish Brisbane band who sound like they would be very easily at home on the No Idea roster of bands, playing that melodic punk rock sound that the label is well known for, really well.

FFO: Hot Water Music, Army Of Champions 





Three song demo featuring former Persist / Civil War frontman Pete on vocals playing a melodic hardcore style.

FFO: Have Heart, Go It Alone



Five tracks from new Melbourne band playing a heavy riff laden hardcore sound.

FFO: No Warning, Madball



Sydney stalwart, BE returns with a new early NYHC influenced band featuring a drummer in Coyle on bass, and a frontman in Ed on drums.

FFO: Raw Deal, Breakdown


Six tracks from new Canberra band featuring one part Eye Gouge, two parts I Exist and 1 part Hygiene.

FFO: Boston Strangler, Negative Approach



I know nothing about this band, but their brand of dirty Californian surf punk is damn catchy.

FFO: Adolescents, Night Birds



1. BANE - June
Sure BANE had been here twice before over the years, but that wasn't their final tour and certainly wasn't on the back of perhaps their greatest album yet, "Don't Wait Up". While it is always emotional to see one of your favourite bands play one last time, it's also gratifying to hold the moment and wish them farewell.
2. THE RIVAL MOB - December
A long time coming for a lot of people, that lived up to all of the hype and madness one has come to expect from a Rival Mob show. Short, hard and fast delivered at breakneck speed with menacing stage theatrics.
While not as exciting as their very first tour in 2008, it was still no less enjoyable watching them belt out their entire back catalogue of songs along with some tasteful NYHC covers.




1. TURNING POINT - Discography LP + Bonus Live 7" (Think Fast Records)

Criminally out of print for years since the demise of Jade Tree Records, this classic discography is reissued with a crapload of new photos, improved layout, 9 tracks recorded live to radio at WYNU and the Turning Point demo pressed to 7 inch.


2. MASSAPPEAL - Nobody likes A Thinker LP + Fun Again 7" (Desperate Records)

Iconic landmark Sydney thrashcore debut EP is given the reissue treatment with an all new layout and photos along with a remaster. Included is also the follow up 7 inch "Fun Again". Great package if you can get past the inflated price.


3. JUDGE - Bringing It Down & GORILLA BISCUITS - Start Today (Revelation Records)

Two classic albums remastered and reissued for their 25th anniversary this year, featuring new inserts, coloured vinyl and embossed covers. 




1. SALAD DAYS - "The Birth Of Punk In The Nation's Capital"

Captures the iconic history of the Washington DC scene that has produced a ridiculous amount of great bands from Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Embrace, Rites Of Spring, Fugazi, Swiz, Grey Matter, Dischord Records etc. etc. This is a must watch and a great insight into the rise of a social conciousness in hardcore and punk.


2. JUDGE - "There Will Be Quiet"

Personally I never thought Judge would get back together again. We'd all heard the rumours about Mike Judge. He was an outlaw bikie, a lumberjack, a rebel. This four part documentary that heavily focuses on Mike tells his story of why he walked away and why he decided to return. 


3. INDECISION - "What It Once Meant" 

Great insight into the history of Indecision and the struggles bands faced touring the US in the mid 90s. Some hilarious tour stories intertwined with plenty of old and reunion footage. 





1. NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980-1990 - Tony Rettman (Bazillion Points)

Everything and anything you've ever wanted to know about the birth and rise of New York Hardcore can be found in this comprehensive book. A scene that spawned legendary bands such as Agnostic Front, Warzone, Murphy's Law, Cro Mags, Youth Of Today at iconic venues such as CBGBs, A7 and a tonne more are all covered off in this indepth read.


2. PUNK USA: The Rise And Fall Of Lookout Records! - Kev Prested (Microcosm Publishing)

How does a label with a back catalogue that includes punk heavyweights Green Day, Avail, Operation Ivy and Screeching Weasel go bankrupt? This indepth look by Melbourne writer Kev Prested provides a comprehensive analysis of the label's history and discography with candid interviews by all the players.


3. HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL - Carrie Brownstein (Penguin Random House)

Carrie Brownstein tells her story of escaping a turbulent family life to finding punk rock and forming Sleater Kinney. Great insight into the Riot Grrl movement and the history of the band.



International Hardcore - Top 10

1. MODERN PROBLEMS - Identity, Foolish Times, In Your Eyes 

One of our favourite demo bands from last year, put out three raging EPs this year. Awesome melodic hardcore.

FFO: Uniform Choice, Ignite

2. SWEET JESUS - You Destroy Yourself (Atomic Action)

Former Have Heart frontman Pat Flynn is a busy man. We love that he finally found time to put out a long overdue SWEET JESUS LP that even features Shawn Brown.

FFO: Swiz, Red Hare

3. xREPENTANCEx - The Sickness OF Eden (Life Lair Regret)

England are really bringing back the Goodlife Recordings 90s era of metalcore. Dust off your beaded necklace!

FFO: Earth Crisis, Morning Again

4. NIGHT BIRDS - Mutiny At Muscle Beach (Fat Wreck Chords)

Californian surf punk nailed absolutely perfect yet again on their fourth LP.

FFO: Adolescents, Angry Samoans

5. FOR PETE'S SAKE - In Faith And Loyalty (React Records)

Norway hardcore revival by basically the same lineup that amde up Sportswear in the 90s. Traditional hardcore done right!

FFO: Sportswear, Hands Tied

6. SLAYER - Repentless (Nuclear Blast)

No Jeff Hanneman and no Dave Lombardo but yet this is probably the best Slayer album since Seasons In The Abyss.

FFO: Slayer, Head Banging

7. RED DEATH - Permanent Exile (Grave Mistake)

A band from D.C. that sounds like glory days NYHC? Yep you bet. Could be Lou Koller's twin on vocals?

FFO: Sick Of It All, Cro Mags

8. AGNOSTIC FRONT - The American Dream Died (Nuclear Blast)

A touch cheesey and overly nostalgic, but this record really rocks that classic modern day AF sound.

FFO: NYHC, Madball

9. BITTER END - Illusions Of Dominance (Deathwish)

Been a while between releases, but Bitter End are still angry, still hard and probably pumping iron as you read this!

FFO: Hatebreed, No Warning

10. TURNSTILE - Non Stop Feeling (Reaper Records)

After a string of EP releases, Turnstile drop a great debut LP and up the funk at the same time. Real head bopper.

FFO: Angel Dust, Crown Of Thornz


International Punk - Top 10


1. FIDDLEHEAD - Out Of The Bloom (Lockin' Out)

Have Heart's Pat Flynn also has a Dischord / Revolution Summer era band that sounds just as refreshing now, as it probably would have back then.

FFO: Embrace, Jawbox



2. WAR ON WOMEN - Selftitled (Bridge Nine)

Raging debut LP from this female fronted melodic punk rock band. Insightful, thoughtful and yet catchy at the same time.

FFO: Spitboy, Propagandhi


3. THE BOMB - Axis Of Awesome (No Idea)

I am amazed by how little I hear people talk about this band. Is it the name? Because it sure as fuck can't be the music!

FFO: Naked Raygun, Pegboy


4. TITLE FIGHT - Hyperview (Anti)

With every release Title Fight move move further and further away from their original sound. While this is a little less rock, it is a definite slow grower.

FFO: Basement, Dinosaur Jr.


5. GOOD RIDDANCE - Peace In Our Time (Fat Wreck Chords)

Welcome back, thanks for a great comeback album. You've been missed!

FFO: Only Crime, Jughead's Revenge


6. CEREMONY - The L Shaped Man (Matador)

It feels like a lifetime ago that Ceremony were once considered one of the best hardcore bands around. Now they are one of the best gloomy post punk bands going.

FFO: Rule Of Thirds, Joy Division


7. TURNOVER - Peripheral Vision (Run For Cover)

Another band leading the charge for the shoegaze grunge pop revival and are doing it really well.

FFO: Citizen, Nothing


8. ATLAS LOSING GRIP - Currents (Cargo Records)

I really feel like if Atlas Losing Grip did away with all the rock opera bullshit, this would be an amazing EP, as the good songs are great, the filler not so. Spewing Rodrigo has left!

FFO: Satanic Surfers, Rise Against


9. BEACH SLANG The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us (Cooking Vinyl)

Remember Weston the punk rock band on Lookout! Well this band sound nothing like them but share a member. This is more a debut LP of great sounding radio rock.

FFO: Jawbreaker, The Gaslight Anthem


10. ROCKY VOTOLATO - Hospital Handshakes (No Sleep Records)

First release for former Waxwing frontman in yonks. Still one of the best crooning voices around.

FFO: Waxwing, Frank Turner






Basically the final lineup of The First Step with a new drummer that oddly sounds like TFS. Who would have thought?

Aram and Jim from Champion return with a new band. Is good!


3. G.L.O.S.S (Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit)

Raging demo that instills such jealousy that once you hear it, your band soon ends up getting booted off your label.


Members of Mindset, Protester and Clear combine for a very melodic youth crew feel ala Battery / Uniform Choice.


For those who are missing Have Heart, meet your new fave band. 4/5ths of the band rejoin for Free.



So enough of what we thought were the highlights of 2015, below is a collection of what a bunch of people from around the country, from all walks of life made of 2015...

Thanks again to everyone who participated.

B&W photos by Nicole Goodwin. Colour photos by Ryan Willmott.


Leigh Valler - Melbourne

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
1. Counterblast – Karma Crusher Promo
2. Foundation – Turncoat
3. Union Of Faith – S/T Demo
4. Rebirth – Instincts Of Suffering
5. XrepentanceX – The Sickness Of Eden
6. H2O – Use Your Voice
7. Turnstile – Non Stop Feeling
8. True Identity – Demo ‘15
9. Out Of Body – Evaporate
10. All Out War – Dying Gods

Favourite reissue?
Judge Bringin’ It Down 25th anniversary reissue. With Revs shipping costs and with the current horrible exchange rate buying one of these reissues ends up costing the same as buying A Chung King second hand in 1990.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
Totally late to the party with the two demo’s that Malace At The Palace dropped last year. A lot more manic and mosh friendly than Bob Wilson’s last band Beware.I thoroughly enjoy it. The This Is Hardcore set looked top notch too.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Bane and Outright , Arrow on Swanston. Great too see some of my favourite bands minus A stage and barrier.
Iron Mind, Extorion, Born Free and Rebirth, The Bendigo. Top show all round. Packed venue with good people.
Mindsnare, Outright, Bulldog Spirit and Rebirth, The Bendigo. Because Mindsnare.

Biggest Disappointment?
Everclear at The Corner hotel. I usually don’t like talking smack on bands but I guess the odd’s of me running into Art Alexakis at the Highpoint shopping centre food court to squash the beef is pretty slim. They pretty much destroyed everything I loved about my teenage years. They played Sparkle and Fade in it’s entirety which in theory was a great idea until they butchered it live. Still a great album but It will take me A while to revisit. I still want a refund.

New Year's Resolution?
My resolution is too listen to more new music in 2016 and continue to be blown away and inspired by music. And I want to get rich quick.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
Beach hangs and adventures with the bro’s. American Netflix. My 2016 Lucy Collett calendar. The immanent fail comps that will be uploaded to Youtube next year. And Hatebreed at soundwave.

Prediction for 2016?
Rebirth will continue to be one the best hardcore band Australia has seen in the past 15 years. I’ll be confirmed A missing person after my stint as a roadie on XLAIRX’s first and last European tour which will include the firestorming of Oktoberfest and 45 shows in Belgium alone.


Nick Hornsell - Miles Away

Top 10 Releases of 2015?

I only managed five sorry…

1. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Chasing Yesterday
2. Born Free - Sorrow
3. Title Fight - Hyperview
4. Atlas Losing Grip - Currents
5. Envy - Atheist's Cornea

Favourite reissue?
Better Than A Thousand - Just One!

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
It's not a release, but the song October Grey by The Screaming Jets. Never heard much of that band, but damn thats a good song.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Gorilla Biscuits @ Amps
Beer Fridge @ Margaret River Footy Club
AC/DC @ Subi

Biggest Disappointment?
Beanseeker still yet to make their live concert debut.

New Year's Resolution?
Water my plants every day & listen to more music.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
Euro 2016, getting more grey hairs & doing more home renos.

Prediction for 2016?
Croc's finally get their deserved recognition for being a practical, versatile & comfortable choice of urban footwear.

Nick Larter - Deadly Visions

Top 10 Releases of 2015?

1. Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes - Blossom
2. Homesick - Three
3. Miles Away - Tide
4. Parkway Drive - Ire
5. Title Fight - Hyperview
6. Lamb of God - Sturm Und Drang
7. Harms Way - Rust
8. Bitter End - Illusions of Dominance
9. Thy Art is Murder - Holy War
10. Adam Lowe - A New Place

Still haven't picked up new Ganbaru, Rust Proof and Crowned Kings but I'm sure they are all top ten worthy.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?

Earth Crisis - To The Death

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Miles Away/Blacklisted

Gorilla Biscuits

Napalm Death/ Carcass

Biggest Disappointment?

Vigilante calling it a day.

New Year's Resolution?

Errrr do better at stuff??? no one ever keeps their resolution anyway...

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?

New Mindsnare!!! Ksh Ksh Ksh Ksh

Prediction for 2016?
Mindsnare will play Sydney and let Deadly Visions support...


Shannon Cannon- Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls, Crisis Alert, Standard Union

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
These are in no particular order except that Shannon & the Clams is definitely #1.
1. Shannon & the Clams - Gone By The Dawn
2. Cosmic Psychos - Cum The Raw Prawn
3. Royal Headache - High
4. Sonics - This Is The Sonics
5. King Khan & the BBQ Show - Bad News Boys
6. Dirty Fences - Full Tramp
7. Guantanamo Baywatch - Darling...It's Too Late
8. The Toss - Yob
9. Flour - Morbid Thoughts
10. Gooch Palms - Trackside Daze

Favourite reissue?
Sweet Baby – It’s A Girl

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
Okmoniks – Party Fever!

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
CJ Ramone @ Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
Oblivians @ Wooly Mammoth, Brisbane
HITS & Meatbeaters @ Cumberland, Glanville

Biggest Disappointment?
Having to wade through trendy dudes to see Cosmic Psychos now because they’re flavour of the month.

New Year's Resolution?
To continue breaking my new year’s resolutions before the end of January.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
Getting the Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls album out.

Prediction for 2016?
Flour will be my new favourite band. They blew me away at River Rocks this year.


Adam Mossman - Annihilate Music

Top 10 releases 2015?

1. Forstora - For All That Will Save Or Destroy Us
2. Good Riddance - Peace In Our Time
3. H2O - Use Your Voice
4. Losing Grip - Long Bright Dark
5. Make Do And Mend - Don't Be Long
6. Miles Away - Tide
7. Parkway Drive - Ire
8. Relentless - Price Of Pain
9. Terror - The 25th Hour
10. Turnstile - Nonstop Feeling

Honourable Mentions:

Bitter End - Illusion Of Dominance
Born Free - Sorrow
Rotting Out - The Reckoning
Suburban Scum - Ultimate Annihilation

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn't released in 2015?

Descendents - Filmage

Top 3 favourite shows/tours this year?

Defeater, Bane, Miles Away, Truthseeker @ Rosemount
Good Riddance @ Amplifier
Pennywise @ Metropolis Fremantle

Biggest disappointment?

Small show turnouts, Eagles losing AFL grand final, not going to the Mentawais this year

New Year's Resolution?

Surf more, work less

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?

Travel, new Ignite and Castle Bravo albums, footy starting up again

Prediction for 2016?

Eagles win AFL, Eels win NRL, NSW win State Of Origin, Madball tour



Adam Lowe - Boneless

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
1. Defeater - Abandoned
2. Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go
3. Homesick - Three
4. Jose Gonzalez - Vestiges and Claws
5. Raised Fist - From the North
6. Free - Demo 2015
7. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie and Lowell
8. Lo! - The Tongueless
9. Miles Away - Tide
10. Union of Faith - Union of Faith

Favourite reissue?
Sigur Ros - ( )

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
The Occupants - Hindsight

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Lo! at Frankie's
Bane and Defeater at The Bald Faced Stag
Mariachi el Bronx at The Metro

Biggest Disappointment?
2015 for Boneless was the year of unfortunate timing. It meant that we didn't get to play as many shows in support of our debut album 'Gratitude' or meet the expectations we had for the band in regards to touring and whatnot.
Also, the fact that we supported Sick Of It All the same day that I flew out to the States allowing Jake from Vigilante to swoop down and show me up was kind of disappointing.

New Year's Resolution?
To be fitter, happier and more productive.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
I'm really looking forward to playing a ridiculous amount of music this year!
I have plans for a new solo project release this year, and Matt Sourdin and I have been working hard on tightening the screws in our live show which we are just about ready to take on the road.
I'll be spending the next few months writing new Boneless material and I'm excited to see what comes out of the ideas we've been throwing around as a band.
And then I've also been playing in a new band started by Jake from Vigilante with Dean (Vigilante) and Mick (Irrelevant). We're halfway through the recording of an EP which should be out some time in the first half of the year.
On top of all this I have a wedding to plan, so I'm pumped to be extremely busy in 2016!

Prediction for 2016?
Sourdin's hair will finally kill off the rest of his body and we'll have a real life Cousin Itt playing bass for Boneless, which will be incredibly marketable.


Daniel Frasca - Culture Of Ignorance

Top 10 Releases of 2015?

In no particular order:-

Swervedriver - I Wasn't Born to Lose You
Turnstile - Nonstop Feeling
Royal Headache - High
Axis - Show Your Greed
Turnover - Peripheral Vision
Forced Order - Vanished Crusade
California X - Nights in the Dark
Failure - the Heart is a Monster
Old Wounds - the Suffering Spirit
Foals - What Went Down

I couldn't fit all of my favourites of 2015 into the list, so honorable mentions to:-

Cheatahs - Mythologies
Foundation - Turncoat

Favourite reissue?

Placebo – Black Market Music

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?

It's a tie between Adorable - Against Perfection & Pale Saints - In Ribbons

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to attend many shows aside from the ones we played this year, but here’s my top three!

Citizen @ The Bald Faced Stag

Long Knife/AVO/Hostile Objects/Unknown to God @ the Valve

Toe to Toe Melbourne weekender @ Bar 12 & the Bendigo

Biggest Disappointment?

I paid $100 to see Mobb Deep because they toured Australia for the 20th anniversary of "the Infamous" and the tour was being promoted as "performing the classic album...IN FULL". Now while I may not care for the rest of Mobb Deep’s material for the most part, the Infamous is my favourite hip hop album of all time and so I really didn't mind the steep ticket price to see something that i'd more than likely never see again. On the night there was about eight or nine DJ acts performing before Mobb Deep and neither myself nor my partner cared to stick around for that, so we ventured out into Fox Studios to kill time until the headliners were due on at around 11pm. It started to rain torrentially the second we stepped out of the venue, and the crowd at the pub were too boisterous for our liking so we were forced to take refuge in my car until Mobb Deep were due on stage. After a couple of hours or so we headed back inside and they were just about to start. We were both pretty excited. They performed 90 minute set and only played two songs from the album. It truly was the icing on the very shitty cake we’d been baking all damn evening. I left the venue thinking “Kudos for staying true to your lyrics for 20 years guys, I guess there really "ain't no such things as halfway crooks" after all...”

Oh and missing the Rival Mob sucked too.

New Year's Resolution?

Get out to more shows & hopefully get overseas to play some shows with COI.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?

Failure touring Australia, hitting the studio to record our next release and new music from Basement & Nothing.

Prediction for 2016?

Insane Clown Posse said that once their sixth album was released “the end would consume us all”, and that was 2002. So I guess we can look forward to a fourteenth year of filling in time.

Nicole Goodwin - Don’t Need You Records

Top 10 Releases of 2015?

1.Foundation – Turncoat

2. G.L.O.S.S - Demo

3. Title Fight – Hyperview

4. Rebirth - Instincts Of Suffering

5. Endless Heights - Teach You How To Leave

6. Cursed Earth / Burning Season split

7. Blinded - Mourn Her

8. XreprentanceX – The Sickness of Eden

9. Miles Away - Tide

10. Firewalker - Demo


Favourite reissue?

Path Of Resistance – Who Dares Wins

Turning Point – Discography


Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?

I honestly can’t think of anything!


Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

1. The whole LAIRAPALOOZA WEEKEND – heaps of people over 3 shows with some of the best hardcore and punk bands in the country. A couple of bands playing their first shows, Shackles with double drum was mental, all the covers at the edge day show were so, so fun and watching the drumming during Shitgrinder was mesmerising.

2. The Iron Mind “last show indefinitely” with Extortion, Born Free and Rebirth @ The Bendigo in Colingwood.

3. The XLAIRX first show at Grumpy’s Green where over 100 people turned up for the first band (xlairx) and they opened with the terminator intro into firestorm.


Biggest Disappointment?

Always has and always will be; people sneaking into shows and not supporting the bands.


New Year's Resolution?

Finish my Masters Degree. Finish another issue of the NRRRDS zine.


What you're most looking forward to in 2016?

More releases from new bands. More positivity.


Prediction for 2016?

Rebirth continuing to be the best current hardcore band in the country.


Dave Immerz - Vigilante

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
1.Out Of Body – Evaporate
2.Fade – Identity
3.Union Of Faith – Demo
4.World Be Free – Demo
5.No Tolerance – You Walk Alone
6.Violent Reaction – Marching On
7.Blacklisted – When People Grow, People Go
8.Imprisoned – Hard To Kill
9.Give – Electric Flower Circus
10.Into Another – Omens

Favourite reissue?
Turning Point – Discography
Fit For Abuse – Mindless Violence

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
Jawbox – Novelty

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Miles Away/Blacklisted tour
Royal Headache live
Boneless live

Biggest Disappointment?
Mindsnare not playing in Sydney

New Year's Resolution?
Releasing the Vigilante demo 7"

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
New Hit List record

Prediction for 2016?
World peace

MITZI - Diecut

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
In no particular order
It's You - Gold Class
Words That Seem To Slip Away - Jess Locke
Infinite Void/Moth split
Wrony/Kundle - Prison
Minor Light - 14 Nights At Sea
self titled - Terrible Truths
Abyss - Chelsea Wolfe
highlife - Making
good boy - Burlap
self titled tape - Mollusc

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?

Gold Tango Ep - Gold Tango

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Gold class album launch at the tote with mollusc and deep heat
Terrible Truths album launch at the John Curtin with beaches and deep heat
High Tension launch at Howler was lots of fun with Outright and Diecut

Biggest Disappointment?

Luckily I haven't really had any.

New Year's Resolution?

Music wise? Started jamming with a new two piece so maybe try and make something tangible from that. Also hopefully get some Diecut songs finally recorded properly and released.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
My girlfriend and I are planning on moving overseas for the second half of the year so nothing can really top that for something to look forward to. Although the year will get a good kick start with the Deafcult launch at the Evelyn on the 9th Jan with Whitewalls and Diecut. That will be a fun night.

Prediction for 2016?

Everyone will have a nice time. The patriarchy will come to an end and we will all live in a utopian socialist matriarchy. Free and easy.

Joel Attenborough - Punk Rock Hillbilly, Irrelevant

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
1.Rotting Out - Reckoning
2. Youth Decay - The Party's Over
3. Make Do and Mend - Don't Be Long
4. Good Riddance - Peace in Our time
5. Beach Slang - The Things we Do to Find People who Feel Like Us
6. G.L.O.S.S - Demo
7. We Set Sail - This Could be the Tragedy We've Been Waiting For
8. Joey Cape - Stitch Puppy
9. H2O - use your voice
10. Chris Cresswell - One Week Record

Favourite reissue?
Broken Thrills - Beach Slang (their 2 7"s released in 2014 on one record)

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
Everything Jawbreaker ever did... Christ i was late to the party on this one. I was standoffish because everyone jocks them, and i wanted them to sound faster/snottier/louder (like Osker) - but i threw it on again recently and couldn't stop listening to them, album after album.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Lagwagon/The Flatliners
Bodyjar @ Newtown Social Club
(pre-emptive at the time of writing this) Irrelevant/Boneless/Hazards/Hurt Unit

Biggest Disappointment?
Last Nerve are STILL broken up

New Year's Resolution?
Finish this website for a podcast i listen to... long story... nerds gonna nerd.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
Hazards Full Length (I said this last year too... maybe one day it will come true)
Hurt Unit Full Length (I heard they demos, and they are fucking UNREAL)
People shutting the fuck up about saying 'WHERE'S MY HOVERBOARD' because a movie predicted a bunch of things that were meant to happen this year.

Prediction for 2016?
I'm not saying I want it to happen - but SKA is due for a resurgence.

Chris “Choppaz” Brayshaw - Rust Proof, 1054

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
1.Psycroptic - Self Titled
2.Lamb Of God - VII: Sturm Und Drang
3.Crowned Kings - Forked Road
4.Parkway Drive - IRE
5.Wisdom In Chains - The God Rythm
6.Worst - Instinto Ruim
7.Agnostic Front - The American Dream Died
8.Relentless - Price Of Pain
9.Reactions - Soul Witness
10.Pro Pain - Voice of rebellion

Favourite reissue?

Haven't got one haha

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?

Dissection - Reinkaos (Greatest album i have ever heard. Black Rock & Roll !!!!!!!!!)

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Goatwhore/Psycroptic at The Barwon club on a wednesday night shit went off hahaha
Necro - The Terminator tour tits on stage everywhere hahaha
Sick Of It All at the Corner hotel. My mates got to support, now going on tour in Europe with them

Biggest Disappointment?

Paul Bostaph drumming on new Slayer record, Paul Waistell said it not me hahaha

New Year's Resolution?

Dont make them

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?

Touring Nasty and bringing out an Old school tough guy hardcore band

Prediction for 2016?

Crowned Kings start touring more often than their not.



Alix Katala - Manhunt

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
Foundation - Turncoat
Disgrace - True Enemy
The Rival Mob - Speak with Power CS tape
No Tolerance - You Walk alone LP
PDC Demo
G.L.O.S.S Demo
Nerve Damage Demo

Favourite reissue?
I generally don't really pay attention to reissues unless it's another Gather record.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
That other Disgrace record is sick. I didn't start listening to them before this year and they are A+ pitting material.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Manhunt/Internal Rot tour because we got to hang with the freaks of Internal Rot
Basically any tour that happened that brought my friends to Adelaide because it was fucking GREAT to see you all.

Biggest Disappointment?
Finding competition in punk between labels, women, and bands. The amount of people who come to shows in 2015 has halved from 2014.

New Year's Resolution?
Maintain the distance I have created from punk drama and politics, and start another band.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
Hopefully something O/S, more fun tours.

Prediction for 2016?
The amount of people who come to shows in 2016 will halve again from 2015.

Graham Nixon - Resist Records

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
In no particular order:
Citizen “Everybody Is Going To Heaven” LP
Miles Away “Tide”
Turnover “Peripheral Vision” LP
Violent Reaction “Marching On” LP
Turnstile “Nonstop Feeling” LP
Union Of Faith "Demo"
Relentless “Price Of Pain” LP
Defeater “Abandoned” LP
Chain Rank “Up Against The Wall” LP
Free "Demo"

Favourite reissue?
Farside “The Monroe Doctrine”, Leatherface “Mush” LP and Turning Point “Discography", lots of other great reissues throughout the year, however these have both been out of print for a long time and rule.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
Violent Soho “Hungry Ghost”

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Gorilla Biscuits - Bald Faced Stag
Parkway Drive - Hordern Pavilion
Against Me! - Metro Theatre

Biggest Disappointment?
South Sydney’s premiership defence.

New Year's Resolution?
To eat less sweets and exercise more.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
My wedding and to do some travelling as well as some exciting new releases.

Prediction for 2016?
More 80’s bands to reform for one off festival appearances.


Brett Eitzen - Outright

Top 10 Releases of 2015:
1. Hot Tears - The Chorus
2. Black Breath - Reaping Flesh
3. War on Women - s/t
4. Turnover - Peripheral Vision
5. Napalm Death - Apex Predator
6. Rolo Tomassi - Grievances
7. Cult Leader - Lightless Walk
8. Grenadiers - Summer
9. G.L.O.S.S. - Demo
10. Sleater Kinney - No Cities to Love

Favourite reissue:
Damnation A.D. - Kingdom of Lost Souls

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015:
Erica Freas - Belly

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year:
- Hot Tears / Erica Freas - So haunting it gave me shivers (both Melbourne shows)
- Napalm Death / Carcass / Extortion - it would be hard to top this as a bill, and lived up to expectations and more.
- Rise Against / Clowns / Outright - Was an incredible experience to be a part of this tour, and to share with two awesome bands full of great people.
Special Mention - The unleashing of xLairx. A VSXE force to be reckoned with the theatrical flair of 1980's WWF Wrestling!

Biggest Disappointment:
Not getting a chance to see/play Bane's final European shows. Almost worked out.

New Year's Resolution:
Be more aware of my entitlement and privilege as a white, straight, cis male and to use the opportunities these provide to continue promoting the amazing efforts of, and musical output from women, LGBTIQ folks, people of colour and other groups that continue to be under represented and not always made to feel welcome. Especially in spaces within the punk/hardcore scene, which are meant to reject all of the discrimination that makes mainstream society such a shitty place.

Also from a personal wellbeing perspective - Live more, worry less!

What you're most looking forward to in 2016:
Singing along to Bane live at least one more time (hopefully), Writing new Outright songs, getting my open water diving license, seeing more of New Zealand....and hopefully the world

Prediction for 2016:
The Rebirth LP will be a ripper!



Nathan Garland - Born Free, Broken

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
1.Freedom - U.S.A Hardcore
2.Turnstile - Non Stop Feelin'
3.Best Coast - California Nights
4.No Warning - Friends In High Places
5.The Beautiful Ones - Jaded Love
6. Petal - Shame
7.Little Desert - Saeva
8.Manhunt - S/T
9.Controlled / Primitive Blast Split
10.Ill Natured - Depths of Dispair

Favourite reissue?
Both Leeway reissues

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
Citizen - Youth

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Miles Away and Blacklisted Tour
Born Free LP Launch
Iron Mind Last Show
Rival Mob at Bar Open

Biggest Disappointment?
Not enough new bands & Vigilante splitting...

New Year's Resolution?
Record and produce a record myself

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
Turnstile tour, Broken record coming out. I hope Freedom come here too!

Prediction for 2016?
Some dumb ironic subculture that everyone forgot about will resurface because some moron has influence over other morons.


Amy Muir - Diecut

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
In no particular order
Royal Headache- High
Rule of Thirds- s/t
Fourteen Nights at Sea- A Minor Light
Deafcult- s/t
Pale heads-Headless
Batpiss- Biomass
Gold Class- It's You
Self Defense Family- Heaven is Earth
Terrible Truths- s/t
Angel Haze- Back to the woods

Favourite reissue?

This year The Drones reissued Wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by on vinyl and that was sick. I love The Drones

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?

This year I heard Pink Flag by Wire and freaked out. It was awesome. I've listened to it so many times since. Perfect record

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

My top three were a show with mere women and gold class at the start of the year at old bar, that was so much fun. Also with High Tension and Outright at howler, and then getting to play a show with our friends in self defense family was great too.

Biggest Disappointment?

My biggest disappointment was probably myself because I didn't try hard enough at a few things I wanted to do and was a bit of a lazy drunk

New Year's Resolution?

Be less of a lazy drunk, work harder, make a record

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?

Getting to see the divine sonic trinity for the first time since 2010. Dirty Three are playing one show at Sugar Mountain festival and we have tickets. So excited.

Prediction for 2016?

Hopefully releasing a record



Michael & Robert Fitzsimmons - Life Lair Regret Records, xLairx

Top 10 Releases Of 2015?
xRepentancex – The Sickness Of Eden
Guidance – Path Of Grace
All Out War – Dying Gods
Blistered – The Poison Of Self Confinement
Old Wounds – The Suffering Spirit
Born Free - Sorrow
Axis – Show Your Greed
No Tolerance – You Walk Alone
Disgrace – True Enemy
Harms Way – Rust

Favourite Reissue?
Turning Point Discography and 7’’

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
As Friends Rust – Won

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Rival Mob
Blacklisted/Code Orange/Gorilla Biscuits

Biggest disappointment?
Sadly Starvation breaking up, The Weight breaking up and people letting petty things impact shows.

New year’s resolution?
Tour a band, release more records and tapes and finish Fallout 4.

What you’re most looking forward to in 2016?
The continuing rise and popularity of 90s hardcore, more bands having things to say instead of empty words. Watching Melbourne produce so many fantastic new bands and motivated older ones.

Prediction for 2016?
Rebirth to take over, Blinded to become huge, Broken to bring the best banter in Australia and more young kids starting bands that will blow everyone else away. Second Guess records to become the kings of Melbourne hardcore.


Adam Thomas - Ganbaru

Top 10 Releases of 2015?

1.Comeback Kid – Die Knowing

2.Anchor – Distance & Devotion

3.After The Fall – Dedication

4.Raised Fist – From The North

5.Napalm Death – Apex Predator (Easy Meat)

6.Crowned Kings – Forked Road

7.No Turning Back – Never Give Up

8.Wisdom In Chains – The God Rhythm

9.Miles Away - Tide

10.Vision Of Disorder – Razed To The Ground


Favourite reissue?

Don’t think I got a reissue at all this year.


Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?

The Geeks – Still Not In This Alone


Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

1. Bane @ Arrow on Swanston

2. Iron Chic @ The Reverence Hotel

3. The Exploited @ Max Watts Melbourne


Biggest Disappointment?

Losing too many people in my life this year. RIP.


New Year's Resolution?

Move more, eat less.


What you're most looking forward to in 2016?

Ganbaru SE Asia tour in January


Prediction for 2016?

The new Driven Fear record will be insane!



Luke Dolan - Hazards, White Male Dumbinance

Top 10 Releases Of 2015?
1.War On Women S/T
2.Royal Headache "High"
3.Sleater-Kinney "No Cities To Love"
4.The Bomb "The Axis Of Awesome" EP
5.Manhunt S/T
6.Paul Nice & Phill Most Chill "The Fabreeze Brothers"
7.Give "Sonic Bloom" EP
8.Infinite Void / MOTH split 7"
9.Egyptian Lover "1984"
10.Salad Days doco DVD

Favourite reissue?
Bells Of "00/85"

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
Nasty Facts "Drive My Car" 7" (1981)
Screaming Sneakers "Marching Orders" EP (1982)

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Gorilla Biscuits @ The Bald Faced Stag
Manhunt & White Male Dumbinance @ The Factory Theatre
Blueline Medic & Fear Like Us @ The Hamilton Station Hotel
Big Daddy Kane @ The Oxford Arts Factory

Biggest Disappointment?
Having to miss the Rival Mob show due to adulthood

New Year's Resolution?
To come up with a deep & meaningful New Years resolution for 2017

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
Hanging out with my two sons & teaching them how to steal records for me
Taking my wife to see Sleater-Kinney @ The Opera House for her birthday

Prediction for 2016?
My lifelong wish to finally release the Hazards LP will spontaneously combust along with my other kidulthood hopes & dreams


Matt “Footy” Horvath - Crisis Alert, Stolen Youth, Clarity Records

Top 10 Releases of 2015?
1. Turnover – Peripheral Vision
2. Death Cab For Cutie – Kintsugi
3. Baroness – Purple
4. Ceremony – The L-Shaped Man
5. No Tolerance – You Walk Alone
6. Kurt Vile – B’Lieve I’m Going Down
7. Sleater-Kinney – No Cities To Love
8. Helta Skelta – Beyond The Black Stump
9. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Night Creeper
10. Refused – Freedom

Favourite reissue?
Massappeal – Nobody Likes A Thinker LP+7”

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
Sonic Youth – Sonic Nurse (I never liked Sonic Youth until recently)

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
- Rival Mob at the Crown and Anchor
- Death Cab For Cutie at HQ
- Mogwai at Thebarton Theatre

Biggest Disappointment?
- The death of Phil Walsh
- The fall of the Australian dollar

New Year's Resolution?
I have a number of releases planned for various bands, I want to get them all out. Also win a flag.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
Watching my daughter grow. Watching and playing a lot of football

Prediction for 2016?
Adelaide Crows to finish 9th or 10th, just missing the finals

Simon Walker - Melbourne

Top 10 Releases of 2015?

1. Royal Headache-High
I must admit I was pretty late on this band and this album but it was my most listened to album of the year and has so many catchy hooks.
2. Strung Out-Transmission Alpha Delta
Return to form for Strung Out and I think it was head and shoulders above the albums released by Lagwagon & Good Riddance this year
3. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes-Blossom
Stumbled upon this album somehow and I love the variety of the songs and Franks vocals.
4. Build & Destroy-Map Of Heavens
Catchy as hell and one of the only newish style hardcore bands that caught my eye this year.
5. Long Knife-Meditations on Self Destruction
From Portland and sound like Poison Idea. Enough said.
6. Noisom-Blossoming Decay
This album is full speed ahead the whole time. Brutal & Beautiful at the same time.
7. Mutoid Man-Bleeder
Cave In crossed with Converge. I liked their EP and loved this just as much.
8. Not On Tour-Bad Habits
Female fronted Israeli Punk band that is fast & catchy as hell. 22 Mins of punk rock done the right way.
9. Miles Away-Tide
These guys can do no wrong as well all know. Tide is the cherry on top of their already impressive discography.
10. Union Of Faith-Demo
This band literally sounds like the First Step crossed with Betrayed which makes sense as Aram & Stephen St Germain are both in the band. The recording is great and you just know anything they do will be solid.

Favourite reissue?
Turning Point Discography with the original demo 7" and updated layout.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2015?
I listened to the album From Left To Right by Adhesive a bunch this year. Smaller Swedish punk band from the 90's. This album is up there with any of the 90's skate punk albums from the time.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Long Knife @ The Bendigo
Foo Fighters @ Etihad stadium
Mariachi El Bronx @ Ding Dong

Biggest Disappointment?
Paying to see Everclear play sparkle and fade in full. I knew it would be kind of bad but not THAT bad.

New Year's Resolution?
Go to more shows. I really didn't get out to as many shows as i would have liked to. But i did have a baby so that's my excuse.

What you're most looking forward to in 2016?
Watching my lil boy grow up and turn 1 in June.

Prediction for 2016?
More bands that should have stayed broken up will reform.





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