Welcome to our annual end of year wrap up, as we celebrate 2012, the year that was.

2012 was a busy year in the realms of punk/hardcore. A lot of established bands put out new releases and more than ever before, a lot of bands reunited. While the 25th anniversary of Revelation Records gave bands like Quicksand, Texas Is The Reason, Chain Of Strength a reason to reunite, many questioned the intentions of a lot of other reunions that transpired. Sadly this year on a local level we also said farewell to the likes of Fires Of Waco, A Death In The Family, Ill Vision, Phantoms, The Hollow and Break Even as they all decided to part ways.

There was no shortage of international tours from the likes of Basement, EyeHateGod, Defeater, Make Do And Mend, Refused, Backtrack, Harms Way, Cruel Hand, Xibalba, Trapped Under Ice, Suicidal Tendencies, Burning Love, Rival Schools, Tim Barry, Ceremony, Terror, Punch, Lagwagon, At The Gates, Pour Habit, Sublime, Turbonegro, La Dispute, The Exploited, Toxic Holocaust, Strike Anywhere, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Bitter End, The Specials, Anchor and a shitload more.

So what were out top 5 picks for shows this year? Drum roll please….



1. Hardcore 2012

Mindsnare, Miles Away, Terror, Iron Mind, Survival, Civil War, Vigilante and the final stand from Break Even, all under the one roof.

(Click here for some pics and video)

2. Miles Away Make It A Decade Tour

Ten-year celebration of one of the country’s finest musical exports.

3. Make Do And Mend / Touche Amore

Great to finally get to appreciate MDAM in some more intimate atmospheres, rather than bunged onto a festival lineup.

(Click here for some pics and video)

4. Agnostic Front / Sick Of It All

NYHC tag team double up, that showed a lot of younger bands just how its done and that age shall not weary them.

(Click here for some pics)

5. Defeater / Blacklisted

Second visit in consecutive years from Defeater, proved to be just as good as the first.

There were a lot of solid releases from some of the biggest international bands in the punk and hardcore genres, while locally a lot of newish bands put out some damn fine impressive debut releases. Below you’ll find our comprehensive listing of what exactly floated our boat this year, along with our favourite documentaries, biggest disappointment and predictions for 2013.



1. Classics Of Love – “S/T” (Asian Man Records)

Operation Ivy frontman, Jesse Michaels returns to the fold in what was easily my most played not so hardcore release of 2012. Joining up with members of Hard Girls, this record is the perfect blend of pop punk sing-alongs, flat out hardcore punk tracks and even the odd ska song too. Kind of like throwing the Clash, Operation Ivy and Avail into a melting pot as an experiment and being delighted with the end result. It sounds a little dirty and raw in places, but this only adds to its character. Has a fist pumping, thought provoking, fuck society vibe to it that seems incredibly absent from most modern day punk rock these days. Even if you approached this expecting Operation Ivy Mark II, you wouldn’t walk away disappointed. Now that’s a bold statement and a half..

2. Hot Water Music – “Exister” (Rise Records)

There was no way conceivable that this album would not be good. During their time apart, Chuck Ragan forged a successful solo career, as did Chris Wollard. George joined Against Me and Jason Black joined Senses Fail. These guys were all in demand, as they are all amazing musicians, highly respected by their peers and contemporaries. Time apart is healthy for any relationship and it shows with their approach to these new songs. Its still catchy, still intelligent and still sounds like Hot Water Music. The midas touch of Bill Stevenson on production duties only further added to the appeal of this album. Comeback album of the year, just happens to be one of the best releases all year too.

3. Title Fight – “Floral Green” (SideOneDummy)

Third time lucky for Title Fight, as they finally discover their own unique sound and cease imitating the likes of Lifetime and the Get Up Kids to deliver an amazing album. I always found Title Fight to be somewhat over rated as a band. Sure they stood out from the pack, as they were doing something different to everyone else, but yet that something always sounded to me like a poor man’s version of someone else. This record however is brilliant from start to finish as they explore not only different styles, but also different tempos. For a band who found fame playing fast, catchy tunes, their real strengths on this record are the slower, more moodier numbers. Whether or not that appeal transcends to the live environment, remains to be seen come April.

4. Make Do And Mend – “Everything You’ve Ever Loved” (Rise Records)

Ever since I first heard MDAM, I always felt they would be the next band to occupy the empty throne left vacant by the split of Hot Water Music. With each release they improve in sound and grow in stature and really continue to impress. Every track on this release, kind of feels like listening to a whole album in one song. The intricate structure, the well thought out build-ups and the sonic climax each song seems to go through are really quite amazing. This whole album is like a journey or voyage of sorts and while each song sounds different to the next, every song still sounds like MDAM, no easy feat to pull off. Witnessing these songs performed live for the first time only increased my love for this record. This band, really deserve a lot more credit and fanfare than they seem to be getting.

5. Propaghandi – “Failed States” (Epitaph)

This album probably disappointed a lot of people who were expecting another “Supporting Caste”, but its not like Propagandhi to not progress with each new release. This album took a lot more digesting than previous efforts and once you give it a chance, you come to realize it’s a technical masterstroke of songwriting. It’s still a very angry, sarcastic and very politically charged social commentary, but the music has a lot more mood and feeling to it. The shredding is still very evident, their riffs are the equivalent to other band’s solos, even what at first appears as a simplistically structured song, is far from that, once you break it down. They really have mastered the art of presenting the complex as simple. I like this album more and more with every listen.

6. Pennywise – “All Or Nothing” (Epitaph)

Honestly I haven’t really paid much attention to Pennywise since their groundbreaking second album, “The Unknown Road”. Everything following this release seems to blend in sound and structure into one giant mass of mediocrity. However the loss of original frontman Jim Lindberg, soon led to the addition of Ignite’s Zoli Teglas and my interest in the band was reborn. Couple that with perhaps the most musically interesting album the band has written in their career and you have one of the greatest albums of the year. Sure its formulatic, anthemic and super cheesy, but on the whole, its also probably the catchiest album released all year. Jim has since rejoined the band and Zoli is back in Ignite, so my interest will no doubt be short lived by the time the next release rolls around, but this is a great comeback album.

7. Bouncing Souls – “Comet” (Rise Records)

Feels like I’m back in the early 90s listing my fave releases of the year reeling off Propagandhi, Pennywise and now the Bouncing Souls, but there really is something to be said for talent equaling longevity. I didn’t care too much for their last release “Ghosts on the Boardwalk”, sure it has some classic tracks on it, but overall, as it was a collection of anniversary 7inch releases, it just didn’t have the flow of “The Gold Record”. I had a feeling this would all be rectified with this album. The Souls have perfected the pop punk song writing formula to an absolute tee and the first guitar chord of this album is total reassurance that all is right in the world of punk rock. Pretty much every song on here is amazing and so unbelievably catchy too.

8. Your Favourite Trainwreck ‘ “S/T” (Fortunate Son)

I’m a sucker for the vocal stylings of Farside’s Popeye Vogelsang. Put him in a band with Gameface’s Jeff Cauldhill and I’m already sold before I’ve even heard a single song. These are two of the greatest punk rock /emo frontmen of the 90s, who are more than comfortable with their own voices, their greatest assets. Sure they have mellowed with age to write some damn fine rocking tracks that could easily be categorized as Alt Country or radio rock even, but when you hear them both combine to sing a two part harmony, it really is something else, something quite beautiful actually. This album takes me back to so many good times.

9. The Gaslight Anthem – “Handwritten” (Universal Music)

Lead in single, the very catchy “45” received a lot of airplay and was a wise choice as an introduction to this album. First listen and I was tapping along straight away to the catchy “whoah oah” choruses on the more upbeat songs on here that really make Handwritten. There are a few slower numbers, which bop along and are kept as interesting as possible, but I really find the strength to Gaslight’s music is when they quicken things up a touch. Their sound doesn’t need to be dulled down to make them more accessible to the masses, rather I’d wish they’d stick to what they do best. Fortunately there are more good than not so good songs on here.

10. Joyce Manor - “Of All Things You Will Soon Grow Tired” (Asian Man Records)

I only first discovered Joyce Manor this year, so deduct my scene points for being a latecomer, hipsters. Joyce Manor pretty much sound like an English version of Jawbreaker, or perhaps Morrisey fronting early Alkaline Trio even. Their faster paced, more upbeat tracks are where this band really shines and while variety is the spice of life, I almost wish at times they’d stick to what they do best. Though this does contain a real cool, reworked cover of “Video Killed The Radio Star”. This release would have been higher up on my list were it not for the couple of annoying filler songs on this record. It almost sounds like it was a little rushed to continue the acclaim built on from their debut of last year.



Waking up on Thursday August 2nd to the news about the passing of Tony Sly, better known as the frontman for No Use For A Name was shocking to hear. This loss was felt by many, as this was a man who had penned their teenage soundtracks through classic albums such as “Don’t Miss The Train”, “The Daily Grind”, “Leche Con Carne”, “Making Friends” and “More Betterness”.

I first saw the band live in 1995 when they initially toured on “Leche Con Carne” and I last saw them in 2011. While my love for them did falter as they moved further away from the hardcore sound of the classic “Daily Grind” album, they were a band I would often return too, as they remind me of a time period of my life. In the early 90s when I first discovered snowboarding, NUFAN were the soundtrack to the videos I would watch over and over again.

Over the past 5 years I revisited a lot of NUFAN releases I neglected, as at the time of their release I was of the mindset the band had gotten ‘too soft’. Upon listening I soon came to the realisation that Tony Sly is an incredible songwriter and truly a very gifted musician. While some doubts have been raised about the cause of his death, his legacy deserves to remain dignified and celebrated for the genius he was.

Rest In Peace Tony Sly.



1. Peace “S/T” React Records

Former frontman of The First Step, Stephen St. Germain returns in a new band with Andy Norton (better known as the frontman in Praise and the bassplayer in Champion, who also just happened to also be the first bass player in The First Step) on bass, joined by Steven and Mike from Mindset on guitar and drums, together playing a youth crew style that really sounds a lot like a cross between The First Step and Mindset. What a coincidence, hey? There are 5 tracks on this debut self-titled EP, all sounding different to each other and all are rock solid.  Opening track "Be Here Now" is an absolute killer and was stuck in my head for weeks. If like me, you felt like there has been a bit of a void of solid youth crew bands of late then get a hold of this, as its brilliant from start to finish.

2. Beware “Won’t Get The Best Of Me” Back To Back Records

After their amazing 4 song demo release last year, there was no way this five song 7 inch would be nothing short of brilliant. Featuring re-recordings of three of the demo songs coupled with two new tracks, this is like a sped up version of Chain Of Strength, right down to the similarities of vocal delivery or maybe even In My Eyes at times as well. The band consists of former and current members of Stick Together, Let Down and Mother Of Mercy and is apparently more or less a side project, but really needs to be more of a fulltime thing. Would not be out of place in the Revelation 90’s catalog.

3. Mindset “Leave No Doubt” React Records

These 10 new songs from Mindset have been well overdue and highly anticipated by my ears. Following on from their previous 7 inch releases, “Real Power” and “Time and Pressure”, Mindset pick up the pace, straight where they left off. Think of a combination of Youth Of Today meets The First Step and you’d be pretty close to the mark. From opener “Alive Inside” to closer “One Step Beyond” this is one fist clenching, sing along anthem after another. Gang vocals, pick slides, breakdowns, and a tonne of positivity, this band are miles ahead of the pack.

4. Fire and Ice “Not Of This Earth” Reaper Records

Fire and Ice followed up their past two 7"s with an amazing 12 song debut. Out of all the bands imitating the style and sound of the mighty Cro Mags, this one comes the closest and is easily the most impressive. The production sound on this is awesome, with duties handled by AJ Novello of Leeway fame. There are a lot of well-placed and ear-pricking leads and solos in most songs, much like you'd expect to find on a Leeway record perhaps. Vocals sound a lot like Dave Immerz of Last Nerve / Vigilante fame, with every song offering something a little different to the next. Leaders of the current hard riff genre, in my opinion.

5. Municipal Waste “The Fatal Feast” Nuclear Blast

I've always felt Municipal Waste really set the standard way too high for themselves with the release of "Hazardous Mutation". Subsequent albums "Art Of Partying" and "Massive Aggressive" just didn't seem to have as big an impact. Enter their latest release, "The Fatal Feast" and they are blowing my mind again. Apparently they spent a lot more time writing this record and it really shows. Usual song topics of horror, partying, religion are all covered in their sarcastic style. The riffage is mind blowing, the drumming is breathtaking and the song writing is catchy as all hell. Thrash has never been this listenable.

6. Take Offense “Under The Same Shadow” Reaper Records

Take Offense return with a follow up to their amazing "Tables Will Turn" full length, released last year. Four new songs on a one sided LP, a bit of a different release format, supposedly employed to enhance the sonic listenability, not that Take Offense need any help with that though. The Suicidal Tendencies worship continues with this new release and the vocals of AH sound even more spot on to that of Mike Muir in both style and delivery. The Terror influence still shines through too, with production duties even handled by Terror's Nick Jett. Being a huge ST fan, I love everything about this band, its like "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow" all over again.

7. ManLiftingBanner “The Revolution Continues” Crucial Response

Everyone’s favourite Dutch straight edge, communist hardcore band reunites and returns with 8 new songs repackaged with their classic “10 Inches That Shook The World” record and “Myth Of Freedom” 7 inch for an essential double LP release. New songs sound exactly like you would hope them too and the band have lost nothing in their approach and uniqueness. The music is fast, the lyrics are intelligent and the message still resonates. It’s crazy that a band can still sound this good after 15 years apart. Love this band, love this release, great to read lyrics with meaning again.

8. Boston Strangler “Primitive” Fun With Smack

If you are a hardcore purist or a traditionalist in any sense of the word, then you really need to check out The Boston Strangler's debut full length, titled, "Primitive". Imagine 11 tracks of straight up raw, pissed off hardcore that sounds so remarkably much like a modernised version of Negative FX, you'd almost swear you were listening to Choke himself and not some scrawny young kid. Many bands have tried to emulate the trademark sound of the Boston Crew and failed miserably. This is bang on, nail hit firmly on the head classic hardcore, guaranteed to please even the most jaded of hardcore purists who will tell you every one of today's bands suck.

9. Expire “Pendulum Swings” Bridge 9

Another band I was a bit late to the party on. Given the over saturation and popularity of hard riff bands, I steered clear of Expire and lumped them in with the rest. When their tour got announced, I figured I should give them a proper listen, don’t want to miss out, what could have been and all that. To me, this sounds like a mix between No Warning and Biohazard, with a perfect blend of hard riffs and bounce coupled with cheesy lyrics to boot. While there is hardly anything ground breakingly different on show here, Expire have mastered this genre well.

10. Off! “S/T” Vice Records

OFF! delivered their highly anticipated second outing with 16 new tracks, to follow up their "First Four 7 Inches" set of songs. The legendary Keith Morris fronts this "Nervous Breakdown era Black Flag" sounding band, as they blaze through 16 songs in less than 16 minutes, leaving you checking the cover to see if you somehow missed a side. The style and sound hasn't changed a bit between releases. While there are some cracking tunes on here, I also found there to be a bit of filler too. Some of the songs just sound a little... rushed maybe. Could easily have been an amazing 10-song release, rather than not being 100% satisfying.



1. Bones Brigade “An Autobiography”

Amazing doco on the greatest skateboarding team known to man, who between them basically invented nearly every trick in the book and the man who bought them all together and changed the game, Stacey Peralta. From the manic super intelligent ramblings of Rodney Mullen, the punk rocking super smooth Steve Caballero, the contest machine and robotic Tony Hawk, street skating pioneer Tommy Guerreo, McTwist inventor Mike McGill and the clown of the pack, Lance Mountain. Some amazing stories are told and some really personal insights into the ten-year domination of the Bones Brigade. You can’t help but be moved by this doco. Even if you don’t skate, this will blow you away.

2. Bad Brains “A Band In DC”

While this doco tells the tale of the band as a whole, much of the attention is focused on the life and times of the real heart of the band, frontman HR. Now to say HR's mental health has deteriorated a touch would be a massive understatement, you can't but help feel sorry for the guy and at times guilty for laughing at some of the zany things he has to say. Genius comes in many forms, often accompanied by eccentricity and perhaps HR has always been a bit crazy, but only more recently has it been recognized as a real mental health problem. From writing the lyrics to the songs that make up "Quickness" in a two-day period having never heard them before to playing a show in a motorbike helmet, you can't help but marvel at the guy and feel for the frustration of the rest of the band as they try to cope. An amazing must see!

3. Parkway Drive “Home Is For The Heartless”

The second feature length documentary from Parkway, that takes the viewer on a journey through a year in the life of the band. Featuring a mix of live and free time footage filmed throughout Europe, Japan, USA, Sth America, India and of course Australia, this a global round trip voyage, that will leave you not only amazed at the scale of the band’s popularity, but also very jealous of the life they lead. Not one to sit around a hotel room in between shows, we follow the boys as they surf, skate, jump off cliffs, ride motorbikes, shred wave pools and generally have the time of their lives. Brilliantly directed, edited and for the most part shot by the band’s drummer Ben Gordon, there is little wonder this DVD has topped the charts.



1. Survival “S/T” Resist Records

This Gold Coast powerhouse dropped a crushing debut 5-song, 7 inch, late in the year that has impressed those who have heard it and will no doubt earn them a huge following come 2013. Made up of former members of Third Strike, Against, 50 Lions, Street Youth and Spray, these guys are hardly newcomers and more or less a super group of sorts. Huge production sound on this recording, with a number of different guitar pedals mixing up the hard groove riffage. Musically, think a combo of 'Demonstrating My Style' era Madball, mixed in with some Bitter End and the odd One King Down styled, flanger-guitar lead. Vocally this is angry, not forced angry, just angry, while lyrically there are even a couple of Rage Against The Machine references. Their demo was good, this however is outstanding.

2. The Weight “Prisoners Of The Flock” Clarity Records

Adelaide five piece, The Weight dropped a killer debut release featuring 12 tracks. Musically this offers a lot more than the popular 'hard riff after hard riff' style doing the rounds. Each song is intricately constructed and mapped out, with plenty of back ground guitar tracks filling in the void separating The Weight from their contemporaries. Think of the approach bands like Expire, Fire & Ice, and Bitter End take to liven up this style and you're in the same ballpark as the Weight. Vocally, the sound of frontman, Ben's voice is dead on to that of Rob Fusco of One King Down/Most Precious Blood fame and perfectly suits what is happening musically. This is set to become an OZHC classic in years to come.

3. Hazards “Demo” Self Released

Amazing 5-song demo from this Newcastle band that features Luke Dolan (The Deadwalk / Pitfall / Life Love Regret / Arms Reach / White Male Dumbinance) on vocals, playing an old school melodic punk style. Luke's vocals are sung for a change, as opposed to his bands of the past and are really infectious, as they have a naturally gruff sound of a guy who usually yells and screams trying his hand at singing. This uniquely sets them apart from the masses of over produced, auto tune styled cleaner vocals. While this band cites influence from Husker Du, Swiz and The Wipers and these do shine through, the first song immediately has me thinking of Embrace and the last track sounds like a Pegboy tune. In other words this is well-written, brilliantly intelligent, classic punk rock. I love this demo and am so stoked to be releasing their LP in 2013. Go here for a copy.

4. Civil War “Jaded Minds” Broken Hive Records

Debut 4 song, 7inch from this Sydney band that took a long time to finally see the light of day. Featuring three former members of Persist, this is a much heavier approach than their previous band. Drawing on a range of influences both new and old, this definitely sounds like the more metal tinged approach of 90s NYHC bands. There is a strong sense of urgency and passion that shines through with the vocal delivery, while musically there is a solid mix of melody and power. While this recording doesn’t quite capture the intensity of the band live, its still very, very damn impressive. As a band they have already progressed and evolved beyond this release.

5. Shackles “Maunder” Arrest Records

Eleven song 7 inch from Byron Bay's SHACKLES, who play a mix of styles that incorporates equal parts of metal, hardcore and power violence. Shackles have a real heavy, dark, slow sound for most of these songs, mixed in with the odd moment of blast ala Mind Eraser and even classic NYHC breakdowns at times. Other times I think I can hear a bit of Rise and Fall in there. Basically there is a good mix of everything happening, that makes every song equally interesting as the one before. Vocals are abrasively screamed and sit well within what is happening musically. Not the usual style of music to emerge from Byron and its great to see that scene diversifying in sound.

6. Army Of Champions “Animal Versus Man” Arrest Records

Ten-song, debut full length from Brisbane’s Army Of Champions that follows their brilliant EP, also on the Arrest label. Channeling the sounds and inspiration of the likes of Against Me, Hot Water Music and the Gaslight Anthem, AOC’s sound would fall somewhere in between the three. With a gravelly main vocal and a smoother backing vocal, the delivery is very much reminiscent of the HWM formula. The clean guitar sound ala Gaslight and the catchy anthemic choruses much akin to Against Me, all add to the masterpiece. Throw in the odd bit of brass horn into the mix and you have one very interesting collective and matured sound for a band on its second release.

7. Mark My Words “Indicators” Skull and Bones

Debut full length from this NSW Central Coast powerhouse who, improve in leaps and bounds with each new release. Much like their awesome contribution to the Suffer Survive split, these new tracks have an aggressive hardcore feel to them, sort of like Terror for example with the odd Leeway lead worked in here and there. The huge production really highlights the progressive songwriting ability of MMW and shows the maturity in sound they've developed. It took a fair bit of effort to get this release out, but was well worth the struggle. This band really should be more celebrated than they are hopefully this release ensures that.

8. Crisis Alert “S/T”  Resist Records

New band out of Adelaide fronted by Stolen Youth bassplayer, Matt “Footy” Horvath. Ten tracks on offer here that all clock in at around the one-minute mark, making for a ten-minute long debut release. This is very much stripped down, back to basics 80s hardcore, ala Minor Threat, SSD and early 7 Seconds. The pace is fast, the music simplistic and the delivery is urgently intelligent. This easily could have been released some 30 years ago and been the perfect fit for the time period. Too good for a demo release, this is well deserving of a vinyl pressing.

9. Split Scene “Compilation LP” Urban Rage

Awesome, vinyl-only compilation of 19 of the country's finest hardcore bands from all corners of the land. Byron Bay's Shackles open side one with their powerful track "Gloat" off their recently released 7-inch, setting the scene for the audio onslaught that follows. Comp has a good mix of all styles of hardcore from raging old school, Boston sound, NYHC core, youth crew, chugga mosh and everything in between. Some bands contribute new unreleased songs, others previously released material, but overall the talent level on show here is through the roof. Stand outs: Hurt Unit, The Weight, Refrain, Civil War, Vigilante, Never Right, Thick Skin, Outright, Square One, Frozen Over. Australian hardcore is ruling at the moment.

10. Outright “Dedication” Reason and Rage Records

Debut 4-song EP from Melbourne band that features members of I Exist, ShotPointBlank and The Gun Runners. Musically this has a real 90s style vibe to it; think Within Blood meets Indecision perhaps? Female fronted with tough riffs and a touch of bounce, at times this really reminds me of early Walls Of Jericho releases, and that's not because both bands have female singers. Lyrically empowering and highly intelligent, this marks a return to thoughtful hardcore, an essential ingredient that is often amiss these days. This is a great debut and a huge step up from their demo. This band already sound ten times better than this recording when they play live.


Honorable Mentions:

11. Blkout – “Point Of No Return” Resist Records

Perth’s hard riff master’s finest release since their groundbreaking demo. Listen here.

12. Jamie Hay – “King Of The Sun” Hobbledehoy Records

Acoustic, solo, folk punk album for Conation / Fear Like Us frontman. Listen here.

13. Reincarnation “Iron Skulls Demo”

Melbourne’s answer to Cro Mags’ “Alpha Omega” era. Download here.

14. Luca Brasi – “Tassie” Poison City

Tasmanian punks offer up two new songs and a cover of the Gifthorse. Listen here.

15. Beaver “Demo”

Adelaide three piece made up of former GSLTW frontman on drums / vocals playing a mid 90’s golden era pop punk style. Download here.

16. “Shuffle & Scrape: A Tribute To Blueline Medic” Poison City Records

Australia’s finest pay tribute to one of Melbourne’s greatest. Listen here.

17. Toy Boats – “Diamond Teeth” Resist Records

Outstanding solo debut from Hugo Costin, with song writing way beyond his years. Listen here.

18. Fires Of Waco “Currents & Undertows” Poison City Records

Darker farewell release for Brisbane band of six new tracks highlighting what could have been. Listen here.

19. Agitated “S/T” Helta Skelta Records

Perth’s answer to 80’s LA skatecore thrash like JFA. Listen here.

20. Outsiders Code “Demo”

Melbourne band featuring the return of Baina from Her Nightmare / Samsara on vocals. Download here.



1. Descendents tour with Bouncing Souls, Frenzal Rhomb and Bodyjar.

2. Releasing records for Boneless, Postblue and Hazards on Rest Assured Records.

3. Titlefight / Luca Brasi tour in more suitable venues.

4. New records from Vigilante, Stolen Youth, Outsiders Code, Outright, Paper Arms, Luca Brasi, Fear Like Us, Headaches, Relentless and loads more I’m forgetting.



1. Confession will kick out Crafter again:

And replace him with You Tube sensation Juliet. The whole thing will be dragged out over social media with warring mosh crews sending an 8 year old girl death threats, calling her a scum slut.

2. Dubstepcore will become a new genre:

Bands who specialize in mechanical robot noise mixed with breakdowns, moronic lyrics, throat tattoos and Wella woman hair, will become the new thing.

3. Local bands will again be overlooked:

While an international headliner is celebrated despite being overshadowed by the support bands.

Here’s a selection of what other people thought of 2012…

Matt “Footy” Horvath – Clarity Records / Stolen Youth / Crisis Alert / Starvation


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

Propagandhi – “Failed States”

Weightless “Self-Adjustment” | SXWZD – “Grey Matter, White Matter” | The Weight “Prisoners Of The Flock” (3 way tie)

Black Breath – “Sentenced to Life”

Ceremony – “Zoo”

Baroness – “Yellow & Green”

Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Auhefben”

Hot Water Music – “Exister”

The Gaslight Anthem – “Handwritten”

Dinosaur Jr. – “I Bet On Sky”

Graveyard – “Lights Out”

For full description - http://clarityrecords.net/2012/12/footys-top-10-albums-for-2012/


Top 3 shows/tours:

Ceremony Tour

Ten Foot Pole

Burning Love at the Animal House


Biggest Disappointment For 2012:



What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

I have 4 recording projects happening in 2013 with current & new bands that I can’t wait to do.

Descendents will be great in Feb.

I also look forward to kicking ass with Clarity next year.


Prediction for 2013:

Bad hype bands will get all the recognition, when all the really good hard working bands will go under the radar almost unnoticed. But who knows, hopefully my prediction for 2013 is wrong.

Simon Walker – Rest Assured


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

1.The Menzingers-On The Impossible Past

2.Twitching Tongues-Preacher Man

3.Sharks-No Gods

4.Baroness-Yellow and green

5.Beware-Won't get the best of me

6.Jimmy Cliff-Rebirth

7.Jamie Hay-King Of The Sun

8.Nas-Life Is Good

9.The Swellers-Running out of places to go

10.Bouncing Souls-Comet


Top 3 Shows/Tours:

Bad Religion @ The Palace

Miles Away @ Phoenix Youth Centre

Ten Foot Pole @ Revolver/Lagwagon @ The Corner


Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

Rise And Fall-Faith LP

Not being able to see Hitlist reunion due to a wedding


What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

Descendents 2013 Tour


New Bad Religion Album


Prediction for 2013:

New Bad Religion album will rule

Survival will get huge

There will be no hardcore bands left to do a reunion


Joel Attenborough – Irrelevant / Old Music For Old People / Issac Graham band

Top 10 Releases For 2012:

Hazards - Demo

SXWZD - White Matter, Grey Matter


The Weight - Prisoner of the Flock

Crisis Alert 7"

The Smith Street Band - Sunshine and Technology

Make do and Mend - Everything You Ever Loved

Nofx - Self Entitled

Tenacious D - Rize of the Fenix

Tenacious D - Jazz

Special mention:

Rage Against the Machine - ST (I know it's a re-release but its just THAT FUCKING GOOD!)

Top 3 Shows/Tours:

Bad Brains/H2O @ Henry Fonda Theatre (Cali)**

**This show was one of those 'only in America' moments... Travis Barker joins H2O on stage for 'One Life, One Chance' and 'Guilty By Association', Scott Vogel does the Freddy Madball part in 'Guilty By Association' and then Matt Skiba came out and sung his part in 'What Happened'.

Make do and Mend - Annandale Hotel

Mariachi El Bronx - The Metro

Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

Last Nerve are STILL broken up

Rival Schools @ the Annandale Hotel

What you're most looking forward to in 2013:


Prediction for 2013:

Australian bands will keep putting out solid releases and get the respect/attention they deserve.

Last Nerve will not reunite

I'll have 'Last Nerve STILL didn't reunite' in my 'biggest disappointments of 2013'.

Graham Nixon – Resist Records

Top 10 Releases For 2012:

Parkway Drive "Atlas"

Burning Love "Rotten Thing To Say"

Title Fight "Floral Green"

Lana Del Rey "Born To Die"

ManLiftingBanner "The Revolution Continues"

Hoodlum Shouts "Young Man, Old Man"

Hot Water Music "Exister"

Toy Boats "Diamond Teeth"

Converge "All We Love We Leave Behind"

Murder By Death "Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon"

Top 3 Shows/Tours:

Chain Of Strength - Rev 25th, Irving Plaza, NY.

A Death In The Family - Last show Corner Hotel

The Jezabels - Hordern Pavilion

Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

Adam Reynolds' injury in the Grand Final qualifier.

What you're most looking forward to in 2013:

The start of the NRL season.

Prediction for 2013:

That the world won't end in 2012 and life will continue in 2013.

Aaron Osbourne – I Exist / Sex Wizard / Outright


Top 10 Releases For 2012

I only have five, so here they are, and the following five are the records I listened to the most this year according to iTunes ha-ha.

1. Eyehategod - New Orleans Is The New Vietnam
2. Black Breath - Sentenced to Life
3. High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis
4. Propagandhi - Failed States
5. Blood Duster - KVLT

1. Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics
2. Hard Luck - What Went Wrong
3. Frenzal Rhomb - Smoko at the Pet Food Factory
4. Eyehategod - Take as Needed for Pain
5. Gentleman's Pistols - At Her Majesty's Pleasure

Top 3 Shows/Tours:

1. Eyehategod - November Tour
2. Poison City Weekender
3. Groovin the Moo - Canberra (THE BOOZE!)

Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

30 Rock being cancelled.

What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

The new Eyehategod record, recording a new album with I Exist, Community season 4, hanging out with all of my mates around the country again, Forever Haggard.

Prediction for 2013:

It will probably be pretty bloody grouse, tons of good bands getting around, Eyehategod are releasing a new album, I have tons of awesome friends, and I'm almost finished University, these are all awesome things that are related to 2013.


Jelena Goluza – Outright / Bake Down The Walls


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

Hoodlum Shouts - Old Man Young Man

Black Breath - Sentenced to Life

The Smith Street Band - Sunshine &Technology

Crisis Alert - S/T 7"

Sex Wizard - Grey Matter, White Matter

Jamie Hay - King of the Sun

Shackles - Dissolve to Nothing

The Broderick - Free to Rot, Free of Sin

Propagandhi - Failed States

The Weight - Prisoners of the Flock


Honourable mentions:

Survival - S/T 7", Weightless - Self-Adjustment, Hot Water Music - Exister, Kromosom - Paranoid, In Trenches - Sol Obscura, Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead, Civil War - Jaded Minds 7”.


Top 3 Shows/Tours

Make It Count Fest @ Phoenix - Dec 2

Mindsnare / Warbrain / Party Vibez / Outright @ Bendigo Hotel - May 19

Hardcore 2012 - July 7 & 8, and Poison City Weekender - September 13-16


Honourable mentions:

Punch tour, Immortal Technique @ Espy, Hitlist reunion with Vigilante, Iron Mind and Outright @ Reverence Hotel, Burning Love @ Bendigo Hotel.


Biggest Disappointment for 2012

An atrocious song and graphic film clip by a certain horrendously embarrassing Qld moshcore band celebrating the singer's misogynist fantasy of beating and stabbing his girlfriend to death for wanting to be with someone else. And the disappointment of how many fans/bookers were not disgusted by it, abused those that were, and continue to encourage a bad message, lame music and pathetic humans. And the band then fronting up at venues to try and beat up the bookers who have now refused them shows - nah, actually, this part is pretty funny.


What you're most looking forward to in 2013

Writing, releasing and touring Outright's full length album and finally hearing lots of other new local projects that are underway. The as yet unannounced tours from some of my favourite international bands are getting me excited too.


Prediction for 2013

An even greater increase in positive initiatives at hardcore shows - fundraisers, outspokenness and the DIY community spirit. This year has seen it build at an exponential pace and I can't wait to see us reach an even greater potential in the months ahead as these precious few become the motivated many and we enjoy seeing the power of our intentions complement the energy in our music. Australian hardcore has never been so alive.

Andy Hayden - Poison City Records


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

1. The Smith Street Band 'Sunshine & Technology'

2. Hoodlum Shouts 'Young Man Old Man'

3. Bob Mould 'Silver Age'

4. White Walls 'S/t'

5. Lincoln Le Fevere 'Resonation'

6. Infinite Void 'S/t'

7. Forgetters 'S/t'

8. Restorations 'A/B' 7" 

9. Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves 'Canyons'

10. The Evens 'The Odds'


Top 3 Shows/Tours:

1. Iron Chic and Give @ The Fest, FL

2. The Smith Street band / Restorations Australian Tour 

3. Sunday Weekender Fest Show @ The Reverence


Biggest Disappointments For 2012:

The continuing decline of common sense and intelligence among the general Australian population.... is that too heavy for a music poll answer?


Most Looking Forward To In 2013:

Bob Mould Tour

New Luca Brasi album

Starting a new band


Prediction For 2013:

Archers Of Loaf Australian Tour

Dani Chalmers – Resist Records


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

(In no particular order…)

Justin Townes Earle "Nothing's Going To Change The Way I Feel About You Now"

Title Fight "Floral Green"

Toy Boats "Diamond Teeth"

Taylor Swift "Red"

Burning Love "Rotten Thing To Say"

Ceremony "Zoo"

Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves "Canyons"

Hoodlum Shouts "Young Man, Old Man"

Converge "All we Love We Leave Behind"

White Walls "S/T"


Honorable Mentions

You Blew It "Grow Up, Dude!"

The Forgetters "S/T"

Single Mothers "S/T" 7"


Top 3 Shows/Tours:


La Dispute

A Death In The Family’s last show.


Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

Rocky Votolato failing to tour Australia for what feels like the millionth time. Oh and that hardcore shows in nightclubs are acceptable, so disappointing.


What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

Survival taking the scene by storm, moving to Toronto and hopefully a new Toy Boats album!


Luke Dolan – Hazards


Top 10 Releases of 2012:

(I've got 12)

Bob Mould “Silver Age”

Give “Singles Going Confetti”

Infinite Void “S/T”

Boston Strangler “Primitive”

OFF! “S/T”

Forgetters  “S/T”

Baader Brains “New Era Hope Colony”

Cop Gestapo Deemo

Lemuria “Varoom Allure”

Japandroids “Celebration Rock”

Killa Instinct “Hellmonica”

ManLiftingBanner "The Revolution Continues"

Top 3 Shows / Tours:

Shellac @ The Metro

KRS One @ The Enmore

Hard-Ons & Hazards @ The Great Northern (Benefit for Blackie gig)


Biggest Disappointment of 2012:

The passing of Sarah Kirsch (BKA Mike Kirsch) from Fuel, Torches To Rome, John Henry West, Sawhorse, Bread & Circuits, Pinhead Gunpowder, Baader Brains, etc. R.I.P. 


What are you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

Seeing the Descendents, Dinosaur Jr, & Bob Mould all within the first few months of the year and putting out the Hazards LP on Rest Assured Records!


Prediction for 2013:

Ceasefire reunion to headline Hardcore 2013

Sarah Petchell – No Heroes Mag


Top 10 Releases:

1. All We Love We Leave Behind - Converge

2. Koi No Yokan - Deftones

3. Young Man, Old Man - Hoodlum Shouts

4. Free To Rot, Free Of Sin - The Broderick

5. Skelethon - Aesop Rock (not hardcore, but whatever... Album rules)

6. Grey Matter/White Matter - SXWZD

7. Yellow & Green - Baroness

8. Sol Obscura - In Trenches

9. Nothing From No One - Antagonist AD

10. Get What You Give - The Ghost Inside


Top 3 Shows/Tours:

Refused at the Palace Theatre, Melbourne

letlive at Soundwave Sydney

Hardcore 2012 (the Saturday evening)


Biggest Disappointment:

Not getting to see At The Drive-In at Splendour, even despite their lacklustre performance at Coachella.


Most looking forward to:

On a personal note, moving into my first house and taking No Heroes forward. In terms of music, so many good tours have already been announced for 2013 (Converge, Nick Cave, Deftones, Bruce Springsteen) that I think 2013 is going to be THE year for amazing tours.


Prediction for 2013:

On a wishful thinking note, that At The Drive-In will do a headline tour. But we will probably see a continuation of the trend of bands doing "reunion" tours.


Carl Whitbread – Lo!


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

(not in any particular order)

1. Deerhoof - Breakup Song

2. The Secret - Agnus Dei

3. Melvins - The Bulls and the Bee's

4. Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - The Alpha, The Omega

5. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

6. Coerce - Genome

7. We Lost the Sea - The Quietest Place on Earth

8. The Dark Knight Rises - Soundtrack

9. Gaza - No absolutes in human suffering

10. Old Man Gloom - No


Top 3 Shows/Tours:

1. Refused - Enmore Theatre

2. Regurgitator - Hi Fi Bar

3. Amon Tobin - Sydney Opera House


Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

There was only one Coldplay tour.


What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

Touring Europe with Cult of Luna and The Ocean

Converge / Old Man Gloom Australian tour

Seeing Godspeed at the Enmore Theatre


Prediction for 2013:

Sydney band, Boneless will kick some major arse around the local scene.

Mel Kraljevic – Resist Records / Blue Murder


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

Hot Water Music - Exister

Burning Love - Rotten Thing To Say

Silversun Pickups - Neck of the Woods

Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves - Canyons

Title Fight - Floral Green

The XX- Coexist

Make Do And Mend - Everything You Ever Loved

White Walls - s/t

Ceremony - Zoo

Lee Ranaldo - Between the Times & the Tides


Top 3 Shows/Tours:

Sorry I have 6. Too hard to split them.

Noel Gallagher @ Enmore.

Bon Iver @ Sydney Opera House.

Burning Love @ Blackwire.

Defeater / Blacklisted @ Corner Hotel, Melbourne.

Touche Amore / Make Do & Mend @ Reverence Hotel, Melbourne.

Morrisey @ The Enmore and Opera House.


Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

Missing out on seeing the XX because they were playing the same night as Frenzal Rhomb.

Its not really disappointment, but its more "saddest moment". Hearing the news Tony Sly passed away.


What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

Hopefully a Hot Water Music tour. Other then that, the Title fight tour, probably the Descendents tour as well.


Prediction for 2013:

The Smith Street Band end up supporting Bruce Springsteen ha-ha.

Riley McEvoy – Postblue


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

(Not in order)

1. Blacklisted - 'So, You Are A Magician?'

2. Self Defense Family - 'Iceland'

3. Basement - 'Colourmeinkindness'

4. Title Fight - 'Floral Green'

5. Joyce Manor - 'Off All Things You Will Soon Grow Tired'

6. Toy Boats - 'Diamond Teeth'

7. The Smith Street Band - 'Sunshine and Technology'

8. Now, Now - 'Threads'

9. Shackles - 'Maunder' (pretty sure that came out this year)

10. Sleep Decade - 'Into Spinning Lights'


Top 3 Shows/Tours:

1. Blacklisted/Defeater tour

2. Basement/Endless Heights tour

3. The Smith Street Band at X&Y in Brisbane on their 'Sunshine and Technology' tour


Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

The DJ scratching bit on the new Parkway record.


What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

The Smith Street Band and Toy Boats to take over the world.


Prediction for 2013:

Shackles, just Shackles.


Robert Fitzsimmons – Waiting On Revolution Distro / Life Liar Regret Records


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

1. The Weight - Prisoners Of The Flock

2. Antagonist - Nothing From No One

3. Mindset - Leave No Doubt

4. Starvation - Demo

5. Reincarnation - Demo

6. Outright - Dedication

7. Right Mind - Architects Of Our Fate

8. Blkout - Point Of No Return

9. Crisis Alert - Self Titled

10. Search And Destroy - Eye Of Terror

Honourable mentions: go to Unveil - A Flame With Nothing To Feed On, Beware - Won't Get The Best Of Me, Discourse - Self Titled and Deathbed - Reduced To Nothing


Top three shows /tours:

1. Hitlist

2. Make It Count

3. Hardcore Victims


Biggest disappointments for 2012:

1. Endworld are still a band

2. Still no Foundation tour

3. Merauder tour cancelled


Most looking forward to in 2013:

Vigilante LP, Tragedy tour in March, more 90s influenced bands, more AA shows in Melbourne. 


Prediction for 2013:

More great bands to come out of Australia with bands backing up great releases this year, more young people coming to shows, more bands having something real to say and a decline in the popularity of rap influenced hardcore.  

Bianca Rosemarie De Valentino - Conversations With Bianca

Top 10 Releases For 2012:

Mark Lanegan Band – Blues Funeral double 12” LP
Mystery School – self-titled LP
Lifeline – Civil Disobedience LP
Indian Handcrafts - Civil Disobedience For Losers
The Gooch Palms – R U 4 Sirius? 7”
Sweetest Talk – Habibi 7”
Outright – Dedication 7”
The Skins – self-titled EP
The Coup – Sorry To Bother You LP
The Chuck Dukowski Sextet – Haunted LP

Top 3 Shows/Tours:

Bosnian Rainbows at The Zoo, Brisbane
Regurgitator + Mystery School at The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba
The Gooch Palms and Tiny Spiders shows + any other shows I’ve seen at Brisbane all ages venue, The Waiting Room. Best. Venue.

Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

Brisbane street press Rave Magazine closing up shop and giving contributors no real notice or warning prior. We got an email sent out informing us it’s all over the day our last issue went out. I’ve written for them for 15 years consistently and I actually heard on the grapevine that something might be up and I asked Rave’s Ed. if there was something happening (?) a week or so before it all went down, which resulted in back and forth email with no enlightening info on the situation; there seemed to be more concern for the fact someone had actually let me know something was up rather than giving me a heads up.

Also, any time I’ve taken the time and energy to research, compile and send off thoughtful interview questions to a band or artist after they’ve happily agreed to an email interview and then never hearing back from them even after polite follow up emails.

What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

1) Finishing my award-winning zine series, Conversations with Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue and it becoming a book (finally after beginning it 10 years ago!).
2) Making my writing debut for Rookie + No Cure magazines and doing more work for Rolling Stone.
3) New music from bands I love: PYYRAMIDS debut LP, Gogol Bordello’s LP they’ve just finished tracking, The Julie Ruin’s first LP as a full band, a debut Bosnian Rainbows LP, a new Le Butcherettes album, Mylets’ first release for Sargent House, a release from Adelaide band Beaver would be awesome, plus one of my fav. emcees Atma will release a new solo record... and many, many more!
4) Seeing bands I love tour in Oz: The Bronx, Against Me!, hopefully the Shelter reunion shows will make it to Australia too! I really hope Japanther and Indian Handcrafts come to Australia soon also.

Prediction for 2013:

That I’ll finally get some time to focus on making music!

Oliver Cation – Broken Hive Records /Touring

Top 10 Releases For 2012:

Expire - Pendulum Swings

Xibalba - Hasta La Muerte

Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

Basement - ColourMeInKindness

ETID - Ex-Lives

Endless Heights - Lady Wisdom 7"

The Weight - Prisoners Of The Flock

The Hives - Lex Hives

The Chariot - One Wing

The Broderick - Free To Rot, Free Of Sin 


Top 3 Shows/Tours:

This Is Hardcore 2012, Philladelphia, USA

Basement/Endless Heights, Yours & Owls, Wollongong

Refused/Endless Heights Enmore Theatre, Sydney


Biggest Disappointment for 2012:

Murder By Death Tour Cancellation (Again)


What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

Converge Australian Tour


Prediction for 2013:

Hollow Earth (USA)


Matt Sourdin – Boneless

Top 10 Releases For 2012:

(In no particular order)

Strife - Witness A Rebirth

Aesop Rock - Skelethon

JJ Doom - Key to the Kuffs

Lo! - Look and Behold 12"

Propagandhi - Failed States

Sigur Rós - Valtari

Pennywise - All or Nothing

Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast

The Secret - Agnus Dei 

Nails - split with Skin Like Iron

Top 3 Shows/ Tours

Such an awesome year for shows that I couldn't narrow it down to a top 3, but I reckon these 5 are some of the best shows I've ever seen.

Amon Tobin - Sydney Opera House

At the Gates - The Metro

Refused - The Enmore

Sigur Rós - Harvest Festival

Mindsnare - HC 2012

What you’re most looking forward to in 2013:

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it, with my new band Boneless.  

Vigilante releasing their LP in 2013, it is going to be an absolute cracker!

Biggest disappointment for 2012:

Was getting my bike stolen. What a fucking bummer!

Prediction for 2013: 

Is that Lo! are going to annihilate Europe, become jaded on the Australian scene, and release an acoustic album entitled 'Shadows of the Past'.

Brett Eitzen – Outright


Top 10 Releases For 2012:

1. Black Breath - Sentenced to Life

2. Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

3. Hoodlum Shouts - Young Man Old Man

4. Infinite Void - S/T

5. The Broderick - Free to Rot, Free of Sin

6. The Smith Street Band - Sunshine & Technology

7. Crisis Alert - S/T

8. The Weight - Prisoners of the Flock

9. Burning Love - Rotten Thing to Say

10. SXWZD - Grey Matter White Matter


Honourable 7"s:

Civil War - Jaded Minds 7"

Shackles - Dissolve To Nothing 7

Survival - S/T 7"

Starvation/Negative Reinforcement - Split 7"

Kromosom - Paranoid 7"


Top 3 Shows/Tours:

Russian Circles - HiFi (Syd)

Poison City Weekender - Gasometer, The Tote, The Corner, The Reverence (Melb)

Ceremony, Straight Jacket Nation - Irene's Warehouse (Melb)

Biggest Disappointment For 2012:

Despite some great mixed bill line ups in 2012, for the most part these aren't the norm and I have seen many great bands ignored by crowds that only came to see one band or one style of punk/hardcore. I really hope these shows continue and people start to understand that this is a great way to find out about awesome new bands and ideas that are easy to miss if we stay comfortable with music we already know.


What you're most looking forward to in 2013:

Even with 'Darker Days Ahead' not being quite as strong as some of their previous releases, I still can't go past seeing Tragedy when they tour here in March. That said, with a Descendents/Bouncing Souls tour already scheduled and a bunch of other incredible bands rumoured to be coming just between now and the end of April.... It's shaping up to be a big year!

Predictions for 2013:

We have some incredible homegrown bands that are either new or really just aren't that well known outside of their local scenes. 2013 is the year that I predict that a lot of people will start to really take notice of these bands, both Australia wide and in some cases overseas as well: The Weight, Crisis Alert, Starvation, SXWZD and Beaver from SA, Civil War, Hazards, and Shackles from NSW, Marathon and Survival from QLD, Negative Reinforcement from WA and Outsiders Code, Colossvs and Reincarnation from VIC.

Shaun Warren – Homeward Bound

Top 10 releases for 2012:

1. Propagandhi - Failed States

2. Luca Brasi - Tassie 7"

3. Make Do And Mend - Everything You Ever Loved

4. Hot Water Music - Exister

5. Army Of Champions - Animal Versus Man

6. Take Offense - Under The Same Shadow

7. Shuffle & Scrape - Blueline Medic Tribute

8. John K Samson - Provincial

9. Hazards - Demo

10. Pennywise - All or Nothing (only because Zoli is on Vocals)

 Top 3 Shows / Tours:

1. A Death In The Family - Final Show

2. Mindsnare & Miles Away HC 2012

3. Luca Brasi - Poison City Weekender


Biggest Disappointment:

Missing the Make Do & Mend Sydney shows

Looking Forward to 2013:

New Bad Religion 

New Shai Hulud (with Chad Gilbert)

Rest Assured Records upcoming vinyl

Prediction for 2013:


Felipe Gonzalez - Ill Brigade/Vigilante

Top 10 Releases For 2012:

Prisoner Abuse - Self Titled LP
Shipwrecked - Last Pagans LP
Split Scene Comp - LP
Shackles - Dissolve To Nothing 7"
Take Offense - Under The Same Shadow LP
Boston Strangler - Primitive LP
Civil War - Jaded Minds 7"
Outright - Dedication 7"
Oily Boys - Demo
WW4 - Demo

Top 3 Shows/Tours
Immortal Technique @ The Metro
This Is Hardcore 2012
Iron Mind/Vigilante/Frozen Over/Reincarnation/Head Check @ Phoenix Youth Centre

What your most looking forward to in 2013:
Descendents tour
Vigilante LP coming out

Prediction for 2013:
Vigilante to take over the world!

Nick Larter - Deadly Visions

Top 10 Releases For 2012:

In no particular order-
Blkout - Point Of No Return
Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind
Expire - Pendulum Swings
Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast
Civil War - Jaded Minds
Parkway Drive - Atlas
Rude Awakening - The Awakening
Mark My Words - Indicators
Vision Of Disorder - Curse Remain Cursed
Boneless - Unstoppable

Top 3 Shows/Tours

1. Trapped Under Ice
2. Bitter End
3. Miles Away

Biggest Disappointment for 2012
Missing Hardcore 2012 and not getting to see Break Even play their last show.

What your most looking forward to in 2013:

Tours from Earth Crisis, Title Fight, Expire/ Iron Mind, Madball/ Sick Of It All/ Vision Of Disorder.
New Vigilante record.

Prediction for 2013:

"more Stagedives!"

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