The seemingly cursed Murder By Death Australian tour will no longer be happening. Meant to kick off next month, the band will no longer be coming to Australia anytime soon. The initial tour first announced was set for Feburary and was then rescheduled to May and booked in some more realistic sized venues.

PR Company Major Label Entertainment had this to say...

Sadly the Murder By Death tour has been cancelled by the promoter - Jung Hearts - due to an investor going walkabout. We're a little bummed we can't finish off the PR campaign for it and we were also going to tour manage that on the road :( Nonetheless, our thoughts are with Murder By Death and hopefully they can make it out to Australia sooner rather than later. Cracking band they are - check them out if you haven't. A press release from the promoter is circulating. For further info check out Jung Hearts."

Murder By Death had this to say.....

"The hits just keep coming. We have just been told and are forced to announce with great sadness and bitter anger that our Australian tour has been cancelled by the promoter, Jung Hearts. According to them, their investor has "disappeared" so all funding has been withdrawn. Apparently, he has bamboozled other promoters in the past. Who knows. They did not book our flights, arrange Visas etc. so we are unable to throw something together to make these dates happen. Our booking agent and MBD have tried everything we can think of to try to salvage this tour but we are out of options. We realize that the actions of the promoter (first, pushing the tour back and then cancelling it) reflect badly on us too, but there is nothing we have been able to do about it. We are completely at the whim of the people putting on the shows, arranging transport and gear, paying for flights, setting up publicity etc. It has been a dream of ours for a long time to visit Australia and we could not be more frustrated and upset that this happened to us. We sincerely apologize to people who bought tickets, have made travel arrangements, taken the day off work or whatever. Please know we are in agony thinking about the annoyance we have inadvertently caused you. We will be spending the month of May wishing we were in Australia, with nothing to do, as we counted on this tour happening. Someday, hopefully, we will have an opportunity to visit Australia, with more reliable and trustworthy tour arrangements. Our sincerest apologies everyone. This fucking blows."
Adam + the folks in MBD


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