Regan Cadd is from Melbourne and really likes youth crew hardcore, especially the glory days of Revelation Records and he sure has the collection to prove it. Next time you're at a show in Melbourne and pass jusdgement on someone else, just remember that they guy next to you might be Regan and he owns a copy of JUDGE's - Chung King Can Suck It and you don't.

Name: Regan Cadd

Current Population
7”s: 290
12”s: 272
Test Pressings: 16

First Born:
First record I bought was an Anti-Flag – A New Kind of Army on red. Bought it when I was 16 before I even had a record player.

Latest addition to the Family:
Haven’t bought too much recently, but latest to arrive was a Bold – s/t 7”, later press with blue cover but has an alternate insert which is harder to find. Also waiting for a Mindset – Liveset Test Press I won on eBay, True Identity pre-orders, For Pete’s Sake pre-order and the Judge – Bringin’ It Down repress pre-order.


The Pride of the Fleet:
Tough question, I have way too many records that I love to list. My favorites are my Revelation Records and Youth of Today stuff. Here is a short list of some that are top of that list.
Chain of Strength – True Till Death on Clear with Silver Sleeve
Youth of Today – Can’t Close My Eyes on Orange with Batman stamp
Youth of Today – BDTW on Wishingwell on Blue
Youth of Today – BDTW on Wishingwell on Red
Gorilla Biscuits – s/t on Yellow with Warzone b-side label
Bold – s/t on pink
Warzone – L.E.S.C. on Clear
Warzone – L.E.S.C. aborted press with white labels
And of course my Judge – Chung King Can Suck It

The Hen’s Tooth:
Guess that really depends on how you define rare. I think what makes a record rare is not only the low number of them, but also how difficult they are to find. Some of the records that I have that I would say are the ‘rarest’ would be my Brotherhood – Words Run on solid green (I actually have two of these). According to the pressing info there are only a handful of these, however most of them already seem to be in the hands of serious collectors so they are difficult to come by.
I also have a Uniform Choice – Screaming for Change on grey vinyl, no one has accurate pressing information on these, however they seem to seldom turn up.
I also have a Chain of Strength – WHUA 1stpress with an small alternate insert, have only ever seen another 3 or 4 of these before.


Not Cheap:
Obviously that would be my Judge – Chung King Can Suck It. Planned to buy one for a while, but this year my partner paid for half as a very early 30th Birthday present.

I am the second owner of a Chung King in Australia as far as I'm aware. 

With my Chung King I he been in contact with a few people about buying one for some time. I ended up getting my copy from Dobek, a collector who lives in Japan that I have bought a whole bunch of records from. Dobek had two Chung Kings, numbers 33 and 104, so that he could have one that had the hand numbering over the 100 to change it to 110, and one without the hand numbering.

Anyways Dobek was selling a bunch of records because he needed some money (though not his Chung Kings) I figured it would be a good time hit him up with an offer (for around the current going rate). Dobek didn't really want to part with his copy as he loves Judge (he has multiple test presses and a crazy collection) but he reluctantly accepted and I got number 33. He was cool enough that we could do the payment in 3 instalments over 3 months. Really really cool of him. He trusted me and sent the record straight away and I made the payments each month, with my boyfriend covering half the cost, as I mentioned before.

What was cool was a month or two after I got my Chung King I saw a Chung King on sale on Instagram at a record store in Japan. I messaged Dobek about it, the store was down the road from him. The record was for sale a lot cheaper than the going rate, so Dobek was able to replace his copy the same day I messaged him.


White Whale:
My top want right now is a Gorilla Biscuits – s/t 1st press with blank labels, stamped /102. Missed out on this a few times and last rare record I need for my GB collection and one of the last few more difficult Revelation records I need. But my all time ultimate wants would be a Brotherhood - No Tolerance Test Press and Brotherhood – Words Run Test Press.

Why Did I Trade That:
Wasn’t a trade, but the one record I regret getting rid of was a 4 Walls Falling original Test Press. I sold it when I was a bit short on money, didn’t even get that much for it.


Bargain Buy:
I don’t really have that many good stories about awesome scores, but one that comes to mind is how I got my second Brotherhood – Words Run on solid green. Saw a listing on eBay for a Brotherhood record that only had a pic of the cover, description said it was on green. I messaged the guy asking for pics, as I’m always on the look out for Brotherhood records, turned out it was on solid green. Made a deal with him to just buy it instead of waiting to bid. Think I ended up paying about $50 for it. Almost identical thing happened with another Brotherhood record as well. eBay listing, no pic, didn’t mention a colourat all in the listing. Messaged the seller, turned out it was on pink/black swirl /52. Bought that one for $20-30.


Are you a completest or collector of any band or label in particular:
I am a completist and collector of many many bands. I mostly focus on Revelation and youth crew type bands. I’m trying tocollect too many to list. I generally want every single variant, every different press with a difference in the matrix or different insert match ups. I’m sure it seems ridiculous to most people.
Not counting test presses and one off variations I have a complete Judge and Chain of Strength collection and only a couple records off for my Youth of Today, GB and Bold collections.


How do you usually acquire your records? Shops, distros, internet, trades, friends etc?
For the records that I’m after the internet is the only option really. eBay, Discogs, message boards, private emails and even Instagram have all been really awesome in helping me track down records I’m after. Does it sound as cool as having a story about going into some record store and finding that one record your after in a dollar bin, no. But it is much more efficient haha.

Represses. Do they devalue collections or add to them? Do you fuss over the press of records?
Represses obviously not as interesting or cool as an original press, but they have their place. Sometimes its good to have a record made available again, or on a different colourand to give people the chance to actually own a cheaper version of the record. I actually do think that represses seem to drive up prices for original presses. It creates more attention or hype or whatever you want to call it on that band and that album and once people get the repress a lot of kids when then want to get the original version.


Guilty pleasure or secret shame:
I don’t really have one, sorry to disappoint.

What’s the absolute limit you would ever pay for a record?
No limit. The way I see it is if I can pay my rent, bills, have food on the table and then have left over disposable income, why not spend it on records. Some prefer to buyexpensive cars or have other expensive hobbies. I prefer records.


Are record collectors all really pretentious arseholes?
Haha well if you couldn’t tell from my responses, yes, yes they are.




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