STARVATION interview with singer Marcel "Moose" Cuthbertson.

For the size of the Adelaide scene in comparison to the rest of the country, the quality of bands it has been turning out of late is rather impressive. The latest to join the growing list is Starvation who are set to release their debut LP real soon. We caught up with frontman Moose for the lowdown on the band.

At what point did Starvation form and how did it all come together?

At first it was more sort of a project thing. A lot of the riffs and ideas for the songs on the demo and split 7” we did last year are pretty old stuff that had been laying around on my computer or in my head from just messing around at home and leftovers from other bands etc. It shows. Anyway, I’d wanted to do a band like this for some time, and a couple of years ago Ben was playing in this band Ante Up. I used to live at a punk warehouse in Adelaide and they were playing there one afternoon and while they were setting up Ben was playing the drums and of course being he’s a fucking genius he was sick at it and I was just hanging in the back of the room thinking that I had to poach this guy because drummers are like hen’s teeth. So I sent him a message asking him if he wanted to be in a sick vegan band and it went from there, I just asked people if they were keen and I showed them these weird drum machine demos I’d made on my computer and that’s how the band started. We started jamming properly in like late 2011 and started playing shows in February the following year.

Would readers recognize the members from any other bands?

It’s Adelaide, so yeah of course ha-ha. Footy has been in Stolen Youth for pretty much the whole time they’ve been a serious band, and now he’s singing in Crisis Alert. Jonno, Dan and I were all in Vaginors together, and Ben has done a few bands including the under-rated Rock Hudson, which lasted for about 5 seconds. I’m in and have been in a million fucking bands but I don’t want to waste the whole interview talking about them ha-ha.

In your own words how would you describe the sound of Starvation?

Fast, metallic hardcore.


What bands are influencing the sound of Starvation?

Initially it was pretty solid Chris Colohan worship (ie: Left For Dead / The Swarm) and lifting Chokehold riffs. Now the band is a bit more serious so there’s definitely a huge thrash metal influence, but it’s still hardcore punk because none of us can play that well, ha-ha. Other influences include Integrity, Damnation AD, Think I Care, Infest, Siege etc.

You're perhaps better known for your bass playing abilities in The Weight. Is this the first band you've sung in and how was the switch to vocals?

I used to sing in a band called Bloodclot Faggots. I like singing, and I especially like doing vocals in this band because I can sing about shit that is pretty important to me. Doing vocals in a band is a lot different to playing bass or guitar because usually all eyes and ears are on YOU live and you can pretty much make or break a performance. But being a loudmouth fuckwit, I really don’t mind and like that pressure.

What would be a dream line up of bands to play with?

Us, Metallica and Chokehold in a forest.


Starvation is set to release a self-titled debut full length. How did the recording come together? 

It just seemed logical after the split to do something a bit more ambitious. While there are definitely some things about the LP I’d change/improve, I think it’s a good step in the right direction. After we did the split I didn’t really write much new stuff for ages but towards the end of last year and the start of this year I was writing songs prolifically so we had a slew of new material. I tell you what Ryan, it’s some heavy shit. We tracked everything in like two days so it’s not as tight and polished as other records coming out of Australia right now but I couldn’t give a fuck about that, it’s hardcore and if you have to spend two weeks recording a predictable by the numbers snoozefest your band sucks and I don’t care. 

This will be a split release through Clarity Records and your own label Lethal Dose Records. Must be handy to have two members with record labels in the band?

Ha-ha. Well to be honest from a label perspective Footy is the ultimate professional and I am a shrimp. But yes, it is extremely handy having him in the band because he knows everyone and everything and is one of the most reliable people I have ever met. When he released an LP for The Weight I was so impressed and when he offered to help put out the Starvation LP I didn’t give it a second thought.


You’ve already made the journey interstate to Melbourne to play, how was the reaction interstate?

Yeah pretty good, we’ve been to Melbourne three times and the Life.Lair.Regret boys always look after us with great line-ups. Also, we have been lucky enough to tour with Negative Reinforcement, Manhunt and Shackles who are all more popular than us HA-HA.

What else is in store in the foreseeable future for Starvation?

World domination.

How can people get in touch or keep up with what’s happening in the band?

You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , listen to most of our shit at and make friends with me on facebook because I never shut the fuck up about anything we do. Thanks for the interview, I like your website.

You can order the Starvation LP here.


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